How to Survive Winter Living in a Van
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How to Survive Winter Living in a Van

We were living in a house and our friend actually owned this van before we did. He didn’t want it anymore and he wanted a car and I had a Path Finder and so we just straight-up switched cars.
February 1st will be 15 months and we spent roughly six months traveling when
we first moved into the van and then returned to Colorado in the spring of
last year because we love where we live here in Colorado and here we are rocking
out winter because Casey wanted to snowboard. We don’t hang out in the van
too much in the winter. It’s mostly just sleeping and staying warm at night and making
sure your stuff doesn’t freeze. Some days are much worse than others because
sometimes we can just hang out in the van, like right now, this is really mild.
Sleeping at night is not really a problem for us. Waking up and getting
changed in the cold and stuff like that but that’s what the heater’s for. You get used to it after a couple weeks living in the cold temperatures. Hola. Welcome to Tatanka, The White Buffalo. She’s a 95 Ford Econoline. She’s pretty
awesome. She’s our home. Let’s take a look at her. She’s a nice creamy white. I
usually have black Reflectix or I painted a black in the windows so when
the cars and especially cops are driving by it’s not a big flashy yellow warning
sign saying, “Hey, someone’s living in here”. Here’s the back. We got solar up top
and with our vent and it comes down into the back here. Here’s our back
storage area. Here’s our Reflectix. Bed’s right here. All our storage well most of
the big storage is underneath. Our hundred watt solar panel that we have
right now comes down from up top, it goes into our nice controller box,
it goes into our second battery which then powers all our lights and all that which
we don’t use that much so it’s all we need is 100 watts. Here’s our
decrepid propane. It’s the only thing that’s like rusted out on this van. I don’t even want to open it cause I feel like it’s going to fall off but
that’s where propane goes. Welcome to the inside of Tatanka, our tiny home. One kind of van life hack for us especially in the winter are using burlap sacks on our
floor. It really helped with dragging snow and mud in as well as just keeping
the floor a lot warmer. This is our little bathroom corner. Little bathroom
vanity, toothbrushes, and things like that go over here. So we don’t use our sink, we
never have. The pump works but we decided not to forfeit all of the storage space
under the sink and we needed that space for more important things. Cooking
utensils, hot pads, spices and seasonings and this is my little sacred space where
I keep my crystals and my jewelry. Down the way we kind of each have our own
bookshelf in a sense. Each have your own cubby in the back. We each have our own
sleeping situations going on. I get a lot colder than Casey does. Casey has a 30
degree sleeping bag and a down blanket I have a down comforter that weighs like
20 pounds. Another down comforter that doesn’t weigh so much and a smaller
blanket. Extra storage over here. Towels and shoes. Everything that isn’t here in
the summer but in the winter we just kind of insulated our storage area as
well as our heater and then another sort of deal that we’ve done for winter
helping to keep the heating we’ve put these fleece pieces up so this one goes
across the door. First we would have Reflectix on this window. First one goes
up here. These stay pretty well closed and then this one we have handy hooks, super
high-tech, that closes here and then there’s one other piece over this window that we can put down. It actually works really well. It keeps a lot of heat inside. Staying organized is key. We do have van life
friends who it’s hard for them to stay organized and their van is just a mess, always, and it’s cool but it’s just like even they get frustrated how messy it is.
Yeah, it’s not as enjoyable. Yeah cuz then it’s a burden. Find cool places to hang
out inside if you can’t deal with the cold. Luckily we have friends here who
own businesses or places for us to go hang out and that’s probably a luxury for most
people. On sub zero nights fill up your water jug and bring it into your warm
area to mitigate that completely freezing solid, which has happened. Check
your fluids. Towels are super important. Downside to the Mr. Buddy heater that we
use that I know a lot of van lifers out there are using is the condensation and
water that’s put out into the air. From what I’ve been told for every gallon of
propane you burn it releases three-quarters of the gallon of water
into the air. We are wiping the insides of our windows down as well as cracking
windows and just with snow and crap like that in general towels are very helpful.
Down. Everything down. Down moon boots huge down blankets. You know just
kind of taking it day by day and the temperatures are not the same every day
so some days are a lot harder than others. Winter’s not going to last forever.
We’re so used to calling this van home. It’s been fifteen months of this. I mean
life’s not supposed to be easy all the time so it just kind of puts things into
perspective for when it is really nice and it’s, you know, a balmy 73 and the windows
are open all night. Those nights will be even more appreciated when they come
back after this winter. It’s kinda windy out. I hope you enjoyed today’s
episode if not that’s alright if so subscribe so you can see more videos and
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over there so I can make more content for you and until next time I will see
you next time. Yeah.

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