I Built a Homemade Igloo & Spent the Night… Do Not Try at Home! (Snow Fort Challenge)
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I Built a Homemade Igloo & Spent the Night… Do Not Try at Home! (Snow Fort Challenge)

(climactic instrumental music) – That’s awesome, it’s loads of snow. Should I build like an igloo or somethin’? – I’, excited, let’s go! I’m not used to this.
(laughing) So much snow! So, I’ve not uploaded
a video in quite awhile because like Christmas was here, and I’m in the middle of moving a house. We’re in Austria right now, we’re here seein’ Moon’s family
because she’s from Austria, and it’s snowin’ like
crazy, and I thought, “You know what, we’re
gonna make an igloo!” So, a huge igloo and I wanna sleep in it. Spend the night in an igloo. It’s gonna be freezin’. So, anyway, we’re on
the way to the shop now to buy supplies and… Go follow me on Instagram. I’m gonna be posting awesome
pictures in the snow, along the mountains and stuff. It’s gonna be so cool. I’m followin’ back as well, so make sure you go follow me. Use the name @KillemFTW, link in the description below. Go follow me. So, anyway, I usually do videos like this every three or four days. I know this one’s been
a bit late, I’m sorry. But anyway, yeah, if you’re new here, smash that subscribe button down below. Of you’re already subscribed, press that little bell icon right next to the subscribe button. You’ll be notified every time I upload, it’s easy as that! I’m eating snow while
I’m walkin’ and talkin’. I’m tired, oh I’m tired. I’m tired this is along walk. Are we lost, Moon? – That’s a big hill that way! That’s like a mountian. We gotta go over it? – Just to the shop? – Ohhh! (dramatic instrumental music) – [Thomas] Yeah! We made it! Oh no! – We did it! – What? – Sh, we, but, we couldn’t. You said there was just that one way. (sorrowful instrumental music) – Awe. Oh, that is so nice. Let’s go buy some food and supplies. Sweets, you know I love me sweets. Sweets, sweets, sweets. Chocolate, there’s chocolate. What are these? – [Moon] Mozart Balls. Mozart Balls. Why you laughin’? – Mozart Balls? – [Moon] Oh, God, he’s goin’ crazy. I can’t stop him anymore. – I’ve been on a diet over
Christmas, I’m starvin’. I want my Mozart Balls. I could just get these,
and these are so nice. Wasabi, they’ll keep me warm, won’t they? Nice and hot. – [Moon] Yeah, they’ll warm you up. (laughing) What’s that? – Cake in a can, cake in a can. – [Moon] Oh, it’s cake in a can? – Cake in a can, cake in a, yes. – [Moon] It’s cake in a can. – It’s cake and–
(laughing) Should I get some soup? – [Moon] Get some coup, yeah. – Some soup. Is that enough? – [Moon] It’s enough for you. – Should I get two? – [Moon] Yeah, get two maybe. I need some drinks as well. I’ve got some energy
drinks to keep me going through the night, gotta stay awake. And I’m also gonna get some Mezzo Mix. Mezzo Mix is like Coca-Cola
and Fanta mixed together. So, that’s it, I think we got everything. We got a few surprises as well, I’m gonna show you them later, you know I like to give my surprises. Let’s go build this igloo, baby. This is gonna be so much fun. Let’s go! (electronic urban music) Awe, yeah! This is delightful! So, we finished the igloo,
it’s completely done. It’s too late to start a challenge now. So, what we’ve done is we’ve
sprayed it all with water. It’s gonna be like minus six
degrees Celsius tomorrow, it’s gonna be freezing. So, what’s gonna happen is the
igloo’s gonna set like ice. We’re gonna get in there
tomorrow in the daytime, spend the whole of the day, in the night, out until the next morning when it starts getting light again. Gonna spend it all in the igloo! It’s gonna be awesome! It’s gonna be so cold! I’m not gonna shoe you inside it just yet. That’s gonna be a surprise. I’ll show you tomorrow. But for now… I’m chillin’. (coughing) I think I’m getting a cold. (dramatic instrumental music) Okay, so here we go, it’s the next day. It’s freezing cold. There’s no more snow though. The snow seems to have stopped. Everything is turned to ice. I’ve got some new shoes as well to keep my feet nice and warm because it’s gonna be a long night in there. It’s gonna be freezing cold, and I got like ten layers on. I got my nice big shoes on. This is gonna be awesome! Okay, so here it is, the big reveal. I’m gonna show you the finished igloo. Right, three, two, one! Look at this! Awe, yeah! Just look at that! That is awesome, look! Whoa, it’s goes so deep in. It is so awesome! Seriously, it took like, I dont know, five hours to build this thing, and it’s finally done.
