How to Set Up a Campsite : How to Layout a Campsite

Hi, this is Bruce Lessels from Zoar Outdoor
on behalf of, talking about choosing and setting up a campsite. The layout
of your campsite is important to enjoy in your camping experience because it allows
you to do various activities in various different areas and not have them either interfere with
each other from a safety point of view, from a noise point of view or just from a convenience
point of view. It’s great to have a sleeping area kind of off to itself and off on the
side where it’s away from the fire, away from the cooking and away from the food smell
and also away from the conversation in that sort of late night people sitting up around
the campfire, people are going to do that and so having a little separate sleeping area
and then it’s nice to setup a cooking area and often the cooking area is good to have
under a little bit of cover so that just in case it rains you can still cook and not have
to worry too much about the water and about food getting wet and all that sort of stuff.
So a cooking area like this where you have a little bit of room to sit, you have a segregated
area for cooking and you have an area to keep the food and to keep it away from animals
and to keep it away from the tents is a good idea. So that’s a great way to layout a
campsite and depending on exactly what your campsite looks like you may layout differently
or you may even have a sleeping area that’s farther away from the cooking area but either
way that’ll keep your camping convenient and comfortable and fun.

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