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– (singing) Happy birthday to you! (solemn intro music) – Oh my gosh bro… – (Logan) Bro! – Guys, we’re not kicked out yet. – (Logan) How did we not get kicked out of our spot yet? We are literally camping in a parking lot in Yosemite National Park. On the roof of a giant school bus towing ATVs and dirt bikes. With a kayak on top. Jesus, mother of God. Ayo! Good morning Logang, what’s poppin’?? – (Logan) Bro, have you seen this view??? Logang, I’m not even kidding. You guys know it’s my birthday, so we decided to come here to Yosemite because I didn’t want to do the basic, like, LA thing — go to a club or something. Ew, I’m old. I’m 23 now, but this view is so amazing! Such a good thing to wake up to. I literally got 4 hours of sleep, but… This is actually amazing. This is totally breathtaking. – You know what that waterfall reminds me off? – What Andy? – A Logangster smashing that subscribe button! – Oh, Andy’s right, Andy’s right. And you know what you guys? You know today is my birthday, so… if there’s one thing…well uh I want two things for my birthday… One! Subscribe. Join the Logang, the strongest family on Youtube. And hit the little bell next to the subscribe button for me. Look, we’re lit, alright? And if I’m not mistaken I think we got some Logangsters right here. Hey, what’s up dude? Are you guys in the Logang? – Yeah… – YEEET! Oh, damn, get it Andy. Alright guys. And number two: For my birthday, guys, we just dropped these new world wide Maverick hoodies. Actually I’m — I — this is more for you. Today is the last day to get t-shirts. Yesterday, uh, they were on sale for $5. If you didn’t get it then, you missed it. I’m sorry. We also just dropped the new performance shorts in celebration of the one year anniversary of the Maverick brand. Yo, this is crazy! I have so much energy! AND WE DIDN’T EVEN SLEEP!! YEET!! Loganpaul.com/shop, or link in the description. Let’s check on the downstairs group. – (Logan) Oh, it’s young doggy! Hi Kong. Good morning, buddy! How’s everyone doin’ this morning? – Tired! It’s ’cause we didn’t arrive until 5am. – (Logan) Yep, that’ll happen when you have no fu(squeak)ing idea what you’re doin’. It’s my birthday. – (someone on the ground) Yeah! It’s your birthday! – Woww…so nice… (dramatic sound effect) – A park ranger showed up. What’s good? – (someone outside) Uh, Logan? – (Logan) What’s up? H — Hi. – (Park Ranger) Soo… – (Logan) It was my birthday, so we just wanted to come to Yosemite, and we got here at, like, 4am, and this was empty, so we just kinda, like, parked here. – Right, so…couple of issues with that. If everyone who wanted to camp wherever they felt like it DID, think of how trashed this place would be. – I’m so — I’m so sorry. – So there’s that. There’s the fact that you took up how many spots we lookin’ at? 5 spots? – Well, it’s just ’cause…it’s a bus, so, like, I didn’t know where else to do it, ya know? – So do you think though that because it’s a bus that this is probably not the best place to put it. Considering that now ya’ll are blocked in, right? – I had the hunch…I had the hunch. – You had the hunch? – (Spencer) Yo, are we getting ticketed, bro? – Bro, I don’t know. The park rangers — they got weapons, bro. I — I thought they just, like, patrolled the park… Bro, I just don’t want to get batonned right now. – It’s my birthday… – (Spencer) Hey, you’re the — you’re the birthday princess… – This is my birthday… Yo, so funny. We — this would happen much earlier, but we got sleep, bro! It’s a good day! *Laughing* (Music) *Clapping* – Yes! Honey, yes! Guys, we did not get a ticket! Holy crap, dude! For the first time in, like, 15 years this might end up being a good birthday. Yo, leaving LA was the move. And even better news… We ran into some Logangsters. And guys, when I say we’re family, like, I mean it, like, this is a prime example of that. And the one mom, her name is Trisha… She had an extra spot in a camping ground. And by the way, guys, all of the camping spots are booked right now. It’s Easter, so