I Spent the Night in a Bubble & It Was the Best Night of My Life (Sleep in a Garden Igloo Challenge)
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I Spent the Night in a Bubble & It Was the Best Night of My Life (Sleep in a Garden Igloo Challenge)

(triumphant music)
(laughter) – Alright, so you guys want me to spend the night in an igloo. But we’re in the UK. It’s like November. There’s no snow. How do I get an igloo? Well, look at this. Look at this thing! Garden Igloo. Look at this. (laughs) I don’t know what it’s made of and the box is so heavy it’s unreal. Just look at it, it’s a bubble
for the garden. (laughs) A bubble in the garden! What could not be cool about
a bubble in the garden? Seriously, look at that. (laughs) This is 3.6 metres wide. That is insane. What– What is this? Just– I don’t know what it is. Moon found this thing online, she got in touch with the company, they sent one over. Thank you so much, Garden Igloo. Huge shoutout to them. We’re gonna put a link to their website down in the description below. Just to let you know, this
video is not sponsored. We just got in touch with
them and they sent one out. So obviously I’m gonna
be spending the night in this thing so I mean
if I’m spending the night, I need my food, I need my drink, you know I need my supplies, so we’re gonna go supply shopping next. But before that, just look at this, look, look, look, look. This is the remains of the cup fort. Oh no.
(cups fall) When I went to hit the piñata
with that stick and missed. I just completely shattered it. It went into pieces. I better get rid of that, my mom and dad are gonna kill me if I leave that there. Literally my life would not
be worth living. (laughs) If you did not watch
the red cup fort video, that thing was actually insane, seriously. Go watch that thing if
you haven’t already. But don’t leave just yet,
there’s gonna be a link to that right at the end of this video. And if you’ve not subscribed yet, why not go subscribe down below? Go smash that thing, and if
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followers on Instagram. That is insane! Thank you so much, everybody. If you’re not following me already, then why not link in the description below my username, @KILLEMFTW Go follow me, I’m following back. I’ll see you there! So anyway, back to the Garden Igloo. I just noticed the assembly time on this thing is two hours. So we’re– we got a lot to do. We’re gonna go supply shopping now and then we’re gonna go set this thing up and spend the night, so get
ready, this is gonna be awesome. Alright, so we’re in the shop, we’re supply shopping right now, and I mean we’re gonna go for
the really really fancy theme. You know why? Moon told me about this
thing, it’s called glamping. Glamorous camping. And Garden Igloo, I
mean how fancy is that? We’re gonna make a
proper bedroom in there. A bed, we’re gonna have
electricity hooked up, we’re gonna have games, we’re gonna have a little fancy candle, a picture frame, it’s
gonna be awesome. (laughs) We’re gonna have posh food. So we’re gonna go round now looking for the poshest food we can find. So let’s go! So one of the foods with
like, the biggest reputation for being like, luxurious? Caviar. I’ll give it a go. Lobster. Caviar and lobster. I don’t even like fish. I’m English, I gotta have my biscuits. Look at these, these just
look so fancy and posh. (laughs and gobbles) I gotta have an energy drink, I’m gonna be up all night. What if I drink it out of a posh glass? Really fancy glass? (laughs) Alright, so look at these crackers, I wanted to buy some fancy crackers, I wasn’t gonna get these
until I saw the name. Thomas J. Fudge. I mean my name’s already Thomas. Thomas J. Fudge? With a name like Thomas J. Fudge, you sound like you’re goin’ places, like you know what you’re talkin’ about. You know what I’m sayin’? We’re gonna get some dip
to go with the crackers. (boxes fall) Belgian chocolate. (laughs) And just the final
cherry on top of the pie. That’s not alright. This, look at that. Oh, that looks so delicious. Anyway, I’ve got a few more surprises, I’m not gonna show you,
so anyway, let’s go buy this stuff and away we go. (gate creaks open) (leaves crunch) (box opens) Yeah, yeah, we should
be playing music now. Should get really cool and fancy. Has it not been? Oh. Go. (club music) Oh my god. Just look at this! (laughs) Seriously, how awesome is this? (laughs) What? The most luxurious sleeping
challenge I’ve ever done! Alright, so let me do a house tour, quick little house tour, show you around, show
you everything we’ve got, and then I’ll spend the night here, which I’m sure is gonna be
absolutely lovely. (laughs) Alright, so the door, the door’s here. Going around, we’ve got
a yoga mat on the floor. The yoga mat’s just in case
you wanna take your shoes off and then just like walk there without getting your feet dirty. We’ve got the bedside cabinet over there, we’ve got a lovely
picture of Mrs. Pebbles, candles and a cup of tea. We’ve got a gorg little
cushion right there on the bed. We’ve got a like, I
don’t know what they are. What are they called, one of
them things you just sit on it? Or put your feet on? I don’t know. The puffy thing? We’ve got obviously, the radiator
to keep us nice and warm. We’ve got lights on the ceiling, we’ve got lights around the floor. This is just actually awesome. I’m getting on the bed, ahhh. Okay, things are just taking
a quick, drastic turn. I’ve decided I don’t like this anymore. I don’t like this anymore. (laughs) The whole thing is see-through. I can’t see anything out there, it just looks pitch black, but I know everyone can see
in because we’re lit up. If I heard someone walking around, we’re in the woods again. Why am I always in the
woods at night on my own? Why? Look how cold it is. The radiator needs to
hurry up and get warm. I swear I can hear someone walking. I don’t like this. Moon? Hello? I’m gonna go straight in for
the cup of tea right now. It’s just so cold. Really need warming up. I mean I’m even English
and I don’t go straight in for the tea and biscuits. Oh yes, oh look at this. I’m trying to do a balancing act. Don’t want to spill my tea. (crunching) Mmmm. Oh yeah. Oh, that’s so good. Mmm, tea and biscuits. Good. If you’ve never dipped
biscuits in tea, do it. Mmmm. Before we continue let
me explain the picture. This is me and Moon’s pet
hamster, Mrs. Pebbles. Mrs. Pebbles. (laughs) Don’t ask. There she is. (laughs) She’s too cute, she’s too cute. So what do fancy people do? I mean, I’m drinking tea. I’ve drunk tea, I’ve eaten biscuits. What do posh people do? (laughs) I mean this is it? I’m not a posh, fancy person. I don’t know what to do. Is it time for that meal? That lobster and caviar stuff? Let me just ring Moon and tell her. It’s time. Bring in the lobster. I don’t know how long
a lobster takes to cook but she’s been forever! Moon has been ages and I’ve
never had lobster before. I’ve never had caviar. I don’t really like fish. I don’t like– oh. Moon? Room service? Moon service. (laughs) Thank you. You’re staying with me? Go on then. Okay. Uh oh, oh no. Uh oh.
