I Spent the Night on Top of a Mountain and It Was Crazy (Sleep on a Mountain Challenge)

(adventurous instrumental music) – So, when I first started doing these “I Spent the Night” videos, I had one idea in mind and it’s just been stuck in there ever since. I can’t shake it out, so I’m going to have to do it. I want to spend the night
on the top of a mountain. Now, I live in England. The UK is not known for its big mountains. (laughs)
It’s pretty flat. What I’m going to do
is I’m going to have to book a flight somewhere where
there’s a lot of mountains, and then go there and do it. This is going to be a huge video. If you’re new here, make sure you smash that
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description down below. @KILLEMFTW. I’m going to be like updating you on stuff that’s happened outside of this video. Things that have gone on after it. I’m active on there. I’m following you all back. Come and say, “Hey!” Why not? So, anyway, it’s not that
good of weather here. Looks like it’s going to rain. So, I’m going to have
to go to a country where it’s going to be nice and sunny. You know what I mean? Getting the sun. (laughs)
What? So, anyway, I think I’m
going to go to Austria. Austria’s well known for the mountains. I’ve been before so I’m a go
book the flight and fly there. When we’re there, I’ll buy the supplies because if you’ve watched
these videos before, then you know I like to go buy supplies. (laughs)
What? Oh, no! I should have scheduled
what I was going to say. I don’t know what I’m saying.
(laughs) I’m going to catch a flight to Austria. When we’re there, we’ll get
the supplies and then go. Yeah, this is going to be an awesome video so get ready. One final thing. I’ve done like five or six of these “I Spent the Night” videos. If you’ve not seen any of the
others or you’ve missed some, there’s going to be a link at the end of this video to a
playlist of all of them. So, then you can go
back and watch them all. I’m going to go book that flight now and then let’s just go. Let’s just go. This is going to be awe, if. Yeah, (laughs) let’s go. This is going to be awesome! So, it’s actually been a few hours since you last saw me. I’ve been doing some
boring stuff for planning, emails, and things like that, but what I’ve just done
is I booked my flight. Look, look, look. So, there it is, I booked a flight from Birmingham to Zurich. If it focuses. At 8:40 AM. So, Zurich is Switzerland. We’re gonna be landing in Switzerland, and then driving to Austria. The plane leaves at 8:40 AM, which means we’ve got to be
setting off about 4:00 AM, which it’s almost 12 right now. So, there’s just one thing left to do now, and that is pack. (upbeat electronic music) I’ve never been up a mountain before. I think it’s like, what? One and a half thousand metres, which I’ve converted I think is about 5,000 feet high from sea level. I’ve never been that high before. – Also, you can drive about halfway up this mountain that we’re gonna go up, and then you gotta climb the other half. So, it’s not like you can
just drive up and its easy. It’s gonna be hard to get there, and get back down as well in the morning. There’s actually a law,
we’ve looked online, there’s a law in the whole of Austria, Germany and Switzerland? Not to camp overnight on any mountain, unless it’s a special camping area. And you can be fined over 10,000 pounds, which is 15,000 euros, which is also roughly about
15,000 American dollars. If we get caught, we’re gonna be, it’s very bad, it’s very bad (laughs). We need some supplies. What shop do we go in? Is it this way? Oh there. Ha-ha. – [Tom] Yeah.
(laughs) So, we’re in the drinks aisle. They got stuff like Fanta and Coke, but apparently this
stuff is really Austrian. – We’ll get the original one. I guess we’ll get some
real food now, I guess, some proper food. We’ve gotta have the Heinz Beanz. – [Tom] Why? I love my Heinz Beanz. – [Tom] What’s goulasch? – I’m trying to find some hiking clothes because they’re always really warm, and keep you insulated. But it’s also expensive. Look, look, look. 50 euros. 213 euros on sale. Thermal t-shirt, jumper thing, 90 euros. Jesus. Pop-up tent, it was 20 pounds on Amazon, the one I got at home. 60 euros. – I can do without that. I don’t need them, do I? Alright, so we’re here. We’re here, we’re at the point
where Moon can drop me off. We can’t drive any higher
than where we are right now. I’m gonna get my stuff out
of the boot of the car. And have a look at this, look. It’s a vending machine for cheese. A cheese vending machine. Is this normal?