(knocking) It’s solid! It is actually solid, seriously, it’s turned to ice. So, we’re gonna put this yoga
mat thing down on the floor so it’s like not freezing layin’ on it, I’m not gonna get wet through, and then I’m gonna crawl in, and then I’m gonna get my bags passed. Moon is gonna pass me my bags and stuff, and then let’s spend the night, okay. We’ve got carpet! Okay, let’s go! (laughing) Pass me camera. Whoa! This is so cool! Look! We have an igloo! Look at this, my legs go down here! That was Moon. (laughing) Igloo, this is awesome! I’ve never made an igloo in my life! This is so cool! Sleeping bag. Two sleeping bags to
make sure I’m extra warm. And my supplies. So, this is it, I’m
gonna stay in here now, from now obviously,
until 8 AM or something, when it starts gettin’ light. So, I’m gonna stay in here, it’s light. Then it’s gonna get dark, and then it’s gonna get light again. I’m not allowed to leave until then. It’s really comfortable. It’s actually quite warm in here. It stops the wind and everything. This is awesome. This is actually awesome! Let’s just move this out the way. Get the other sleeping
bag and put this one down. I need two hands, I need two hands, ugh. Okay, just listen, just
listen at this, shh. Completely silent. These walls are so thick too. So, it’s like we’ve got
insulated walls, it’s so quiet! I’m shouting to Moon
earlier while I was in here, she couldn’t hear me. I’m in my own little tomb. Don’t say that, no it’s not a tomb. What is it I’m in? No, no, if I’ve got my own
little soundproof room. That’s better. I can make music in here and stuff, you know, good quality audio. So, I’m just sat here like
eating crisps and stuff. Crisps, what, and I realised
something, look, look, look. So, I get one of my drinks,
keep it there, look. Look at that, look, that’s
gonna be ice cold later. Ho-ho! So, all my food and all my drinks are gonna be like really fresh. It’s like I’m livin’ in a refrigerator. So, I can keep everything nice and cool. When I’m come to eat,
it’s gonna be beautiful. I’m just so excited, if you can tell, I’m just so excited. This is the coolest thing I’ve ever done. I’ve never made an igloo, I’ve always wanted to make an igloo. We’ve made an igloo, and I’m
sleepin’ in an igloo tonight. And I’ve got ice cold drinks. That’s pretty much all I wanted to say. (sighs) Oh, I can’t feel my fingers. It’s startin’ to get really cold. I forgot gloves, big mistake. I’ve got a little mascot here somewhere to help us get through the night. I call him… Percy, the penguin. Oh, I left the tag on.
(laughs) Let me just out him back
in his natural habitat. I dont know, I feel bad
keeping a penguin as a pet. Oh, that looks like he
could actually be on TV! (laughing)
Percy! Mr. Percy! Good boy. Good boy. (rattling) Tom, 2017! By the time you’re watchin’ this though, it might be 2018. Oh! There we go. (coughing) So, stu–
(coughing) That was stupid, never
spray paint indoors. And I didn’t have a mask on or anything, that was stupid. I couldn’t breath in
here, I had to get out. Like the room filled with
gas, I dont know what it is, but I think it’s poisonous. You can still it looks like Tom, but I mean, look at that, what’s that? It’s like I wrote it in blood. That did not go to plan, I thought I could make it
look really nice in here. I’m not sprayin’ anymore. I’ve been in here a while now, and to be honest, it’s still fun. I’m still really enjoying it. Big thing I forgot were gloves, I didn’t bring my gloves,
my fingers are freezin’. But other that, we’re all going good. I still my drink here,
coolin’, one of them anyway. I’m not too cold, it’s been easy so far, but it’s till daytime. Things could change. It’s quite windy out there today, but in here it’s just like nothin’. A bit of a breeze comin’ from the doorway, but that’s not too bad so far! So good! I just thought I’d update you, you know. Echo! Echo! I think it’s time. I think it’s time I’m gonna have my drink. It should be cold enough now. I mean, it’s getting dark
outside now, look at this. It’s the, the, wait! Is that next door’s TV?
