I Slept In The Most Haunted Cemetery And Something Apeared
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I Slept In The Most Haunted Cemetery And Something Apeared

We are at the spring Hill cemetery this cemetery has been in a few of my videos It’s probably one of the creepiest places I’ve ever visited Usually when we come out here, it’s a bunch of us we do some Spirit like ghost hunting, it’s never been like just you know a couple of us It’s only three of us coming here, [and] we’ve never stayed a whole night We’re thinking about doing this whole like 24 hour challenge thing I know that’s what [people] are calling it, but they’re not spending a full 24 hours It’s usually like an overnight [thing], and that’s what we’re gonna Do we’re gonna spend the night at this haunted So-called haunted? I believe it’s haunted cemetery [oh] boy How you doing [jon]? nervous a little nervous – Only we have at least like 10 people here today. It’s just three just a couple of us We brought our camping gear. We got some got some beef jerky Not only are we going to spend a night [here]. We’re gonna respect the people that have passed on to the next life We brought some flowers for them. We’re gonna put some flowers on their graves, and I brought a couple toys I know there was some kids that were buried here, and there’s already a couple toys Set up on some of these graves So we’re going to set [up] some toys there and I’m just gonna be fun and maybe a little bit scary turn my High beams off actually that’s just no headlights [at] all bro. It’s dark. I locked it We got a got a bathroom. We do have a bathroom. Hey Is there anybody even on here? Huh back nothing? I said like hiding up at the top [four] I’m thinking we should park way over here by the way tomorrow [which] is later tonight his 20th birthday [so] he only gets to be a teenager for a few hours here Hopefully, he doesn’t die [before] he turns 20 hopefully Don’t jinx me. We haven’t even been here like five minutes, and these guys [are] flipping out [already] Did you girls ladies? Come say hi, right when we pulled in we’ve seen something really strange over here. We’re gonna go check that out Again, it’s the same thing yeah. Yeah, it is the same thing. I’m not sure what this [is] here Liars pair of pliers Like a drill tool some altoids a screwdriver. It’s like a gold chain or something don’t touch [it] though Yeah, do not touch that somebody told us in life. Oh, I can’t not touch it. What is this on there? I rescue remedy Okay, there’s a dental floss [over] there. [oh], that’s what the white stuff. It’s kind [of] going like back and forth right now There’s dental floss on there too from what I was told. They used to actually hang African slaves from one of these trees I’m not sure if it was this tree, or that one over there. They say that if you come here around Dusk time which we should have maybe been out here. Maybe a few hours ago like right when the sun was going down that you can actually see a man hanging from This tree right here or the next tree over What? But I just heard like somebody walking over here mmm. Yeah, and right over this that shed is Well short Dude, this is shotgun. [I] don’t know what this is That’s from a shotgun at the shotgun [team]. [I] think yeah closer already shotgun Shack rest in Peace some peace right this is what’s really crazy and creepy is this doll right here and It’s I’ve never seen a doll with his eyes closed like that Leave that there her my daughter is really into these LPS’s You know littlest pet shops she said we could donate them to this little girl There’s always new toys here too. Which is nice out owner If people come and take some and then bring some so we’re gonna put that [one] there That’s another LPs toy This little girl was definitely loved whoever she was somebody’s coming in here It’s the cops There’s too much T-money [tail]. Oh come on man Really you got a blind us all come on back So the cops kind of told us that we can’t be here that we’re trespassing We didn’t arrest us or anything bread go ahead and get out of here maybe we’ll come back [later] or something uh We look so suspicious. We’re like the only damn car here in this parking lot Drew you start us. We’re playing some uno right now Before we go back to the cemetery [okay]? I think those cops should be gone by [now]. It’s been a few hours It’s about midnight right now Happy birthday by the way yeah. Yeah, actually already told him I prepare a table not on camera. Happy birthday, John we were told not to Back here, but for coming back here. I don’t know if this is a good idea whoa [I] Lost my wallet. I need to have my walk like yeah sure yet What if they’re like in the woods waiting for us to come back here I? I AINT Gonna Lie, I’m like I was a little bit nervous [I’m] not the one [who] was hanging out [like] [Frank] Do you think like just right here? Let’s sleep with all the rocks and stuff on Well, I don’t want to put it on top of Dead bodies [I] mean, there’s like graves everywhere yeah, and there’s probably even unmarked one soon Maybe under one of those trees over there no This tent is brand new [so] [it] took us a little while to set up we were doing something wrong at first but looks pretty good [I] Think we could all fit in there, huh? This is our only little window here in the tent which is nice because we could see if maybe there’s some cops coming On the entrance or if anybody else is coming as we’re getting ready to play clue we noticed that we had no dice so we went to the monopoly game and No dice So when you don’t have [a] dice What do you do? You download a dice app check this out man Push that Look yeah it’s 301 a.m. On John’s birthday, just being here overnight is a bit of a challenge. I mean this place is creepy and You know we had cops here a little bit ago, and they kind of told us we weren’t supposed to be here And we came back, and [we] came back. I keep like looking and Freaking myself out thinking. They’re gonna start showing up on them Like it’s bad enough. We’re just just a couple feet away from