(laughs) Come on, let me get stuff, and then away I go. Then when we’re up there, I’ll show you what I brought. I brought all the stuff from earlier that I bought at the shop,
and some, you’ll see. I can do this. (laughing) Harry Potter. Is this Harry Potter in German? (laughing) – A little guard dog. – Alright, I got to put him above me. – Okay, thank you. I mean, we’ve driven this high up, it’s a really nice view, but I’m not gonna show you the view until we’re at the very top. I don’t wanna spoil it. Yeah, it’s a lit view anyway. That looks so cool. So, it’s this way. – [Moon] Yeah, it’s just really straight. – [Moon] Yeah, it’s like straight upwards for about an hour. – [Moon] Yeah, it’s… It is like that. Just take care. – [Moon] Bye. – This is a really big walk. (grunting) So, this is the level that I’m at now. That’s how steep it is. I came from down there. So, I’ve come from down there. I gotta keep goin’. Keepa goin’. So slippery as well. I better put my camera away because it’s too steep, it’s dangerous. I need to put my camera in my bag. So, we’re… I’m here, I’m at the top. There’s a little bit of an issue. Look, look, look. I’ve got this really good
view over there, right. And then that sign right there is like a signal beacon for television and radio, and stuff, mobile phones, I think. So, like off-camera, I
actually just walked up here. I walked down to that sign, I took a picture of the sign. I’ll flash it on the screen right now. That’s what it says in German. So, I sent it to Moon, I
sent that picture to Moon, I asked her what is said, and she said it says something like, I can’t remember now, I’ve got it on my phone. Something like, “Private
ground, CCTV,” you know, “24 hour being recorded and stuff.” So, you’re not actually allowed up here, and I’ve seen a guy walking
round, like a guard. Just high security, it must
be a really important thing. So, I can’t actually come up here. I’ve got to watch out for that guard. I guess I can, sometime,
sneak up, get some video. I think what I’m gonna do
is I’m gonna sleep here, I found this little area. I’ve just got to clear
down all the nettles. But I can kind of see the view there. There’s the beacon. I’m gonna run there. Next time I get the chance, I’ll show you the view because you get a lot better view from there. I keep going up and down there when I can. But I cannot, seriously,
cannot get caught. This is like the most
high risk video I’ve done. Seriously, it’s like, if I get caught, police will be involved, I
can’t speak the language, I don’t know what I’ll say. As I mentioned earlier, I can’t remember, 14 or 15,000 euro fine. I’m gettin’ in a lot of trouble. So, the beacon there, the view is there. I just came from this way. I climbed from down here. Let me just see if I
can show you this view. Okay, let’s go, right,
quick, quick, quick. Okay, there’s the view, look at that. That’s an awesome view. The lake, the lake there. Look at that. Here’s the beacon. I think this property
is owned by the beacon. There’s that sign I mentioned. This is literally the top of a mountain. You’ll never put these beacons
at the top of a mountain. If I just run up here just a little bit, let me just show you what it looks like. This is the view from the very, very top. And if we come around this
beacon, round this side, let me show you the view over here. Quick, quick, quick. This is the view from the other side. A lot of trees and stuff around here. Oh, oh. I’m goin’ fast, I’m goin’ fast. That’s like as long as
I can stay up there. Stay any longer, and I’m gonna get caught. I’m gonna stay quiet for a while, and I’ll show you what I’ve got in my bag. I have got my phone for entertainment. It is half past seven. I’ve got full signal. A really good signal
because of that thing. 93% battery. Let’s wait a while. Keep quiet, and I’ll show you
what I’ve got, wait, wait. I’m gonna tread these nettles down. These are the really spiky plants. If you touch the pointy parts of the leaf, then it like stings you really bad, you’re itchy for a long time. I don’t think they have
these plants in America. I think it’s just like in Europe. I’m not too sure, maybe
you have your own version. So, what I’m gonna do is I’m
