How to Set Up a Dome Tent
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How to Set Up a Dome Tent

How to Set Up a Dome Tent. Dome tents offer more head room than other
styles and are great at withstanding wind. And setting one up is a breeze. You will need A dome tent and a ground tarp. Step 1. Find a clear, flat area to pitch your tent. Remove any rocks and debris, and then lay
down the ground tarp. Step 2. Unfold the tent on top of the ground tarp,
with the door facing in the desired direction. Make sure all zippers are closed, except the
door zipper. Set aside the rain fly. Step 3. Assemble the poles according to instructions. In many cases, you can just shake the pole
sections into place. Step 4. Push the poles through the fabric sleeves,
taking care not to have the poles separate. Step 5. Take one of the poles and place it into a
corner pocket. Insert the other end of the pole into the
pocket on the opposite corner of the tent. Repeat with the second pole. You may need another person to help with this. The two poles should cross, forming an “X”
in the center of the tent. Step 6. If rain is a possibility, set up the rain
fly by pushing its pole into its fabric sleeve. Place the ends into the center pockets on
the underside of the rain fly. Attach the fly to the pole with the ties provided. Step 7. Check your ground tarp. If it extends beyond the tent, roll the excess
tarp under the tent so water doesn’t pool if it rains. Step 8. Secure the tent by staking down the sides
wherever you find stake holders. Did you know The lightest tent available to
consumers is the Laser Photon from Terra Nova, which weighs less than 28 ounces.


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