How to Wash a Tent
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How to Wash a Tent

How to Wash a Tent. Tents are a home away from home when you’re
camping, so keep it clean and well maintained for a restful night’s sleep in the great outdoors. You will need Broom and dustpan Tarp Washbasin
Non-detergent soap Soft rag Clothesline Soft sponge (optional) and enzyme-based odor remover
(optional). Step 1. Sweep out your tent with the broom while it
is set up. Use the dustpan to collect any dust bunnies
and dirt piles. Step 2. Grab a side of the tent lightly and gently
shake the fabric to remove dust and dirt. Step 3. Brush off the bottom of your tent with your
hand or your broom and set it back down on a clean tarp. Step 4. Fill the washbasin with cold water and non-detergent
soap. Use the soft rag to wash the sides, inside
and out, and the floor of the tent. If your tent has mildew, wash it and then
dilute an enzyme-based odor remover in a wash tub. Then sponge down the entire tent, but don’t
rinse it off. Step 5. Allow the tent to dry away from direct sunlight. Step 6. Disassemble the tent and hang it on a clothesline
to ensure that the bottom of the tent dries. Step 7. Pack the tent and your equipment away after
the tent has completely dried. Store it in a cool, dry location to prevent
mildew from growing on your clean outdoor bungalow. Did you know The Coleman camping equipment
company was founded by W.C. Coleman, a typewriter salesman who had an idea to design and sell
gas lanterns.


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