How To Repair Your Outdoor Gear With Tenacious Tape

Hi, I’m Ruben from Next Adventure we are here today to talk about how to do repairs with Tenacious Tape. Tenacious Tape is an incredibly versatile product. It can be used to repair nylon, vinyl, and rubber on products like sleeping pads tents jackets and much much more. Tenacious Tape is extremely weather resistant and incredibly durable. It’s something that everyone should consider carrying in their backcountry kit. Tenacious tape comes in rolls of tape that you can cut to suit your needs or pre-made patches that come in all sorts of fun shapes. The clear tenacious tape can be used to repair gear of any color and is almost invisible. Today we’re going to go through a few basic steps of how to repair a hole in a down jacket using Tenacious Tape. Step one is to examine the repair site. Clean it up, make sure all the down is inside the jacket, and make sure that there are no stray threads. Second, if necessary, use a little bit of isopropyl alcohol to clean the site of all dirt and body oils. This will help the patch stick a little bit better. Third, cut a patch that’s big enough to cover the whole repair and leave about a half inch of overhang. You’ll want your patch to have rounded edges so it doesn’t peel off. When the site of the tear is dry, peel the backing off the tape. Place the patch over the hole and smooth out the bubbles. You want to make sure you smooth out any bubbles so that the patch lies flat and even. Once the patch has been applied, you have 24 hours to remove it before the tape leaves sticky residue. To shop Gear Aid products, check us out online a www.nextadventure net. If you have any questions about how to repair your gear feel free to swing by our store and talk to our staff.

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