How To Put Up A Tarp Shelter At Camp- Camping Tips Tricks Hacks
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How To Put Up A Tarp Shelter At Camp- Camping Tips Tricks Hacks

how to put up a tarp shelter at camp hi it’s AlaskaGranny I am out at Granny Camp and while it is still windy the rain has stopped so I am going to try to set some tarps up so we can still be out here and enjoy camp even when it’s raining the first thing I used is paracord like to keep my paracord as long as I can I don’t like to cut it I will burn the end of course if I do cut it so it won’t unravel then I like to leave it in as long a length as I can because it is more useful that way if you wind paracord around a tree three times it doesn’t slide wind it 3 times it stays secure and won’t come loose so I ran it to three different trees across across my camp and now I am going toa try to put
the tarps up over it I used thinner cord in each of the 4 corners of the tarp and I trying to protect the water station and part of the opening to the tent try to make sure part in the front over the tent is
higher higher than the part in the back so if it does rain it won’t pour into the tent it will pour back this way behind the tent if the wind keeps blowing and the rain changes I may have to adjust that to make sure it isn’t pouring into the tent wait and see how this works hopefully it will improve our time at camp please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel


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