Dead [bodies], but we’re You’re dead I heard out there I Swear [I] heard something right over there mm-hmm. Oh God, and there’s not a brede Well, we need sleep or we’re not gonna. Be era Sleep. Mm-hmm. We need to get that laddie [it] stopped as you say that oh There’s like zero wind er enough. I don’t know I mean you can tell look at the moss in the Spanish Moss There’s no way like a [photographer]. Just like Kim’s a complete whole like that’s creepy Looks like some corn Who can light on the flashlight on do better the tent? Bro that that’s a freaking tooth dude, dude. That is a choose Do that yeah? What is that over there? Well you see that by the tree Like so jump the tree No, [brah] see something See something like moving now, bro. That’s moving right. What that is that? What the hell is that? Oh? My gosh, you guys [there] just let’s go Something like kind of looking at us in the woods. I’m not sure exactly like if it was an animal or I mean for all we know it could have been a ghost What if it was a freaking ghost and I’m saying I mean maybe it showed itself, and maybe it was something friendly You know it wasn’t it didn’t want to attack, but what what where the hell? Did that tooth come from why would somebody put a tooth on my car? Are you sure that wasn’t you bro? We were all in the free content [what] you dude. We are armed, so I mean if if it came down to You know somebody trying to play like a trick and harmless I? Mean I I can protect us I mean if somebody was gonna threaten our life even if it was somebody messing along with us. They didn’t do anything But I mean they It [bro]. It just makes me a little uncomfortable that Whoever it was or whatever it was put a tooth on my car I mean, it didn’t if I guess you know the way. That’s a sign of the [trend] of hormones. [oh] Bro, why would you say that man I? Didn’t need it our tent is still there I don’t want to see that thing [again] through that was so [scary] I Mean maybe it’s not allowed to come in here. Maybe maybe we are safe in here actually 4:30 in the morning Only got like maybe another two [hours] or so, so [I] might maybe try to take a little nap It’s one thing that we kind of forgot to bring was like some blankets But we do have our jackets. [I] know like 50s. Don’t seem cold to certain people, but for us floridians we’re kind of used to 80 degrees and 50s it’s kind of cold I keep hearing noises [offices] animals in the woods you guys [look] at your car. [oh] my God Okay, whatever was in those woods right now Just came may be inches away from us sleeping and Took the stuff that we put on [there] this is the toys that you put on that That little girl’s grave. I’ve been I’ve been in this tent the whole time, but I swear I didn’t come out here you know just stay in the car for the Dude no, bro. No let’s just keep praying Rocks where I just heard something? What? We will kill you if you touch us We got guns and big-ass knives bro and tasers Anybody’s out there trying to mess with us come out now and leave or we will fight you I’m not freakin kidding dude I’m not dying on my birthday Let’s just pack all the crap up and just stay in the car have the car running. He’s dude I want to stay here for the last two [hours]. It’s my birthday dude [I] want to be [able] to do it for my birthday Yeah, but if you’re gonna do it we need to do it right? [we] [need] to do it right, okay? We are almost here. You know what you guys go to sleep. I’ll I’ll stay up this has been like probably one of the worst nights of my life But I know if we get through this night. It’d be something that we’ll talk about forever could have got arrested tonight We could have been murdered by a demon [we’re] getting attacked by mosquitos left and right it’s John’s birthday We had somebody or something tells us to go home people are farting in the tent. Yeah, we have been passing cats But the funniest part of this whole guy that’s that’s pretty much it. I’m gonna wait till the sun comes up and Well, we’ll put that stuff. I don’t want to go back to that little girl’s grave We’ll go we’ll do that in the morning like before [I] leave already Drew, and I I’ve been awake for a couple hours. Now. John was he doubt [though] we had him over there They should [she’d] get the teaser How about like this? For ya we’ve been watching some star wars here on my phone. It’s like a big stone like right on my back Got a back stone. Yeah It doesn’t feel good. I’m gonna go home and probably get a really good night’s sleep, or get one get sleep. [oh] good morning Hello, you could see the mosquito. [uh] no fours. Yeah He’s over here smaller or yet, honey There’s a mosquito trying to get in there is Sam right there All right look bro. We legit spent the night at a cemetery [now] give me that I’m not even sure so those [dolls] album man Just put the toys back on the grave some people out. There are gonna be like You didn’t really spend the night there you left look We really [freakin] spent the night at the cemetery okay? I’m not sure [what] [brought] [that] to my tent. [I] almost feel like it was one [of] these guys because they’re freaking Goofballs but One thing that I can’t really explain is what was in the woods, please do John a huge favor I’m gonna leave a link to his channel here. He does post some videos here and there go check out his channel Tell him the [Ol] [Marcenia], and wish him a very happy birthday, okay? I do plan on doing some more unique 24 hour like overnight challenges if you have any Unique ideas – I’m not gonna do a toilet paper for at freaking Walmart like 100 other people have done I’m not going to copy other people. I want to do really unique things like staying at this haunted cemetery We keep like looking [at] each other saying [I] can’t believe we just did that We survived bro. We had something stalking us in the woods. Give me kill piece you Girl is it. Oh my see that is borning [everywhere] [they] bra every birthday. Yeah, you messed it all love me. I was gonna pick your nose lawyers leaving


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