How To Set Up the CampRight Avalanche Truck Tent

To set up the CampRight Truck Tent, put the
tent over the whole bed of the truck and the tailgate sleeve where the door
is over the tailgate of the truck. Then move to put each of the poles
into their corresponding pole sleeves. Here we have gray matches up with
gray, green pole matches up with green, and so on. Once you’ve done that you want to hook each
of the black straps under the side of the truck like so. Just cinch them
tight enough to keep them in place. Then you’ll go to the other side of
the tent and put the pole into its corresponding pole pocket. Come back over
here and raise the poles, gray poles first, followed by green and red. The three straps that come down on the front
edge of the tent normally come down here to the base of the truck and go
under the body to clip on right here. But if your vehicle has a running board
like this one, that becomes a little more difficult. You can still run them
below the running board and up and around, and there’s a ledge under there
to hook onto. The strap that comes from the very corner of the tent, you
can run into the wheel well and clip on like so. You’ll have the same effect. Once you’ve put up the poles you want to come
to the very front edge of the tent and pull it up over the roof of the Avalanche.
You’ll see that there’s a plastic bezel here and then, of course,
the metal roof of the Avalanche here. You want to take the seam that is on
the very front edge of the tent. It’s the seam that holds two cords like this.
You want to take that seam and put it in the groove between the two materials
of the roof. Once you’ve got it in place, you will pull
these cords down tight and lock them to the underside of the vehicle to hold
it in place. Then come to the inside and take the green straps to the corner
cleat of the bed, and do the same in the front with the red straps. Lift
the rainfly over the top of the whole tent, but when you do so be careful
because there are a couple of small magnets in the front of the fly which
hold it down tight to the top of the vehicle. Once you’ve done that, you’ll go along each
side of the rainfly and clip the rainfly into the tent below. Then there’s
a strap on the very front edge of the rainfly that actually goes inside
of the vehicle into the floor hook on the bottom of the Avalanche. Once
you’ve done this, you can close the door, and then again carefully lift the
front edge of the rainfly forward, and you have it secure for the night.

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