How to use a Sleeping Bag in a Hammock!
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How to use a Sleeping Bag in a Hammock!

using a sleeping bag in a hammock that’s
we’re talking about today!! thank you guys so much for clicking on the watch button
my name is Matt my channel is all about hiking and backpacking I’m in hammock
camping I’m Canadian I go to some pretty wicked places in Rockies if any of that
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but like I said today we were talking about using the sleepy bag inside of
hammock this isn’t I get asked about quite a bit when I first started hammock
camping a couple years ago I didn’t have a top built and I started out using this
sleeping bag so I thought I’d make a video just kind of showing you guys and
gals that yeah it totally is doable so we’re gonna go over a couple
different ways I’m gonna show you guys how you can use your sleeping bag if
you’re one of those people that prefers being completely sealed up and zipped
inside your sleeping bag and you don’t like the idea of a top coat because it
doesn’t have a back to it or if you want those people that doesn’t even know what
a top coat is whatsoever I’ve got a video for that I’ll pop up here in the
cards for you guys I did a video explaining the differences between a top
coat and a sleeping bag we’re gonna go over a couple different ways you can use
a sleeping bag inside a hammock let’s get going something about we considered
with all my sleeping bags and I feel like it’s definitely going to pertain to
hammock camping because you know a lot of these hammocks the custom-made ones
are kind of with a lot of these lighter weight fabrics and you definitely don’t
wanna rip that fabric so what I’ve done on all my sleeping bags and I did this
before I get into hammock camping you do this for tent camping was I would always
take a little bit of electrical tape and wrap it around the zipper tab just to
cover any little potential sharp edges you know I don’t want these tags in my
hammock I don’t want to be falling through it and stick it on the ground if
you’re all those people you want to use a sleeping bag inside of hammock because
you just prefer the feel of a sleeping bag and being zipped up inside of it I
totally understand because I don’t know a lot of people who prefer that over the
quilt so it is totally doable to get yourself zipped inside a sleeping bag
inside your hammock I find the easiest way is to lay your sleeping bag out in
the direction that you would be sleeping so I’m going to their like position my
sleeping bag on the diagonal here so essentially what I’m gonna do is I’m
going to sit inside the sleeping bag kick my feet into it and slide myself
into my diagonal lay slide my feet inside the foot box and I should be
facing situated inside the sleeping bag it’s actually pretty easy
so as always getting you to the hammock shoes off right sit down
sleeping bag now there’s a little bit of body
position inside your hammock getting out just the reverse this is my reason for
not actually ever zipping myself into a sleeping bag this method for using your
sleeping bag with your hammock I’ve never actually been tried before I’m not
sure where I saw it I’m pretty sure I saw it on another youtube channel at
some point but essentially what you’re gonna do
take your Sigma V you gonna stand in it now if you’re out in the field you’re
probably gonna have a crown sheet down below you I don’t have anything I use on
my grass but I just raked it on my grass is pretty clean take and sit down in yo hammock and then
you’re gonna slide your feet up over like you normally would put your arm in
you can zip it up if you want to I honestly I’ve never actually fully
sealed myself inside a mummy sticky bag I just I find it way too constricting
I’ve always left a little bit open I just I like the ability to pop my arms
out I’m very claustrophobic so I’m not gonna do it now because it bothers me
Maddie you’ve given us two ways you have 1/3 yes I do now let’s talk about my
preferred method that is essentially using your sleep you make as a top quilt
so you want to do you want to have your foot box basically completely unzipped
give yourself a boat you know till the zipper gets to go to the back of your
knees that’s about what a foot box seals off with a top coat lay that in your
hammock you climb into your hammock you take the foot box that you have
created in your sleeping bag if you want to use your hood with this method you
totally can what you’re gonna do is you’re basically gonna take whatever
side the hood is on tuck it around your shoulder and pull the hood around your
head just like that and with my wiki camera angles you could
probably see everything well hey that’s better
yeah totally work she can still use your hood but me personally I never like
using the hood on my seeking bag what I always did when I was using a sleeping
bag is a top coat so take the hood and wrap it around behind my head just use
the hood as my pillow essentially so if you want a little bit of detail here and
how this works on the other side essentially I’m doing is I’m just taking the hood and just pulling it in behind
my head not also detailed what I’m doing with the hood here this just wrapping it
in behind my head and I just take this other side where like the zipper is in
the baffle and I’m just tucking it over my shoulder fully seals in it’s really
warm that’s cold though
but it’s cold bottom insulation you need it sir these guys and gals using the CP
bag inside a hammock totally works like I said at the start of the video this
was my method of using my sleeping bag I didn’t have a top coat when I first
started out so this is what I did just showing you guys that it totally does
work so if you’re looking at getting a hammock and all you’ve got is a CP bag
and you think I need a top coat it’s gonna cost so much money totally doesn’t
you guys can totally do it you can even use sleeping pads in these things if
that’s what you guys want to see let me know in the comment section down below
I’ll show you guys all bottom insulation on having see if you guys interested in
that but yeah as always guys I’m Madi thank you guys so much for watching I’ll
see you guys on the next one


  • Wanda Berry

    "Bottom insulation…totally need it!" lol! Matty, is there such a thing as wrapping your sleeping bag around the hammock so you'd have top and bottom insulation! Think it'd work well with a zipper that zips from both ends.

  • Backcountry Forward

    I've used my mummy bag as a quilt a few times and have NEVER thought of still positioning it as a hood or as a pillow… that brilliant! I've always wrestled with it in the front and tried to tuck it away, but eventually get my face and nose covered in the night. So glad I saw this right before winter camping season!
    Thanks Matty! Keep it up bud!

  • Backcountry Forward

    second comment time I'd love to see a vid on bottom insulation options! Especially for us pad owners who don't yet have the means for a bottom quilt!

  • Coleman Outdoors

    Haha…I chuckled when you said you were claustrophobic because I was thinking, man that hammock camping with a mummy bag looks sort of like a claustrophobic man's nightmare. Great video though. Helping others get informed.😋

  • Raymond Rivas creative tv

    I think that's a nice idea,but i think I can't have a chance to make a good drop if ever i dreamed a bad rolling scene sharing bro.

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