HUSKIES ON THE EDGE | Camping with Dogs

Good morning Pawdience…Its the last day at camp. (GTTSD INTRO) If you would like to see even
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people you see on the screen right now. Links to their channels will be down
in the video description below. Oakley did you make a friend with Banana? Is that your friend over there? Jessica: Friends sitting, facing away from each other…
Jamie: They were closer. Banana says…
“Day 5 and they still don’t realize I’m not a Husky!” I know! Hi Banana! How are you pretty girl? I know! Look everybody came to say bye! We got all the dogs! Everybody’s here! Big old dog party. Right? We’re the crazy people at the campground
with all the dogs. Everybody knows its us! Oh, are you happy now? You got to play? She’s like – “I so happy now.” “Dats all I wanted.” “Just to play!” “Just to play!” Yeah. Oscar the honorary husker…”Husker?” Husky… Banana the honorary husker… Husker…I said it again. Close enough… Oh, what? Are you gonna miss each other? These two will see each other again in October. Mike: Yeah. Right? Right? Look at all the happy camping dogs! They all look a little bit restless! They are like, “Are we going on
million hikes again today?” Lets do this! Yeah! Alright loaded up the dogs, they are already getting comfy, except for Memphis she wants to ride up front. (To the dogs)
There’s water all around you! Alright! Look, even Oakley got
in the lake for a half a second. Woooh. Ahhh! Beach puppies! Beach! Yeah, Shelby got something all over her face.
Shelby you are drinking sand. Thor is like, “I’ll go!” Got all the girls! We’re going to Munising Falls. And there’s Thor! Sorry Thor! I’m getting pulled away from ya! There’s all the dogs.
We made it to the waterfall. There it is – Munising Falls. We’re going to Miners Castle! All I see is fluffy butts! You wanna see Memphis?
What do you see? Do you see Miners Castle… Oh Shelby!
Do you want to see too? (Laughter) There’s Miners Castle We have made it with all the dogs! To the Mackinaw Bridge.
Memphis is like, “I want the water!” “I wanna play in the water!” We’re not playing
in the water, we’re looking at the Bridge. We’re running in circles. OH! Watch you guys get dizzy!
(Laughter) There’s the bridge. Jamie: Say goodbye to Charles and Thor. Jessica: Good bye guys! Oh bye… Jamie: Say bye, Shelby!
Jessica: Say bye, to Thor! Charles: I’m sure we’ll see each other out!
Jessica: Yeah! Charles: Until next time!
Jessica: Yep! I’m sure we’ll do it again!
Jamie: Yep! We’re home! So we are home from camping! And I just wanted to say, be sure to go down in the video description below and check out all the other “YouTubers” that went camping with us,
Banana and Thor and Nora and Oscar. They all have YouTube Channels So be sure to check down in the video description, go check out their videos, subscribe to their channels if you guys like them and you’ll get to see a
whole another angle of all of us camping together. It’ll be super fun (Memphis howl)
Yeah I know, its dinner time right? Alright you guys!
We hope you enjoyed this camping video. As always thanks for watching, thanks for subscribing. Stay Positive, Dream big
and we’ll will see you again soon. Oakley you did amazing girl. You did it. Also you can check out more of our camping
videos over at Lets get these girls some dinner! Goodbye Pawdience! (GTTSD OUTRO) Thumbs up to the first person who made the sub! Sorry, IDK who you are! πŸ™‚

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