How to Secure Your Home While You’re on Vacation
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How to Secure Your Home While You’re on Vacation

How to Secure Your Home while You’re on Vacation. Most break-ins are preventable with simple
burglar-proofing techniques. Make sure they’re in place before you head
for your holiday. You will need Burglar’s mindset Exterior lights
Newspaper and mail suspension Light, TV, and radio timers Discretion and home safe or safety
deposit box. Step 1. Think like a burglar: Walk around the outside
of your home, looking for ways you could break in. A burglar’s main criterion when choosing a
home is that they can get in quickly without being seen. See if any expensive items are visible through
a window. Secure your home by plugging up any security
holes you find. Step 2. Install lights near entry points and put them
on a timer, or consider installing motion-sensitive ones. A burglar won’t feel secure in a spotlight. Step 3. Don’t announce your absence. Suspend newspaper and mail delivery; don’t
talk about your vacation on social-networking sites; put lights, TVs, and radios on variable
timers; arrange for someone to shovel if it snows or mow the lawn if you’ll be on vacation
more than two weeks; ask a neighbor to put a garbage can at your curb on trash days. Pull the car into the garage or around the
back of your home to load it up with luggage. Step 4. If you have an automatic garage door opener,
lock your garage manually from the inside and disengage the electronic device before
you go on vacation; it will prevent burglars from using a decoder to open the door. Lock the door between your house and your
garage; it’s a favorite entry point of burglars. Step 5. If you have a garden shed, lock it up. Burglars like to borrow ladders and tools
to break into houses. Step 6. Lock up valuables in a home safe that can
be bolted to the floor, or in a safe deposit box. Include any documents that could lead to identity
theft. Now go enjoy your vacation, secure in the
knowledge that you’ve done everything possible to prevent a break-in. Did you know Americans burglary victims lose
an average of $2,079.


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