(laughing) I can watch TV! I’m watchin’ TV from my igloo, baby! (laughing) Cat. Cat! (whistling) Come on. Hello. Bye. I’ve been in here awhile,
you know, it’s gettin’ dark, so I’m gonna have my drink. It feels freezin’, ow, okay. Let’s try el drinko, el freezingo drinko. Why am I talking pretend Spanish? I can’t drink it, it’s too,
there’s not enough room. Awe, that’s so good. There’s nowhere to put it. I’m gonna have to hold it, it’s freezing! Ow! Oh! Ahh! Ahh, my eye! Ahh! It’s gettin’ so cold now. You could see it got dark. I need to try and block this hole up, because like there’s a big
draught comin’ through, so, I’m gonna see what
I could do with that. Oh, yeah, that’s better. Awe, there we go, that’s it. That’s a lot better. Because of the huge hole there, there’s like a big breeze
comin’ in through there, and it’s so cold. Just ever since it got dark, it got a lot colder. I’ve got somethin’ I’m gonna show you now. It should keep you nice and warm. Let’s get comfy and cosy, because it’s gettin’ cold now, it’s gettin’ so cold. Awe! I’ve got… Ah, it’s so awkward in here. It’s just so small, I can’t move. Moon brought me the extension cable, she put it outside the igloo thing, and I just plugged them in. Some nice lights there,
they keep fallin’ down. And I’ve got a lovely candle. We’ve got fire, we could keep warm. So, that should hopefully
heat this thing up, but not too much that it
melts, that’d be stupid. If it starts rainin’ inside here, like dripping from the walls, I better turn the candle off. Hoo-hoo! Yeah, this is cosy now,
I’ve blocked the thing off. We’ve blocked the hole off as well. No draughts. Whoa, better stay away from that candle. Better… Whoa, whoa, whoa. Oh, it’s so cosy! It’s so cosy, ha-ha! Awe, yeah, ow, ow! Too hot. I’m doin’ a Frozen puzzle… In the snow, in an igloo!
(laughing) Am I the first person ever to do a Frozen puzzle in the snow? I can’t be bothered with this. I hate puzzles! I hate puzzles. When did this fall down? When did my lights fall down? I didn’t even see them fall down. There’s not enough room in here! My trousers keep comin’ down, I’m like, my bare bum just sat on snow, and it’s so cold, and my
lights keep comin’ down. I’m trying my best not to
touch the candle with stuff. And arrgh! Ah, I just can’t get comfortable in here. I’ve just been playin’
on my phone and stuff. I’ve somehow managed to
get the light back up. I dont know how, it’s just
kind of floating there now. Ice just keeps droppin’ from above. I’ve just been on my phone. I dont know why, but for some reason, I got PokemonGo again. I got it when it first came out, played it for awhile, then I deleted it. But now, I’m like fully
into it, back on it. When I went to the shops yesterday, I was just like catchin’ those
Pokemon as we go, you know. (laughing)
No! I wanna catch more Pokemon. So, yeah, I’ve just playin’
some games and stuff. I’ve been on Reddit. I’ve got internet connection, so it’s not too bad. Yeah. Nothing else to do-a-roni. Nothing else to do-a-roni. My fingers are so cold,
look, my fingers literally, I keep playin’ with the snow because I keep fiddling my finger, ugh. Moon! Can I have a nut chocolate, please! Moon! Oh, I’ll ring her. – Moon! – Can I have a nut chocolate, please? No, no, it’s cheatin’,
I’m goin’, no, no, no. I can’t cheat, I’m only
allowed my supplies I’ve got. I don’t want soup, I’ve got soup. I’m allowed a soup, but I mean, I’ve eaten too much sweets
and chocolate and stuff. I’m just feelin’ sick.
