I Let My Kids Plan Our Family Vacation
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I Let My Kids Plan Our Family Vacation

[Laughter] why does it sound like me [Laughter] [Music] hey I’m Hannah and I’m the world’s okay his mom and I love family trips I live for the time that the kids get off school cuz I just love to go all out and plan so much fun stuff for us to do but I realized for every family trip I’m the one doing all the planning so I decided for our next upcoming family trip that was a fly in my face it’s okay so I decided for our next upcoming family trip I would give the kids full reign over planning it I mean every aspect of it would be up to them any family time is quality time right we’ll see we ought to start off with the rolls on this one because I couldn’t sense this getting a little out of control first and foremost we’re on a budget we’re not just this unlimited flow of cash family so unfortunately no space excursions no trips to the moon I don’t even know if those are available yet but those are definitely off the table second we got to keep it safe we can’t be doing anything extremely dangerous for this trip so no shark diving no jungle ziplining and last no-repeat’ trips I feel like if they pick a trip that we’ve already done it’s not gonna be as exciting for them because they already know what to expect so we’re gonna do something new for this and all experience it for the first time together all right boys I have a surprise for you we are gonna go on a trip you guys get to pick whatever we do for this trip do you know what you’re gonna wait where are you going where are you guys you guys need to clean your room this is a mess so Jackson hands me this page ripped out from a Travel Magazine and after a reverse Google image search we figured out that it is in fact the Grand Canyon so Wyatt this is where you want to go how are you gonna get there a travel guy with a car okay so we will take a road trip to the Grand Canyon so it seems like it’s not that expensive of a trip but after Matt and I added up all the expenses in total of the whole trip it ended up looking like it was out of our budget so Matt and I came up with a solution are you ready guys okay open your eyes that’s what we’re taking on our trip we surprised them with an RV because why not we are gonna take an RV to the Grand Canyon sleep in it cook in it live in it I don’t know if any of you guys have seen a goofy movie but it’s one of my favorite movies of all time and this just it gives me such goofy movie vibes the most wholesome family vacation I could ever think of and we’re off how you feeling that good since the kids were in control for this trip I decided to ask each one if there was an activity they wanted to do on the way and what about you Jackson some crystals oh my gosh if you guys know me you know how I feel about crystals love me some crystals we luckily found this place perfectly along the way where you can break open your own geodes and they have a huge selection and you can choose whichever one you want and it was so much fun keep going to keep pushing just to see Jackson have that fascination and be so excited about something that I’m so excited about it felt really cool now I have someone to gift my crystals to when I die why I had kids we are back on the road this is so cool wow this is amazing so we found a campsite and walked along the river I got eaten alive by five thousand mosquitoes over all day one was really great well itchy for me but a really great hey Wyatt where would you really like to stop on this trip one day you and go swimming so we found the most amazing spot on the way to the Grand Canyon it’s a rock waterslide because we’re looking for somewhere for Wyatt to swim it’s like a natural rock waterslide with a pool and it’s in Sedona okay this water is ice-cold but Jackson you still want to go on the slide it’s free yeah I realize no that I was screaming the whole way down in the moment I didn’t notice and I probably could have lived my life just not knowing that that happened but we have video evidence so there we go i’ma what I know we stated that rockslide for a long time the kids had a blast it was so cool so memorable just this place that we’ll never forget back in the RV we are headed to the Grand Canyon so we went from Red Rock Desert to like over-the-top beautiful forest mother nature be slaying us right now so we finally arrived at the Grand Canyon and it’s too late to go actually see the Grand Canyon so we found the last RV campsite with full hookups within the park and the boys really want to do s’mores so we’re gonna try to find some charcoal to make s’mores tonight now I want to take this moment to give a shout out to that not only did he do all the driving but he handled everything regarding the RV look at you go you’re so dad so he took care of all of it he managed to hook up our RV to get us water and electricity which was so awesome nice and dumped the PE what are you doing I am going to connect the waste hose [Music] okay guys we have our snow s’mores skewers and we went to the store and we got some charcoal are you ready for s’mores yes how’s your nose yes good okay it was one of those evenings that was just the most perfect weather where