I PULLED THE PIN ON MILITARY JACKPOT STORAGE UNIT I bought an abandoned storage unit
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I PULLED THE PIN ON MILITARY JACKPOT STORAGE UNIT I bought an abandoned storage unit

that is nice is that a grenade a civil
war song and story I’m not gonna touch that ladies and gentlemen boys and girls
of all ages I am excited right now it’s pirate time
we went all in again with another massive unit $5,500
after premium etc Center taxes got the salt princess here today we’re gonna
start going through this unit this unit intrigued me right off the bat I didn’t
like the photos of it I came to look at it like the photos to the photo showed
very little you saw the MLK and stuff sitting here in the first day I thought
was Tweaker unikz I couldn’t see but once I got in front of you and I started
smelling things and I started seeing the military I went all in and I bought this
unit for $5,500 Power Move we’re gonna start unboxing if you haven’t seen the
first video there’ll be a slew of videos in here and I’m excited that’s a German
one we can’t really show because of the symbol underneath my finger but that is
a possible very expensive hat right there
clear cups things like this we’re not gonna get too enthusiastic about showing that’s a little better than I want set
aside we’ll keep here we’re gonna keep all the best stuff you gotta pull the bottom in the top
yeah I’ll hold the bottom you pull the top your no no you’re fighting this Oh
rust this is a good Candice tender puppy all right so we got here to pull that
one’s Russian nice it’s in good shape turn the round so we can see the bottom
oh yeah so good I don’t know what that’s worth
where’s I’m at the bathroom what you sound for all right and they look at me
with disgust this says something about a grenade launching mechanism I’d probably
I’m scared to open some what is that too we’re the same light sight grenade
launcher we’ll put this back up here we’ll wrap this up in here and we will
put this over here another one better say 10 bucks 15 bucks you have a little
I don’t know what these aren’t there police military this one’s a little
eaten up these are just loose sitting in the unit sprinkled in there they look
old original stitching very old craftsmanship maybe he’s a police be
nice to find a badge clip Matthew been bugging me for badges for a while this
is kind of cool Led Zeppelin looks newer Bureau of naval personnel might be a
good book how-to guide to Muslims wouldn’t weigh before put down some
muscle odors in here what’s a muzzle over you might ask
insignia it is a military see good books of me laughter the books aside is that a
grenade no wonder why you know this is a practice grenade the
blue I think represents that there’s a hole in the bottom that’s not for us not
for fields have ajit rations seven come here
wood carving old paper that’s kind of cool that a corgi it is not a corgi it
as a Takano that’s a good talk no old paper mister
damn tissues just say no thanks and be the designated driver we should give it
to Uncle Michael TG the designated driver for the entire world
Oh lovely vintage military auction therefore a camera that’s hoping they’d
be like oh that’s some drill pieces there’s no cameras that’d be nice to
find a boss to light cameras well you know my Leica cameras mario andretti tax
paid mario and was I talking about Leica cameras Leica cameras are one of the
best kit I haven’t found one in a while but they range from 500 like Boy Scouts
nests can somebody get a trophy but they didn’t understand why nobody said hey
this holster quotes okay go all right decent there’s a good
guess and asked us and do another one this is like an airplane one actually canister chemical biological come in
handy in the end this is National Guard this is cool would you wear that one looks like these are cool these are
military packs for different I don’t know what you the right way to come this
is your squadron C CEOs burger this is some type of military going stuff
well not military but it’s a den stone well I’m trying to manifest gold coins I’m scared because that what if there’s
a real world right here what no wow this right here looks nice
let’s see if I can strategically open this holy smokes
do you see that that is an old belt if you look at the the the craftsmanship of
the metal you look at that is like people get mad I said I would say our
Civil War din at non droit Wow what do you guys know about what is this it’s a
bag of them those could have value we have to look these look I mean we’re
gonna be looking up a lot of sucker something’s gonna catch my eyes more
than other things are gonna catch my eyes and these the crudeness of them the
belt buckles the style of them oh my I think we found something here
that’s kid blue Gucci out the water there’s the other half of the other one
Wow interesting you can
there is a whole patch a civil war song and story I’m not gonna touch that I’m
trying to just go down don’t get nervous the other one get me straight son run or
stop it’s blue so they’re trying to be a wise guy
second of all you see that it’s practice Suzu cool these patches are intriguing
me man number one patch another one of those grenade launcher pieces if we find
a grenade launcher I had books when I was your age inner-box code up Michael and Jasmine these could have some anyway their hand
walkie-talkie the plane the plane look at a pair of them so we could use these
the flea market probably me and you look at the charging station Anakin Mickey
and it’s missing part of the globe 84th morter nice patches like part of
the pants or something of that nature CSG field support in combined we’re
getting a lot of trash in this unit units wild that’s what the whole gamble
this business you never know what’s gonna be in here but I’m still hopeful
this has been a long day Wow I got started I started filming and all
of a sudden I just went right into video or moving we have filmed this everything
from here down to that green to red toe the green lid past the table that’s all
military and everything from that red one all the way over here is all
military that needs to be filmed it’s been crazy this is all borderline almost
garbage right here we got to make a decision on that we’re gonna get back to
going through stuff been moving all day this is kind of cool is that German has
that military issue some type of military thing maybe just a Stein now
that is nice right there that is somebody’s tribute to their military
service right here sergeant writes about desolation of collagen Master Sergeant
William Thomas 26 in a letter written on 18th kasha hood said this place is
really a picture of desolation wow this is must be somebody’s tribute these are
metals that he earned his patch his bars service medals that’s a neat little
piece highly doubted that belong to somebody he wants to get it back because
this stuff this guy seems to be like the other military stealer
these are kind of cool whole slew of these vintage words burger beer what do
you call those coasters nice that’s what uh look how well he’s called me Tony
Robbins go to you that’s it United Airlines all right all
right ladies and gentlemen that is the end of this unboxing I think this is the
second one in this $5500 storage units military for days if you all love
military have to stay tuned to watch the rest these unboxings it’s coming all
this stuff gotta watch it to say some pretty like I love military and thank
you for serving our country


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