How to Use Portable Toilet – Emergency Sanitation Hygiene Supplies to Stockpile
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How to Use Portable Toilet – Emergency Sanitation Hygiene Supplies to Stockpile

how to use portable toilet luggable loo honey bucket emergency hygiene sanitation supplies to store stockpile shtf van living off grid living toilet hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper if you’re prepping
for any kind of an emergency situation off grid living something you need is a hygiene kit
which includes a portable toilet honey bucket luggable loo emergency toilet I like the luggable loo it’s a bucket
that includes a seat that snaps on and I’m going to show you some tips and
tricks to help make a portable toilet useful to you things to store in your luggable loo portable toilet bucket and
a way to actually use it so it’s the easiest way most convenient way to clean it up the first thing I did when I bought my
portable toilet luggable loo bucket was fill it up with the hygiene emergency supplies that I need so that it would
have the stockpile when I grab the portable toilet bucket it has a handle that you can
carry it and so you can take it with you whether you’re going camping whether
you’re bugging out a hunting trip or even going on a long car trip or staying
in a van van living off grid you can use this portable toilet for times when you just need to
go and a regular bathroom isn’t necessarily available remove the lid
from the luggable loo portable toilet bucket and you can store all kinds of supplies inside I store hygiene supplies inside the bucket
them in a plastic bag so they’re easy to keep together and I can lift them out
when I want to use the portable toilet supplies that I keep on hand are rolls of
toilet paper wrapped up in Ziploc bags to make sure they stay dry and clean for
the use that I’m going to need them I also have a roll of tall kitchen bags
the kind with the drawstring work the best for closing up your potty when
you’re done using it have some wet wipes some plastic gloves disposable gloves
and some hand sanitizer and if you want to keep down the stink get some small
scented votive candles and some matches in case you need some light I have a
solar yard light that I keep with it and then if we needed to put it outside find
it in the dark you can activate the solar light and it’ll give you a little
bit of glow to help you find the portable toilet if it’s dark outside in the night I also have a roll
of black plastic bags spread out some black plastic bags open them up and you
can use some clothespins to clip around to make a shelter or privacy screen for the portable toilet if
you needed to I have some Kleenex and one great big plastic bag that’s big
enough to go completely over you use that as a giant poncho so you have privacy shelter when you use your portable toilet so that you could
put the plastic bag over yourself while you’re doing your business using the toilet if you just don’t have any
other way for privacy using your portable toilet use this to make a privacy shelter a good way to keep track of all these hygiene supplies when you’re
using a portable toilet is to store it with an empty 5 gallon bucket that you
got from the grocery store for free you can see the luggable loo portable toilet bucket fits right
inside the extra 5 gallon bucket you could just store it like this stacked together and you have the things that you need
all of these items can be inside the portable toilet but when you want to use the toilet it pull them out
remove your luggable loo portable toilet and empty all the stored supplies of the contents into the spare bucket you’ll still have them safe organized
and clean all together so that they don’t become lost while you’re using
your portable toilet always good to keep your supplies organized no matter the
circumstances here’s a trick on the easiest way to use your luggable loo portable toilet honey bucket
when you remove the lid toilet seat you can see the lid is works like a
regular toilet seat it has a snap down lid and it snaps on to the bucket but do
you really want to just be going to the bathroom in your bucket I went to the grocery store and I
got one of the free two gallon buckets it easily fits inside the toilet bucket it can be lifted
out so what I do is take one of the tall kitchen bags and I line this small bucket stuff it
down inside make sure the bag it’s in there smoothly pull it around the bottom of
the bucket and set that down inside the portable toilet that’s going to be the liner that stays in
there to catch any accidents now you want to take one of your other
bags and this is going to be the bag that you use to go to the bathroom open up your go bag
put it down inside the portable toilet and snap on the toilet seat lid now you can lift the lid do your
business and add some sawdust add some kitty litter or just consider that that’s it then you can remove the lid close up the bag with your business in
it and a nice big bag is good because you can tie it up and then wrap it
around a few times to keep it sealed in then you can dispose of it if you don’t
have a place to dispose of it immediately you can leave it in the
little bucket until you find a place that you can dispose of your garbage
your trash and your refuse now when you when you’re done using the toilet you
can pull the bucket out pull up this bag close it up and dispose of all of it and
you have this you can rinse out if anything leaked and your portable potty toilet
should stay clean and sanitary enough that you can continue to use it without
needing a big bunch of cleaning supplies because sometimes in an emergency a
campout off grid living or you’re traveling in your van living or living in a car you don’t have the water and the
soap and all the facilities available to start cleaning out a big bucket that
somebody went potty to the bathroom into but you can easily dispose of this bag of waste and if you need
to you can use the wet wipes and some cleaners to clean up any spills or
accidents having a luggable loo portable toilet gives me a lot of comfort knowing that I have the
hygiene and sanitation supplies that I need and it’s come in very handy on
times when I’ve taken my family out into remote areas off grid living so if you’re looking for a
portable toilet that’s easy to use inexpensive and a way to keep things hygiene supplies
organized and actually use it so it’s not completely disgusting try following
a few of these tips for when you have needs that nature calls and someone
needs to use the bathroom remember everybody does it and we just
need to find a way to make it work for us in any situation learn more at please subscribe to the alaskagranny channel


  • Bobby A

    Well thought out honey bucket. Add a small hand trowel to bury waste when used for long time period. A very small bottle of bleach and a few drops in the container will help control bacteria and odor.

  • At home with Carla

    Great info! Also a swim noodle from the dollar store can be cut to fit the rim of bucket for extra comfort. Noodle will also need slicing down the middle to fit on the bucket. Hope that made sense.

  • Steve F

    Outstanding advice…….great idea…..if you are truly in an emergency "Bug Our Situation" you could always dig a "Latrine" ….cut a hole in the bottom of the bucket and it would last a fair amount of time (providing that you have the time do dig the hole and build a shelter around your "Latrine")….!!!!

  • Sidney Mathious

    I have buckets which I could use for that purpose, but would love to have one like you mentioned here and have to check on Amazon for it and buy one just for emergencies. There is plenty of plastic bags around my home which I could use inside the bucket and as always having other supplies like toilet tissue, soap, and other supplies needed for emergency situations. The Air Force taught us how to survive in the wild and I appreciate that, and what my grandfather taught me as well when growing up.

  • Dr. Walter Sobchak

    If you have any available, a little bit of sawdust goes a long way to control the odor in a honey pot. Thank you for all of your videos AG!

  • Lynn Masoner

    Avid camper have the potty bucket but never thought to use a second smaller bucket inside to help with clean up… good idea thanks for the info as for the pool noodle for comfort … thanks to everyone for all of the great ideas.

  • bilzplace

    Finally, some practical, down to earth and affordable advice on how to deal with doing dooty in the wilderness. Thanks AlaskaGranny!

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