How to use a toilet in Italy – Man Vs Vacation #3
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How to use a toilet in Italy – Man Vs Vacation #3

What’s up, welcome to man that versus vacation this week We’re in Italy where corrines eating all the pasta we get our masquerade on and I get blessed by the Pope Where is he? How’s that even possible. Let’s get started. Shall we? Hey here we are on a train. we ah decided to ah.oh there’s Corrine there she is Hey, look at this Italians looker over here, huh? Looker oh Sh, it is a party going on down here we made it to Italy for the Pride Parade. Corrines been telling me about this mall apparently we got to spin around on a bunch of bull balls I don’t know. There’s a bull on the floor and you spin around three times on it balls. I’m nervous we are going to be here all day. I did it. I don’t know what I just did. I don’t know if I just joined a cult. Did you see that? I was trying not to look. I was pretending like I didn’t know you that’s like half of our relationship Currently hanging in Orvieto. There’s a giant church. sucks to be that guy, huh? I don’t know what’s going on here. But there’s Corrine These places weird me the f*** out. I’m surprised that you didn’t burst into flames as soon as we walked in here me too. I have to bless you child it burns I can’t take you anywhere. I don’t know about you, but after that I need some blood of Christ. Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about Cheers We’re staying at an Airbnb won’t you tell us a little bit about it? So this apartment is actually about a thousand years old These are all original archways from the medieval time. We’re staying at a medieval air B&B It’s like were Game of Thrones up in this beast This is an underground basement No, it’s part of the original cave systems that people built so they could get stuff to their house This freaks me out because all I imagine is a little troll guy coming up and being like (let me in) There’s another one over here this looks like a f***ing torture chamber either that or where they put kids when they’re bad. Oh It was actually for water Yeah, okay this was the well its a water cistern Probably one of the coolest Airbnb that I’ve ever stayed in. All right So Corrine and I are at a place called monster park it was built in 1552 and all the stuff I guess has just carved in directly into the limestone. Took this dude a long time Apparently his wife died. He was sad had a lot of demons decided to carve them into the hillside This elephant is just eating this guy. It was pretty awesome. Holy Shh, that’s where they sacrificed virgins a why would you sacrifice a Virgin tho, I think you would sacrifice the wh**es I don’t know. They’re both pretty good. I could live in there. eh What? wasn’t that great. None of the monsters talked to me and none of them moved this isn’t Disneyland. Wow Sure for the price it sure as hell felt like it It was only $10 We’re just on our way to Venice right now. No big deal Just going to Carnival the biggest party in the world. check out this f***ing place. Look at all these f***ing fancy f***ers, huh? Look at that table full of assholes. Look at this table full of assholes right here Holy Sh with the fuckin bells Venice What the actual f*** It’s our hotel room, by the way, very messy. We just came back from quite a party completely unnecessary But this ceiling is very nice. This is an original here and see she’s looking over her shoulder at this guy Who’s touching his nipples because she’s looking a little promiscuous for 1392. You know, there’s this guy over here There’s me after a night of partying at Carnivale Holy shit. this is some eyes wide shut I don’t know where Corrine is I lost Corrine (screams) Corrine You don’t get to see this too often this hairdo too much we got ourselves a regular toilet here forgot the flush, sorry a ass sink that’s where you a day do your business there’s this which is like a soap that they give you to soap up your ass Still haven’t figured out how to how to use that. I’m gonna actually try to look up a video right now Hmm that’s how that works. All right. there they are the Spanish Steps Apparently the guidebook says that we have to go sit on them by the way Look at me. I’m looking like a a fucking asshole today Corrine said I look like a fucking shlum here in Italy and everybody else dresses better than I do so I had to put on a fucking collar to fit in so I don’t get robbed Oh Jesus Christ walking around shopping all fucking day long. You have to shop while you’re in Italy. They have all the good stuff here still haven’t gone into any of the