it’s really hard to make a reservation, but alas! The Logang came through and we got a parking spot — time to huck. YEE!!! Are you Trisha? – Heyyy, I was so happy to help!! – Oh, my gosh! You’re a — you’re a miracle! Thank you! The park rangers — they — they said they didn’t give me a ticket ’cause of my birthday, but said we gotta get the f(squeak)ck out of there. – This is all our spot here, so make yourselves at home! Hop in. -So… -But this one isn’t. -So much room for activity! -I know! Trisha, you rock, imma go look at this lake! -Oh my god… -Bro, this might be the huck of all hucks. -Seriously dude! -The universe say ‘Logan, here- here’s your birthday gift. Beautiful park and a camping spot.’ Oh my god, broooo! This is my happiest day ever! -Oh, there’s a fish! There’s a fish! -No! There’s a fish! -Hey, give me a minute to observe how crystal clear that water is too. I bet you it’s warm! -Dude, we have so- we have so much stuff to do right now. Oh my god. *Dramatic noise* Honey! -Oh. The gas is leaking! Oh no, no… -I knew it was too good to be true bro. W- What happened? I think I heard you correctly. You said that this gas- leaked- all the way onto all our food. -That’s- yeah. That’s precisely what I said. -It’s okay. It’s okay. F(squeak)ck dude. It’s my worst fear coming true. The April fools gods have cursed me for yet another birthday. How bad is it? -We are out of food. -Okay, so no one either A, light matches around the food, and also keep the merch away cause it’s too freakin fire baby! *All* Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay -Wooooooah! – Evan, come catch the kayak. – I got it! – Get it, Ev! There we go. – *grunts* – Oh! – Woah! – I did that – all by myself. – This is looking like a good camping trip! *laughs* Yo! Shut up right now! Andy is cooking! – Maverick enterprises goes hard baby! C’mon! – He got the onions. He got the peppers. – Don’t worry — this meat — we’re not cooking that meat. – (Logan) Yeah, you know I’m vegan now. I’m vegan. I’m vegan. I’m vegan. Yo, this is amazing! We got a Frisbee, too. Ev! Oooo! This sh(squeak)t is butter! Spence and I are gonna go for a little jog. I’ll take a little bath in the lake. I’m just so happy right now, guys, like this is such a good birthday for me. I thrive in this environment. I love nature… And I gotta say — the Ohio boy is definitely very happy right now. Aah we about to get this jog right now! And you bet your ass we’re going with young doggy! – (Spencer) Tryin’ to keep up. – (Logan) I know. I know. Kong’s quick. Yo, you’re gonna have to go slow for us buddy. I know — I know. Alright, ladies and gentleman, let’s huck it. (music) – (Spencer) Evan, I’m gonna need that log. – I’m gonna need you to shut the f(squeak)ck up. – Woah, easy guys, alright? We just got done with a beautiful jog… And, by the way guys, I don’t know how many times I’m going to say this — this place is absolutely stunning. However, we don’t know the temperature of the water. We’re hoping it’s warm. And we gotta take showers somehow, so… – (Spencer) Yeah. I would say, like, 2 — 2 out of 10 times this is gonna be 100% warm. – (Logan) Yeah, okay yeah. I’ll take those odds. What do you think, Ev? – What? (dramatic music) Yoseme sent it! – Yah yeet! – Oh, smooth! – I’m good, bro! Bro, this is nothing! – (Spencer) You look pretty warm! – I’m fine! If it was cold I’d tell you. – (Spencer) Yeah, sounds like it’s a little cold — from the voice. – Nah, I’m fine. I’m gonna get out now…but not ’cause I’m cold. – (Spencer) Right, clearly — clearly. – Not ’cause the snow water from the mountains is what I’m in right now. – Yoseme did not deliver. (dramatic music) – Anyways, the good news is I think Chef Andy has f — f — f — mmm, english? – (Spencer) Food! – Prepared for us. Let’s go check it out. (dramatic music) – (Logan) Andy, no! – I did it, baby. – (Logan) You did it! Oh my gosh! How is it, dude? – Mmmm, oh my God it’s delicious. – (Logan) Andy, you’re a god! – Baby, we do gourmet everyday! – (Logan) Yo, this deserves, like, a 2 second montage, bro. And