gonna squish all those down, and set my sleeping bag here. Literally, just a little bit over there is a huge drop. I forgot to bring my knife to Austria, so I got a pair of scissors. (grunting) I’ll lay that down. The nettles shouldn’t get me. It’s like a bed. Little sleeping bag, look at this. That folds up really small, look at that. That’s tiny, it’s like
the size of my hand. The old one I used to
have it was like this big. You had to carry it around
under your arm like that. (laughing) Got this from a camping shop, tiny. I just strap it to my bag real easy, don’t have to carry. Anyway, I’ll show you what
other supplies I’ve got. In this front pocket here… I’ve got my power bank and
other camera battery there. And in here, what do we got? Toilet roll, obviously
you know what’s that for. (laughs)
Some rope just in case. I’ve got the food that you saw. I’ve got some duct tape
as well, just in case, you never know. I got this new light. Look at this, it just glows up. And I’ve also got the
original torch, the beast. I’ve already started
drinking the Almdudler. Really nice. I needed it on the way up. So, yeah, anyway, I’m
gonna get comfortable. I’m just keepin’ an eye on this area. Looking for that guy. I don’t think anyone goes up there. I just seen a guy walking
around here somewhere. Yeah, I’ll keep you updated. It’s starting to rain. I didn’t bring an umbrella. I need this. How do you get it out? Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Is it more or less chance
of rain the higher you are? This is the first time it’s rained on one of my sleeping challenge videos. Ugh! I’m up a mountain
and I can’t get away. Ugh, I’ve sat on a nettle, and my bum’s itchy as hell. (insects chirping) Them crickets won’t shut up (laughs), they’re so loud. Can you see me? I dont know, it’s quite dark. There we go, it that cool? It’s better than shining that
torch in my face, I thought. It’s a nice glowing light. The building’s got a light on, and these are glowing up red now. I haven’t seen the guy
walking around for a while. I dont know where he’s gone. But it’s getting really, look, it’s definitely gettin’ dark. Street lights are coming on. Let’s get some food. I don’t need toilet paper yet (laughs). A bag of crisps, I got my bag of crisps, and I’ve got my chocolate, and start eating them. I’m gonna lay down. Oh, oh, that’s a bit slippy,
that’s dangerous, oh, wait. It stopped rainin’ a little bit. It’s almost nine o’clock, so I’m gonna eat some
food before it gets wet, before the food gets wet and stuff. I’ll try it. Oh, that fruit and nutter thing. Mmm, oh, it’s good. It smells like peanuts. A bit weird. It actually tastes like peanuts too. It’s actually gettin’ dark so quick now. It’s starting to rain again. No! It is, it’s raining loads. I just don’t wanna lay on the wet floor, and I don’t wanna get wet, so it’s best if I just get in, I think. Okay. In. In. (gasping)
Whoa! I’m starting to slip down. Quickly put that food in there, quick. Put it in there and zip up, zip up. It’s real dark now. This weather is rubbish. Awe. I just hope no one can go up that tower, or else you can see me here, you know, I’m like lit up like a Christmas light. I just hope no one goes up there. Otherwise I’m caught. If I get caught, I’m
literally just puttin’ my shoes on and runnin’. It’s not worth 14,000
euro fine getting caught. Ugh! Shut up crickets! I dont know if you can see me, I’ve snuck back out, but look, it’s really,
really dark right now. Look at the view. All the street lights
are on and everything. I’ve had to take the
mag phone off my camera so I can hold the camera
in the sleeping bag because it’s not waterproof. That area just there with the red light, it looks like a platform where
someone could actually walk, so I just keep watching that area because if someone goes up there walking around, and then I’m here with my little light on, I’m easily caught. I swear someone has just walked past. I do not like this. I do not like this. Someone did walk right past me. Because I’m down a bit of a hill, they did not see me luckily. So, I think we’re in a really good place. I just gotta make sure
I turn the light off when someone comes nearby. This is dodgy AF, seriously. If I get away with this, I’ve done incredibly well. I don’t know if the
