Hunting Mantis Shrimp in Tropical Island – Catch & Cook Camping on a Remote Island
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Hunting Mantis Shrimp in Tropical Island – Catch & Cook Camping on a Remote Island

hi guys welcome to this video and now I’m on the island remote sland these are the Sumenep archipelago and today I will hunt shrimp and this is already a tool or trap This is in the mangrove forest yes beachside mangrove forest the north of the island and its said off the mangroves lots of mantis shrimp holes look is denden This is the mantis shrimp trap that I brought bamboo traps or traps quite simple wah look at this mantis shrimp hole and it’s really big look and this hole is already the size of the diameter is very big catch this is certain giant mantis shrimp above 30 cm is the extension the problem is the sand mantis shrimp the sand mantis shrimp kind of it can reach 30 cm and above or 15 inches and above and this is definitely really big attach the bait must be very sensitive if not sensitive later run away not hit by a trap eh for example, using ruca ruca fish usually for example, using fish Baronang but it’s not OK pake ruca ruca really big waw no need to go deep just wait a little usually it doesn’t take too long that is for sure if you already have a trap the trap will go down Is this sea urchin sea urchin? bulu babi mungkin the sea urchins usually have long black fur and usually also crowding but if this is your own look really big return it back to its habitat makan haha eat biasanya deden yang suka makan eat sea urchin but today I think it’s full Ngorco’s denden is full so failed fishing line okay now dig a hole less login already? I see it Is there or not? take it straight away found this hole This is the mantis shrimp could and still one left in the hole beware still hands yang keras this “Ngorco denden got hit by a mantis shrimp and bloody torn hand” take it straight away “I almost got hit by the shrimp” That’s the shrimp Caution the mantis shrimp is raging this is me bleeding This is so bad big no wound This is the mantis shrimp this fierce denden ngorco be a victim look heh wants to cook me got two one holes and that was that That’s 3 holes that I dug twice sobek lagi already finished still bleeding three mantis shrimp who was captured see rebellious see the guys caught today there are three mantis shrimps Mantis shrimp are very large that denden had hit me fist eheheh oke eh is the water right? okay the important thing is just handsome cooking time and now find the place ihat denden ngorco lagi makan mie instan mentah-mentah like it’s the most suitable place for cooking disini ini so the view is really good and it’s good to cook here and there too there are branches so close buat ngambil ranting nya That’s a lot of branches oke “sound of a match” the wood is lacking slow den, beware of spilled feet like wrong em Is that correct or not? got more … got more got more got no den This is the mantis shrimp pit Why? do you punch again? it’s cooked bro This meat is the best Is it salty? pretty salty ahaha


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