go! (dramatic music) So sick, bro! So crazy! Yo, Andy, even — yo! Even the vegan burger is — is amazing! Just look at this, bro! Like, this is a meal! Straight up camping, bro! Yosemite! Whose doin’ it? It’s cool ’cause I can’t even taste the gasoline on ’em, so however you did that good job! Anyways, this birthday is amazing, so… – Wait, there’s a bee right there… – Quick, cut to the next scene. (dramatic music) Alright, Olga got stung by the bee, but it’s okay. She had her epipen. Anddd bam! Yo, so uh a forest ranger came by earlier and he was giving us the low down… And he pointed at these and he goes, “You can ride those.” We didn’t think we we’re gonna be able to in a state park. You look so good right now, bro! – (Evan) Send it! – Don’t go without me, Evan! Oh, sh(squeak)t! *everyone freaking out* – We’re good? We’re good. Here we go. *revving dirt bike engine* Ohhhh, sh(squeak)t! Ahhh! – (Spencer) *laughs* Oh, my God! – (Logan) Oh, wow! – Here he comes! – He is hucking it! He is going fast! Slow down there speed racer! Get it, Jac! – Cop your merch on – (Logan) What? – Are we goin’ or what? – I meannnnn montage? Wooooo!! (music) – (Spencer) And this one’s dead, right? – This one’s dead! Aaaaghhh!! (music) – (Logan) Yo, what the f(squeak)ck are you doing?? After this extreme huck we just had? This is, like, you are basic level maximum right now. – No, I just needed th — – Here’s the — here’s the thing. Listen. Life lesson: If you work hard and you follow your passions and goals you don’t have to work a day in your life, Olga. So I don’t know what this “work” thing is, alright? – It’s a photo shoot… – (Logan) Wow. We are quite the campers right now. Damn, son. I feel like the world’s my oyster right now. What can we do next? (crowd chanting “Logan” outside bus) – The Logangsters found the cool bus. (everyone cheering and chanting “Logan”) – Ooohhhhh. It’s like …. all over agaain. Yo, the Logang go so hard. I freakin’ love you guys! Honest truth: we’re waiting on Andy and Spencer to get here so we can go hiking. And I’m so exhausted I, myself, tried to take a nap. But alas. We’ve been spotted, man. You guys got that hawk eye. – (Logan) Hey, Spencer!! – (everyone) Ooohhhhh! – Yo, what is going on, bro? – (Logan) I don’t know. Where’s Andy?? We’re gonna sneak away, bro. – (Spencer) How do we sneak away, bro? It’s such a large contraption. – I got an idea — I got an idea. – (Spencer) Is this your idea? – Help me huck it. Oh, no. We gotta go. We gotta go. We gotta go! (music) (everyone cheering and shouting) – They came from the hills, Andy! The Logang is everywhere! – Hey! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! (everyone starts to shout “happy birthday”) – Awww (crowd sings “Happy Birthday” to Logan) – (over speaker) Listen, guys. This is very important. Okay, I am 23 now, right? It’s my birthday. Ummm… (everyone starts cheering) You know, but I do gotta be responsible a little bit, so, you know, it is a national park, guys. So I know we’re lit as F, but… – (guy in crowd) SAVAGE, BRO! – Aww Jesus, mother of God, okay. Yo, but if we could keep the noise down to a minimum, right? So I don’t get arrested and what not that would be amazing! (crowd sings “Happy Birthday” to Logan) – Okay, guys. That is the vlog! If you are not a part of the Logang you can see right here we are lit! (crowd starts yelling) So make sure to subscribe. Not only do I want you to subscribe, but hit the little bell next to the subscribe button to be notified, so you don’t miss the litness, bro! And also, guys, you wanna tell them where to get the hottest merch in the game? Alright, link in description, guys. World wide hoodies just dropped. The Maverick movement is real, as you can see. Everyday we are out here changing the world. Everyday we are out here doin’ it different. Logang! I love ya’ll and I will see tomorrow! Take it easy, fam! By the way, thanks for the best birthday ever, guys. I love you. PEACE! (music) – (Logan) You good? What’s happenin’? – I’m kind of cozy.


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