microphone’s camera is that good that it can pick up the noise, but listen. (rain dropping) You can hear it’s raining. For the first two hours or so, the sleeping bag did a good
job of holding the water out, but now it’s starting to leak in. I’m getting really really soggy clothes, which is making me even colder. I think the camera lens is steamin’ up. I’ve been stuck by a nettle seven times. Like two on my bum, one on my wrist, one on my arm, two on my back. Is that seven? I dont know. I lost count. I just looked back over the footage that I did about half an hour ago, and I didn’t realise the camera
lens was that steamed up. I’m trying to keep the
camera from gettin’ wet, and I’m trying to stop myself
from gettin’ wet and cold. I’ve just got too many
things to watch out for. (clicking)
(gasping) (clicking) I’m trying not to get caught as well. I can’t remember if I
mentioned this or not. I forgot the pug, I forgot
the dreamcatcher thing, I forgot the book she gave me. I just, I didn’t forget it, I just didn’t have
enough room to carry it. That was just a little
joke that she thought of. It was funny though, but I just couldn’t carry it all. This is just gross. This is just… (sighs)
(rain falling) So, anyway, I’ve eaten half
a bag of those peanut crisps. I’ve eaten half a bag of the chocolate. Ah, wait, I’ve got to unzip, one sec. Eaten half the bag of those. Half the chocolate. So, I figured out a solution
for the sliding down thing. There’s a bit of a twig, a bit of a ditch thing here, and I’ve got my feet wedged in there, so I don’t slip down anymore. My shoes are wet through. Ah! I forgot about them. Ah! Just checking my Instagram. This is, there it is. I’m active on it, really active lately. Link in description. There’s always time for a cheeky plug, go follow, I’m follwin’ back. Just lookin’ at my phone right now. This is where I am. Obviously raining, but that’s 14 degrees. That’s 14 degrees down in the town. I’m like–
(shuffling) I swear someone came
right near me just then. It’s 14 degrees down in the town. I’m one and half thousand metres up. That’s how cold it is. You can see the glow
from the town in the sky. It’s completely dark this way. I’ve just been to the toilet down there. Just down there. Literally, I had to go. I couldn’t hold it anymore. I think that chocolate just
like went right through me. And not just number ones,
number twos (laughs). I just found like a little stick. I dug my little hole with my stick, did my wee wee and then my poo poo, used the toilet paper, and I buried it up. I feel better now anyway. I can’t put my light on. I’ve got to go. I just don’t care anymore. I don’t care if my camera gets wet. I don’t care if I get caught. It’s just so God damn cold. It’s just so, over the last
hour it’s really increased. It’s just got a lot lot colder. I’m just so tired from all that walkin’. It definitely feels like I’m
catching a cold or something. All that walking just, that climbing has really
taken it out of me, you know, it’s just gettin’ so late. I’m just so cold. Ugh! Ugh! That’s wet through. This morning, it’s the next morning. I fell asleep for about two hours. It’s half past six. I’m about to be meeting Moon down at the car park place at seven. I’m more tired right now
than when I fell asleep. Let’s go have a look at
that view real quick. The guys just gone, I’ve just seen him. There it is, the lake’s there. Oh, can see more over there now. Let’s just go to the very top and have a quick look. That’s what it is from the very top. Ah, I gotta be quick. The guards just kind of
gone around this corner, but there it is, beautiful. Go, go, go, go, go. Quick. This is wet. This is absolutely wet through. I’m just gonna shove it in here. Where’s sheep? I didn’t pass any sheep. (bleating) Where are they? Mornin’ sheep! Mornin’! Not a good idea to shout. I kind of got it. Oh, that was it. Just try and zip that up. Right then, so now I
gotta go down this way. I gotta put my camera away. Don’t know why I’ve put my bag on. I’ve gotta climb down,
I’ve gotta use two hands because it’s real steep. I don’t wanna fall. I might even need that rope. That’s the path where I last saw Moon. Oh. (heavy panting) Ugh. Ugh. This car park is empty. Where are ya’? I’m here waitin’. I’ll see you in half an hour then. (upbeat electronic music)

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