‘I Am Praying Angelina & Vinny Hook Up’ | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV
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‘I Am Praying Angelina & Vinny Hook Up’ | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

(rock music) – [Announcer] Tonight the Jersey Shore family vacation cruise settles back into seaside. – I think Angelina should make a speech. – Angelina should make
the appropriate speech. – Yeah, – [Man] Okay. – Last time in Seaside, I really didn’t care to be there. – Go home. – You’re an idiot Mike. – [Angelina] Back in the
day, I was like, horrible. But I’ve changed from back then. Let’s take the old memory
Angelina and throw them out and like, now I’m ready
to create new ones. – Angelina, take it away. (soft piano music) – Thank you so much God for giving us this food and,
– All right, anyone else? – (beep) you Vin, you’re an (beep). – Oh my God.
– Can we do this Grace, without an F Bomb? – We just disrespect Grace. – I don’t know what it
is about this kid but he really says something out of his mouth and I get pissed right off the bat. – [Vinny] (beep) island girls
are (beep)ing classy bro. – Why don’t you do it Vinny,
since you’re so perfect. – Careful. Tread carefully. – These two got a beef right here. – Yeah, you guys should
just (beep) it out. – No she wants to D. – Oh my God. – I am praying that
Angelina and Vinny hook up. There is so much sexual
tension, that just get it out. It’s happening, just go. – Don’t come at me cuz I
got piece in a chamber. – Whoa, whoa, whoa. – Wait, what did you say to me? – I have a loaded gun. – What do you have in
the chamber with him? – I want to save it for another time. Vinny’s got to check himself because I have a lot
of (beep) on that kid. – Well, I don’t have a
chamber on you because I don’t think about you as a – Whooooooooooooooaaaaa. Whoooooooooooooooooa. That was a good one. – Don’t lie. You think
about me day (beep), afternoon and night. – [Announcer] After all that. Two familiar faces are on a brand new show How Far is Tattoo far? Snooky’s hosting, Angelina’s
getting a new tattoo, and the rest is history. (suspenseful music) – You have very good hands,
whatever the hell you do. (laughing) You smell like freaking alcohol. – I just had a wine. – (beep) off. If I hate the tattoo that
Chris gives me today, I am literally making
his ass sleep outside. – You’re going to hate this. – He’s not sleeping in bed with me and he’s definitely not
getting this down there for a very long time. – Three. – Oh my God, a little faster. – Two. One. (dramatic music) – Wait, Are you kidding
me? What the (beep)? – [Announcer] It all starts
tonight at eight, seven Central. Only on MTV.


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