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Hunting Tent Large Enough for You and Your Gear | Mia’s Motivations

Okay, guys. Today I want to show you this new little condo
that’s not so little. New tent. We used to have a Cabela’s brand teepee tent
that we loved because these are really light and you can pack them on the pack horse real
easy without having to have a whole separate horse just for your tent and you can pick
them up and move them real easily so if you want to relocate camp it’s no problem unlike
our giant canvas outfitter tents that are very heavy and you need ridge poles and all
that kind of stuff. This has the little stakes down on the outside
This one has a vestibule. We never had one with a vestbule before. Inside it has one metal ridge pole that goes
in there. It’s pretty cool. Let’s go inside. Zippers are always an issue many, many tents
I’ve had. We’ll see how this one holds up over the years. Come inside. So. Look in heeryyaah. Inside. This ridge pole. One ridge pole to hold this whole thing up. This actually. Let me set this down so that I can chat with
you. Okay. Can you see me? Yes. Hi, guys. I’m so fancy, aren’t I? All decked out for this little showing of
the tent. This tent actually, is 14 feet wide, but it
only weights 26 pounds. As I said, I can stick it on a pack horse
and still put a little bit on the side paniers as well, without killing my horses. And, with the easy set up of just this main
ridge pole, you just stake out the sides and put ridge pole up and boom, you’re done. It’s so easy. As I said, this one’s new. I haven’t tried it out yet. We had one from Cabela’s that we loved. It lasted through blizzards and storms and
all kinds of crazy stuff, and now they don’t make it anymore, and the one we had, the zipper
broke, so we were very sad. This one we actually purchased through Sportsmen’s
Guide, and as I said, we’re going to take it out this archery season and see how it
works. So, I’ll let you know.


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