(tinfoil crackles) Argh! Argh! (shrieks)
I don’t like this. Oh no. Now he’s looking at me. And that’s the caviar. What’s that? What do I do? Just bite into it? Did you just eat it straight like that? Ugh! (gasps) (gasps) So much spike here. He spiked me! Let’s try some caviar. I ain’t got a fork or a knife or anything. (spits)
(gags) Oh, it’s gone everywhere. It’s black bits everywhere. What do I say to Moon? I can’t eat this. This is disgusting. This is– ugh. Moon took ages making this, I can’t just say I don’t want it. Gonna have to hide it or something. Really nice, thank you. Yeah, finished it off, thank you. I ate everything. What? I can’t eat it, I’m sorry.
(Moon chuckles) It’s disgusting. Why? I put that in the mouth! I could die! I could get food poisoning! (food crunching) What?
(Moon laughs) – [Moon] Can you blow candles out, please? – Why? – [Moon] You know, plastic and stuff when you’re falling asleep. I just don’t trust the whole thing. (blows) – Ya happy? Ya happy now? You’ve ruined the mood! Felt like a Joella video. (clicks) What?
(clicks) Nothing. Off what? What can? I don’t have a can anywhere. I’m driving later. (Moon laughs) (romantic music) Exquisite. (exhales)
(laughs) I’m so bored. I’m so bored! I’m so bored! I’m so bored! Being fancy and posh! We’ve do everything. I mean the lobster and the caviar. I was having the tea and biscuits. I’ve had my fancy Monster. Kay, bye! – [Moon] Bye! – Yeah, Moon’s gone. Moon is gone, I’m gonna
have to do all work now. No fancy stuff anymore. This is where the party begins. (laughs) This could be awesome! (static) Welcome to the party dome! (club music) (distant club music) (club music) (knocks on plastic) (zipper) You do know this is the hottest
club in the UK right now. You’re not coming in dressed like that. No, no trainers, out! (club music) £5 (club music) (slow club music) (orchestra music) (upbeat club music) (collapses) Ah! Best party ever! How fun was that? You weren’t meant to be here, that was just meant to be me. Ah, everything’s so foggy. This is gonna take ages to clear out! (coughs) How about you open the door, there’s a window here, why
don’t you open the window, get this steam out.
(zipper) Ah! (exhales) I bought Doom earlier. I bought it for tonight, just
to help me survive the night. It’s actually awesome, I just
played a level, it’s insane. So Moon’s actually staying
the entire night with me now. She’s actually sleeping here with me. She didn’t want to leave, she
says it’s too awesome in here. What? Stop it! See? It’s not because I’m scared at all. Nothing. (laughs) Yeah, Toad wins baby! Moon’s not talking to me now. I’ve won three times in a row. Now I’m getting the silent treatment. She’s over here reading a book. So, I mean, I guess she
won’t want any chocolates! (laughs) Moon, turn lights off. We’re gonna have a scary story. Yeah. We’re setting the mood
for the scary story. You got a good one? Yeah. (laughs) While I eat cheese and biscuits. Come on then, tell me a scary story. Yeah. Yeah? – [Homer Simpson] Boring! – I’m so tired now. So go sleep. (club music) Ah! No but seriously, I’m
actually so tired now. I’m really gonna sleep now. Get sleep. (laughs) Ah, just like to look
up, looks like my own version of the stars, looks so cool. Ah! This Garden Igloo
is actually so awesome. It said on the box it takes
two hours to put it up. Actually took an hour and a half. Really easy and stuff. I would definitely use this again. So let me know in the comments below where you want to see me use
this Garden Igloo next time. On a beach? On a cliff? Something like that? It’s actually getting so late now. I’m gonna get some sleep. Moon’s gonna get some sleep as well. (sighs) I guess we’ll
see you in the morning. It’s been a awesome night. Oh! That were really nice, comfortable sleep. Ugh. I’m glad this has got windows. (Moon gags and retches) (upbeat music)


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