iDOLM@STER Shiny Colors- Sakuragi Mano’s Picnic Support Card pt1 English Sub
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[email protected] Shiny Colors- Sakuragi Mano’s Picnic Support Card pt1 English Sub

wao…. The weather is so nice, Pigeons think so as well, Right? It feels so inviting …Mano? ah, Hiroi-Chan You really are here in the park? yes…… Is something wrong? I heard from producer that you were here I thought I would come here to check if you were here Oh that’s it, I just thought maybe I upset you Hiroi-chan… why? Did I do something to make you think that? what? no it’s nothing like that! I don’t think you should something so strange I guess your right ……well, What are you doing here? Our lesson starts soon and you weren’t at the office ah, your right! I’m sorry I wasn’t at the office I’ll be returning immediately That’s not all Mano, why are you are alone at the park? waaaa. It’s becauce I love this atmosphere You see, I love the park and I Love to speak with the pigeons That is why I come here! oh, That’s it…… did….. did I say something weird? I’m sorry, you didin’t I was just surprised by how much you like this oh… that’s it? How confidently you said you “Liked” this was impressive I thought who… that’s it….? What are the other things you like to do? I like to go out and find many plays filled with nature Also, like to bring food for a picnic and ? ehhhh. Hiroi-Chan I know this may seem like a sudden request I would like you to go on a picnic with me…… just you and me? ah, but if it’s do much trouble…… ….. I didn’t say it was trouble. It’s okay, let’s go together waa, Is it really okay? yes, It’s okay then, I’ll make our lunch and we can eat together


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