How to Protect Yourself from Ticks | Camping
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How to Protect Yourself from Ticks | Camping

Unlike bears and snakes, which you probably
won’t encounter on most of your camping trips, you will come across ticks. Ticks are a serious issue. They carry Lyme disease or they can carry
Lyme disease so you want to be prepared for if you do get bitten by a tick and you also
want to be prepared and take precautions to make sure you don’t get bitten by a tick. Ticks are spiders. They’re not bugs. They’re actually arachnids and they come in
different sizes, or there are different-sized ticks. Deer ticks, which are the ones that can carry
Lyme disease are actually usually the size of a pinhead or smaller, but ticks can be
as big as a pencil eraser. The biggest thing you can do to prevent getting
bitten by a tick is to cover up. So if you’re going to be hiking or walking
in any kind of tall brush, you want to make sure you’re wearing pants. You should tuck your pants into your socks. If you’re wearing shorts and it’s summer,
I would definitely wear tall socks. That’s the way that ticks usually hitch a
ride. From there, ticks are going to look for dark,
warm places on your body. Ticks end up in your armpits. They end up on your scalp, under your hair,
on your belly. They’re looking for a safe, warm place to
live so you really should do regular and frequent tick checks. Check all those places religiously. If you’ve gone for a hike, at the end of the
day, just make sure you’re doing frequent tick checks. If you find a tick, if it hasn’t bitten you
yet, you can just pick it and flick it off. If it’s bitten you, that’s where you have
to be really careful. Because if you did get the tick with a tweezer,
which is one of the most popular ways to remove a tick, if you tear the tick or break its
body, if it’s carrying a disease, the disease can actually enter your bloodstream. So if you’re going to use a tweezer to pull
a tick out, you want to make sure you get the whole body and you grasp the tick and
twist it, and pull it out. If you get bitten by a tick, you’re not really
going to know, most likely, if it’s carrying Lyme disease. If it’s a small tick, I would definitely go
visit my doctor when I got back from my trip. Just make sure and see if you can get tested
for Lyme disease. Lyme disease usually can present itself with
the bulls eye style rash, but a lot of times it doesn’t. So you might get some other symptoms, feeling
like you’ve got the flu. But I would say, even if I’m not getting symptoms,
if I was bitten by a tick, I’d definitely go visit my doctor when I got back from the
trip. But the biggest things that you can do are
just to try to avoid getting bitten by a tick. That’s cover up, do tick checks, and also
a lot of people don’t like bug spray, particularly bug spray with Deet in it. Deet is the most powerful ingredient that
wards away ticks. So if you’re concerned about ticks, I would
definitely get a bug spray and I would get one with Deet.


  • Jonathan Smith

    This video is full of horrible advice! Never use tweezers to remove a tick. You will leave the head imbedded in your skin. THAT is how you end up getting lime disease from an infected tick. NEVER twist. Again, you will leave the head behind. You have to make the tick pull it's head out on its own. Fire works best. a match that has just been put out has worked for me. Also, a lighter that has been heated up a little. There are other ways, alcohol will work, I have also used fingernail polish remover. You are more likely to find a tick in your crotch than in your armpits or hair. Your crotch is a lot closer to the ground than those other places.
    The other thing is DEET is horrible stuff. It has been known to kill infants. Do you want to put that stuff on your skin? There are plenty of other insect repellents out there that work just as well without DEET.  Sheesh, city folk. (head shake)


    well….the best way to remove a tick is just cut off the whole area where the tick bites. For example: if a tick bites into your arm, remove the whole arm.

  • Abram van der Fluit

    Um…. maybe you should show us what they look like!  This is a stupid video of a girl talking… not SHOWING how to do anything!

  • Rusty Suender

    This may sound somewhat painful,but it works,if you catch the tick as it's started to enter.Hold a cigarette just close enough where you feel the heat.The tick will start to back out just far enough to remove it with tweezers.Works for me.

  • SARAH Connors

    I read that dichotomous earth dust is excellent for ticks and fleas. So we put it to the test. We found a tick on our dog, kicking and wiggling. I put this tick in the dust, within minutes it was dead. So we dusted our dogs with the D.E. before we went outside again. Hours later we did find ticks but they were DEAD. 
    NEVER have we found them dead no matter what product we used. 
    We dusted our couch, our carpet our cars with this D.E. 

  • Holly EGW

    You could break off the mouth!!!!!
    Gently pull it straight out……

  • Madysen O'Brien

    Omg Omg Omg this makes me so scared I know have tickphobia = fear of ticks I'm only 14 and I don't wanna get lyme disease god please remove ticks for. the world it kills people!!!!

  • Steve Lahr

    use like vitamin E skin oil as a base & add eucalyptus oil to it.  Ticks don't like eucalyptus.  also add to it lemon grass oil, cuz skeeters don't like that.  works great!  tested it for skeeters in garden a couple of nights ago when they were biting me before I used the mixture.  Also, last year I went hiking two weekends in a row to same place.  Found like 15 ticks on each of us first weekend.  Next weekend we hiked same areas & used oil mixture & found only 1 tick.

  • David Williams

    OK, NEVER twist the tick when removing it. That will cause the head to remain in your skin. Pull out slowly until it detaches.