you can sit outside in like a sweatshirt and pants and you feel a little bit cold but not too cold and you’re making s’mores and my kids were just living their best lives how is it great he’s a great but that night was seriously it was so simple yet so epic for all of us good morning everyone so day three if we woke up super early and decided to rent bikes that day because you know my kids they don’t want to walk and they luckily have this awesome bike rental place where you can get trailers for your kids to sit in that attached to the bike so mountain I each got one who each towed a child and took the bike path around the side of the Grand Canyon oh my gosh oh my gosh you guys it is unreal otherworldly you look at it and you’re like there’s no way that this is real there’s no way that this is on this planet and this is real life and I sound like such a dork right now but I’m serious side note I shoot the series on my phone I cannot to the Grand Canyon full justice but at least you guys get a little peek at what we were experiencing say cheese cheese white hot stuff [Music] and another cheese now if your kids are like mine the things that they typically get excited about our video games or cartoons or stuff with loud music or very very bright colors just being there in the Grand Canyon with my kids jaws just dropped in awe really proved to me that nature always wins nothing beats being outside with your family experiencing something so cool this is amazing so at the end of this day we were exhausted we saw so much and experienced everything we possibly could so we just went back to the campsite and chilled out ate a little and went to sleep and as we were falling asleep it started to thunderstorm training yeah [Applause] he’s the most cuddly in the morning let’s say bye to the Grand Canyon bye Grand Canyon you guys ready to go home so I think we can all agree here that the drive home for money road trip is kind of the worst part so I was totally open to any and all stops that the boys wanted to make because anything to delay having to do this boring Drive so we’re in Nevada the boys keep singing Viva Las Vegas I don’t know where they write that song you want to go to Las Vegas okay in the spirit of letting the kids control this trip we’re gonna we’re gonna do it let’s stop so we get to Vegas we find an RV park thank goodness and we decided to check out the strip so we first started looking for some kid-friendly games to do and stuff do you like that like arcade okay we had a massive dinner and it’s late for us at least it’s way past their bedtimes and I think we’re just quickly realizing that we can’t do Vegas the way that we used to at that point we were so exhausted I mean we’ve been goin goin goin goin goin for days and so we just went back to the RV and went to sleep and that was the end of day four now it’s my turn to try be so happy about that we’d rock star beyond we’re headed back to our house so we made it home in one piece no breakdown no big big big drama but a lot of memories the first thing I learned was vacation mode Hannah is 100% my dad I did all the things that my dad used to do on our family trips that bug the crap out of me when I was a kid I made unnecessary commentary about everything in nature we saw these are bad I constantly ask my kids where we were what we were doing and if they were excited guys are you excited to be here and I continuously game very mundane updates about our trip oh my gosh my butt is numb and sweaty so dad if you’re watching this which I know you are this is a heartfelt and sincere apology for always getting annoyed with you for doing that to me on every family trip and last I mean on this trip huh no no don’t do it I always cry I’m not gonna cry in this episode for me thinking back on that trip like I know that this is the best time of my life I can’t do it looking back on this trip I realized and I recognize that this time is gonna be the best time of my life I just want to bottle these moments and I just want to make them Walker going by so fast these are the memories that you know when I’m old this is what I’m gonna look back at as the highlight of my life I know it’s bittersweet you know but when you’re a parent you small kids things happen so fast and things change so quickly that I just want to hit a pause button so badly and just experience more of it get it together girl I’m so grateful with that we had the opportunity to do this I know that this is not something that everybody just gets to do and so being able to do this I heard every second but I think that as a family it brought us a lot closer dang it that was like ugly cry – oh that wasn’t even like sweet tears that was full-blown ugly cry oh so that’s all I got for today I’m Hannah and if you had a memorable trip that you took with your family write about it in the comments let’s all just make each other cry or you can text me this is a real number and I do read each and every text I don’t get to respond to them all but I do read every single one now if you’ll excuse me I have five days worth of clothes and sheets to wash so I’m gonna get my laundry on well next time [Music] Wyatt you’re so unbanned right now [Music]


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