expensive stores yet tho Prada Nada if I ever looked like that dickhead shoot me. BVLGARI, what does that mean? This is where Cardi B comes to shop. That is the ugliest shit I’ve ever see. Herpes oh hermes Do you know how much that cost? That’s probably about a million dollars Just a couple more years on YouTube and you buy that. I don’t got that Jeffree Star money I could start doing makeup Shane Dawson can start doing makeup, I can start doing makeup. You know what I mean? Looks like the inside of a fucking Spaceship in that place. Holy shit We can go in there if you want no thanks, they’ll see right through this H&M jacket My feet are hurting. These stupid Italian boots. Man oh your shoes hurt. That probably means we gotta go. Oh, there it is there it is. mmm pasta I’ve definitely had pasta every day and sometimes two pastas in a day. I’d say sometimes three It’s just like you’re here in Italy eating pasta with us here. Take a little bit of that, huh? delicious Yep. Let me try. Your going to take the same bite as they just did? Thats gross Whoa, lets all sit here and watch Corrine eat pasta for the next 20 minutes Alright, well, there’s no better way to end the meal then get some gelato, you know what I mean? I don’t know I don’t know if you know what I mean here. We’re at the gelato place Sushi gelato, whoa Welcome to our Rome hotel. This is very much like a New York City hotel in the fact that it’s extremely fucking small extremely fucking expensive The bathroom is the star Is it? Yeah, look at all this marble and gold. I love this shit We don’t really know or understand how to use this. I do you sit on it? I don’t know I’ve been sitting on it, but you’re supposed to like wipe your butt with your hands I think so. You’re supposed to get it… Because it doesn’t get up in there like our bidet No, like for the front because I for the frontal. right, you need the frontal. Yeah, I need the backtal Welcome to the Trevi Fountain the the biggest waste of money in all of Rome Literally you just throw your money in there. Corinne wants to waste a $2.00 euro into this. Fucking fountain. Did it make it in? I don’t think so. The pantheon. This place has got a giant fucking hole in the ceiling I’m not really sure how that works and everybody just taking pictures of a big fucking hole in the ceiling. I took the same thing We have like 10 more things to visit today Ayoh, welcome to the the calcium. Not sure if you’ve seen this place before I haven’t I’m not gonna give you a tour If you want a tour you can go online you could do that shit yourself. for honest first impressions here not so impressed I mean, I know it’s like the size of the whole thing in the history of it all and all that But I want to see gladiators. I want to see lions ripping people’s fucking necks off. What did I pay for here? This is how you get a video demonetized. (boom) Welcome to the Vatican penises penises penises a lot of heads in here. It’s kind of creepy So this guy’s pissed. Hey, hey, you kids get off my lawn. No, what am I getting to the Sistine Chapel over here? holy shit, I mean, yes, actually this is holy shit What are all these people doing? Who the fuck are all these people? Oh my god another door. Welcome to the tapestry Section. Whoa that guy stabbing that kid in the neck. Oh, they’re killing all the babies. Damn Dog that baby’s fucked Going on for hours here on this tour. Can I sit in that chair? That chair is like the best thing in this whole room. Oh God please say this in the last room? What? what? I said, this is probably the last room I don’t think that’s what I heard I thought that guy was a piece of art so lifelike so real I’m pretty fucking impressed yeah. it takes a lot to impress me and I’m gonna have to say are you do you have a sense of off a sense of aww? A sense of awe shit this is crazy. Alright we’re here in the Sistine Chapel. It’s very frowned upon for me to be filming in here breaking the rules All right. We Came we saw we conquered just like the Romans But I want to get a shirt that says I love the Pope that over there. No boom room Well, there it is folks. That’s the end. That is the the trip to Rome When in Rome leave Rome It’s way too early in the morning the Sun rise behind us. It’s beautiful. I’ll never forget this time in Rome together I look like crap What? no, you look beautiful! Thanks for joining us another wacky man versus vacation let us know in the comments below where you want us to go, Japan Maybe maybe Greece maybe. What if they said something like Uzbekistan or like senegal Till next time see ya


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