(sighs) How long we got left? How long we got left! I think my camera keeps steamin’ up. I dont know what these things are. Yogurette or somethin’,
but they’re so nice. I’ve been eatin’ loads of these, mmm. Awe, they keep me goin’,
they keep me goin’, you know. I dont know if you can
see me, I’m sort of up, but I’ve got Battleships. I’ve got one half, Moon, my girlfriend, has got the other half
and we’re gonna play. We’re gonna play. Alright, okay, let’s
play some Battleships, and it’s set up. – Hello! – You ready to play Battleships? Okay, you ready? – Okay, so B-6. Aye!
(laughing) – [Thomas] You’re joking? – Yeah! (laughing)
Go on then, it’s you again. – You’ve sunk it. It’s gone, that’s the smallest one. – This is a stupid game. I buried the penguin, so one day, when this igloo is completely melted, someone’s gonna find a
random penguin on the floor. Surprise future whoever you are! Present from me to you!
(laughing) I feel bad. I feel bad because I
buried him alive, in ice. I’ve got the light up again. Why do I keep gettin’ water on my lens? Everything’s just gettin’ wet through. I’m seriously, I dont
know what’s happened, but over the last hour or so, it’s just gotten a lot colder. I just can’t feel the tips of my fingers. My face is getting cold, I’m glad I’ve got this much clothes on. I’m still gettin’ cold now. I’m gonna have to get into
the sleeping bag real soon. My legs are just touchin’ the walls, look. My leg’s wet through and freezing cold. (coughing) And there’s just not enough room in here, and I’m gettin’ so tired right now. Oops, I’m gettin’ so tired. It’s just dangerous, I
feel like it’s so dangerous to fall asleep at this point. You know, because if I
do actually fall asleep, and I’m this cold, and
I just keeping getting colder and colder, you know,
something bad could happen. I’m not sayin’ I’ll die. I dont know even know
if I could fall asleep when I’m this cold. Get out my face! Awe! I keep movin’ the candle around, so I don’t accidentally get
everything caught on fire. That’s still goin’, but I don’t feel like it’s makin’ it any warmer. Maybe it’s be a lot colder
without the candle, I dont know. But definitely need to get in the sleeping bag sometime soon. Awe, awe, awe. Oh, shit, it’s snowin’ again. Oh, what was that, what was that? Oh, it’s snowing again, no wonder it’s so cold. I heard some like scratchin’ noises, I dont know what it was. Whoa, whoa, whoa, that must be it. That was like scratchin’. I dont know, I think I
scared it off, I shouted. I didn’t know what it was, so I like shouted. Oh, it’s just too cold,
I’m gettin’ back in. Ugh. Gone outside, and when I went outside, heard something, when I heard something. I got covered in snow
because it’s snowing. I didn’t even know it was snowing because I’m in whole block too. Yeah, I went outside, and I’m wet through. Snow everywhere, I got back in, and it was just freezin’ AF. I’m just freezin’ AF, I’m about to wrap up in a sleeping bag. It’s just insanely cold! I can’t feel my toes. These big boots aren’t very
good at keeping the heat in, and I’ve only got one
pair of thin socks on. I should’ve worn like three pairs. I can’t even feel my toes
now, my fingers are numb. It’s literally minus
three degrees outside, I just looked on my phone. It’s minus three, snowin’,
I’m inside an igloo. I’ve got just a few clothes
on and a sleeping bag. I’ve never done anything like this before, so I didn’t know what to expect. Oh, my face is so cold. I need to wrap my face up! Awe, stupid can. Where’s my torch gone? I’ve turned the big light off. Turned the light off,
blown the candle out. I’m gonna try and get some sleep. I really should not be
going to sleep right now, but there’s just nothing to do. I’m just gonna take my mind off of things. So, what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna get my full body into the sleeping bag. My head and everything. And then with me breathin’, breathin’ out the warm air, it should warm it up, my whole body up. So, I’m just, I don’t care anymore, I’m just gonna go to sleep, and try and just sleep
through the whole thing. This was stupid. It was so much fun at the beginning, but as it got darker and darker, it got colder and colder. Now, we’re midway through the night, and it’s just too much. I’ve gotta go. I’ve gotta go. (gasping) (upbeat urban music)


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