How to Set Up an A-Frame Tent

How to Set Up an A-Frame Tent. Although other tent designs have gained popularity,
the A-frame is still preferred by many backpackers. You will need An a-frame tent A hammer or
mallet Tent stakes Tent poles Guy ropes and a tent fly. Step 1. Locate a flat, open area that is away from
stands of trees. Clear any rocks, sticks, and other sharp objects
from the ground. Step 2. Stake down the four corners of the tent. Pull the tent tight as you hammer in each
stake at a 45-degree angle. Step 3. Assemble the tent’s support poles and erect
the tent. In traditional A-frame tents, separate poles
are placed at the front and back of the tent. In modified A-frame designs, two poles at
each end of the tent form a triangle with the ground. The two poles support a central ridge pole
that extends the length of the tent. Step 4. Secure the tent’s guy ropes to ground stakes. Make the guy ropes taut to support the tent. Step 5. Place a rainproof tent fly over the tent so
that the corners line up with the ends of the tent. Secure the fly to the ground with stakes. Did you know The eastern tent caterpillar
has been observed in the United States since 1646.

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