• Black Rose

    Did you know:

    10.9 million children under five die in developing countries each year. Malnutrition and hunger-related diseases cause 60 percent of the deaths.

  • Sluglord64

    @Shockerz1000 Because don't come on a video like this and not like animals and saying they don't pay taxes. TAXES ARE HUMAN-MADE PIECES OF PAPER WHICH ARE TAKEN FROM TREES THAT TAKE AWAY ANIMAL'S OXYGEN, INCLUDING US.

  • tiamat1000

    Hello, could you do a fovour for homeless pets? Would you mind announcing our fundraiser to as many people as you could? Thanks a million in advance. Below is detailed information:

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  • Mysticfox

    I would love to do anything to help out the animals at the animal shelter but the problem is: I'm too young, or at least that's what I think and I think it would be weird to see such an uneducated person come and say they want help.

  • Alonso de Hojeda

    And always remember…these shelters usually cash in thousands of dollars through donations and most of it goes into the pockets of the owner 🙂 So keep in mind that while you are selflessly applying yourself to help animals you actually give money (hours of labour) to a business. Have a very nice and productive day! 😀

  • Alyssa Lauren

    This is such a great, informative video! I remember watching it all the time when I was little, and I was too young to volunteer, I was so eager. Now I've been volunteering for nearly 6 years and will also be working at the Humane Society soon as well! Videos like this are truly inspiring and make me want to get out there and help! Thank you to all volunteers, keep setting a great example for the kids like me!

  • Laurel Girard

    Great ideas to help shelters! Some of the prison programs are doing incredible work that saves not only the dog, but the inmate too! They learn skills that can help them be employed in the field of animal control/ rescue when they get out!! Plus, they help get dogs ready for homes while serving time!

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