  • davu cooked

    This has some misinformation. If you want to leave the head in the wound, twist.Best to just pull out with tweezers or finger nails. . I breed dogs and do this daily on our dogs. Deet can lead to problems, but it works. Better is to use a spray or solution of permethrin, which is to be found in pet shops to moisten your clothes, the US army uses it and it works better than and is absolutely harmless to humans. The advice about clothing is correct but I really don't see how this lady has the nerve to tell people about tick control.

  • hsmile12

    Another way to remove a tick is to use bug spray, but ONLY  if you are an adult. Most bugs will NOT accract the smell of bug spray. Kids, don't use this advice! I you are a kid, you can give this comment ONLY a thumbs down. But NOT the video please! PS, this video was great .

  • EraunaoGraphe

    I live in NW Arkansas and we certainly have our share of ticks; I've dealt with them practically my whole life. Trust me – do not listen to this video. None of the things she suggests will do any good, especially with seed ticks (the really tiny ones).

    I have tried all kinds of tricks to prevent them (wearing panty hose under my BDU pants which tie closed tightly around the boot; dryer sheets fed through belt loops; and other home remedies) but the only thing that seems to help, and even then it is not 100%, is to liberally use DEET on clothing and skin or Permethrin on clothing only (not on the skin).

    Another thing which will reduce tick attraction is to have a good diet of garlic and onions. LOTS of garlic and onions! It creates a scent when you sweat that ticks don't particularly like.

  • Hunter Lee

    You don't look like you are wearing old doors close you look like you're going to f**** New York to go to work

  • Dennis Khaye

    Do NOT twist the tick to pull it out. Sharp nosed tweezers are best, grasp the tick as close to your skin as possible. Pull the tick straight up in a slow and controlled manner until it comes out. The ONLY part of a tick that is under your skin are it's mouth parts. Ticks don't have a head, per se and they absolutely do not lay eggs in their hosts.

  • StigmaSeven

    also if none of these things work to remove a tick ,i highly recommend shooting the tick off with a high caliber rifle,but make sure you shoot it off at an angle (left to right) NOT up to down cause you may cause injury to yourself

  • Doug Haddix

    My family and I live at a trailor court been living there for 7 years and never had a problem until a couple of months ago.Then the ticks invaded our home.I have tick bites all over my arms, legs, feet, chest, my back and ect. There is a forest behind our home and they must be coming from there. My doctor had blood work to see if I have Lymes disease. The damn things just keep attacking and we have sprayed and to no luck.

  • L S

    I am going to the navy and probably the only thing I am worried about is stopping at foreign country's because of diseases that are there. But hey, every country has a disease am I right?

  • Milo Byrd

    "Ticks are actually spiders" Um no. Ticks are parasites… I think the closest this girls gotten into the woods is the city park.

  • Lina

    In another video about ticks, Howcast said that you should not twist it. Here it says to twist it. WHICH ONE DO I BELIEVE?

  • RACHEL Buchanan

    I'd make a tick suffer …. First I'd stomp on it then burn it with a lot of alcohol. Then I'd laugh so hard. Ticks are worker than mosquitoes… Kind of,,

  • rebecca hamman

    we do not remove ticks.they remove themselves.light a match.blow it out n stick it on their back.they will come out real quick

  • Sidi Rashid

    I just got to know about a Tick today, I was like what is that? I thought it was a fly but I saw it was 8-legged so it's a spider (arachnid), I'm 15 and I don't know about it lol, it's rare here in Singapore I believe..

  • badbrad936

    twisting is the worst thing to do… gripping as close to the skin as possible with tweezers pull straight up and out

  • Hunter Beutow

    im in boyscouts, troop 903, have been camping 40 times, been to 3 week long trips and took a 14 long week trip to canada and have never even seen a tick

  • schlc77

    this woman is an idiot, under the definition of a bug, ticks are included. However, ticks are not insects, they are arachnids. When I get ticks, i use a tweezers. I get as close to the skin by the suckers or head and pull straight out. If I see a bit of my flesh connected to the ticks suckers after it has been pulled, then I know I got everything out and all is good.

  • Gabriela Verri

    I had a tick on my hair 😱😱😱😱😱😲😲😲😲😰😰😰😰😰😨😨😨😨😨

  • Dont No

    this just in new tick diesies has been spotted in Ohio. called pow it kills 1in 10 and permiatly disabils 5 out of 10. lime and pow are government made for pharma and to control food ,never ever pull twist the tick. a match light blown out and bring close as possible to tick without burning it up. it will back out of your skin. have help do not have match light

  • Adam Reiland

    I've heard that if you put rubbing alcohol on the skin at the bite, the tick just detaches. I have no idea if its true. has anyone tried it?

  • •Tch Tch•

    Aha, Love it how’s she’s in the woods, where the ticks live. And she’s telling us how to be safe from the darn things, and she doesn’t have even anything to protect her self with. Long clothing? Hmph.. I wear long clothing, them bitches be finding ways

  • chinnita love

    Can anybody tell me how to get rid of them i have a 8acres that i just bought but theres ticks everywhere😒😒😒😒

  • Earthgal

    This article says do not twist. yet they have your video attached. lol So do we twist? or no twist? That is the question.

  • Cosmuh Poney

    I HATE TICKS!!!… the most amount of ticks I had at a time was over 20, i stopped counting at 20, I picked them off, burned them, took a soapy shower and they still kept coming… I was 11 at the time I litterly freaked but I had to calm myself because there was no one around… I had one just a few min ago from picking stinging nettles in the woods. But trust me having a tick on you is not as bad as knowing you had one on you and you can't find it.. imagine the paranoia..

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