Ignition Camp X Report
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Ignition Camp X Report

The ignition comes season 10 finally
went down at the Kakamega forest between the 27th of December 2019 all
the way to the 2nd of January 2020 and the camping experience officially kicked
off here at AIC Milimani when we set out for Kakamega forest a few minutes
past 3:00 a.m. We made our first stopover in Kabarnet before proceeding to the Cheploch Gorge where we witnessed things that we only see on National Geographic
when the divers are taking the know dives into the Kerio Valley down the deep
gorges of the Kerio River. Then made our way took a Kakamega where we arrived just
a few minutes past 7 p.m. where we quickly set up account had our dinner
and took rest little did we know that we needed to be reminded that our camping
site was happening at the Kakamega rainforest because of this light not only
rained but it poured. We were forced to seek shelter our for more tense because these are someone tents With that welcome to the Kakamega
rainforest on the first night we was set for camp and we had a great team us
because joining us doing an exposition on our theme of Boldness and this
pastoral team was made up of our very own youth pastor Reverend Luke Odhiambo a.k.a Amos. Our very own to the man who doesn’t mince his what but means everyone that he says “I mean” the great friend to terms very own Reverend Hosea Mitei. The lion himself Simba when he raors you here because he speaks the Word
of God Reverend Stephen Munyambu. A resident speaker pastor Emmanuel Kipkemboi from the Emmanuel Baptist Church Pastor Wallace Maina from the Karura Chapel and who knew that he will be joining us for another season of admission come
then he was pastor Samson Abong now Reverend Samson Abong who is the
chaplain of Kabianga University and the only lady pastor who was with us at the
camp pastor Rebecca Becky you see here this team took us through and helped us grow and see and sink deeper into God’s Word
we are grateful for the services that you offer to us one of the other
intentions of addition common was to be able to reach out to the community
around us with one of God and a grateful that God opened doors for us to be able
to minister to the prisoners and the ship was a farm prison and the boss Paul
approved school and it also had a time of fellowship Shikusa community to
charge one other the intentions of ignition
campus that we are able to appreciate the beauty of our country Kenya and
since Kaka mega is just a stroll away from Kasumu we would not come back
without visiting Kisumu Dala the city we had a good time when we visited
Impala park and we also had a good time we had a session at the State House
campsite and finally when we had a moment of devouring our freshly fried
fresh fish from the lake just by the in famous doing a beach we could not just
come back from kiss swim without having a boat ride and so we had a moment just
as the Sun was about to set will ventured out into the lake victoria
witnessing the beautiful sunset as we enjoyed the water before we made our way
back to our camping site in Kakamega and this was a great way and memorable
way to bring an end to the 2019 accounting experience do the simple
sessions and traveling we also had a great time of fellowship a great time of
different games and activities such as aerobics we’ve also had some good time
hiking deep into the forest and also just getting a funtage viewpoint were
able to see the red and vast Kakamega rainforest and we had a great time of
fellowship here the campsite with our new friendships or bills and we are
grateful to go on and we hope that the growth and the transformation that we
witness due to this camp will leave Norman into the taste
to come and at this point it is unfair for us to conclude our report without
appreciating those who enabled us to have a great camping experience and that
starts with you every member of ASEAN money
we are grateful to God for the sacrifices and the resources that you
give to us to be able to have this current experience and one of the unique
things about JC mini-money is that for our comes all our funding is provided
for by the charge would like to appreciate a special team that holds a
special place in our hearts because they took care of our stomachs; they
prepared delicious meals that we enjoyed throughout our camps where we were well
fed a special shout-out to Dan and Olive Were Joseph and Damaris Ndolo.
Mrs Munyambu, Mrs. Luke and Gladys May the Lord richly bless you for what you did
to us the Lord remember everyone the work that you did for us. We’d also like
to thank a member of the congregation who gave on this car to be used as an
errand car to run the little errands that were needed to be done while what
becomes it the Lord bless you from giving your car to be used for ministry
and for work of the kingdom of God we also like to thank Reverend Yator who
was our host in Kakamega God the Lord knows how much you need and did he will
reward you in due time one of the ways that we felt loved and cared for by AIC
Milimani is when our senior pastor Reverend Dr. Stephen Mairori traveled
all the way from way from Nairobi to Kisumu just to spend the whole day with us
and experience camp with us The Lord richly bless you for the
sacrifice that you made and may he increase your zeal and service and humility that you
demonstrated by visiting us would also like to thank some members of the
communication who are able to join us while we’re on a campsite
Mr. & Mrs. Okonjo and Mr & Mrs. Sammy Muttai, the Lord
bless you for making that journey to just come and spend an afternoon with us
at the Campsite. this camp would not be possible without the team that selflessly and committed it planned and spent many hours to ensure that the
camp ran successfully and we had adequate preparations for it. The camp
committee, the youth leaders and the youth pastor we sincerely appreciate you for
your sacrifice and commitment to the Lord Service and especially to God’s people As we conclude would like to make an appeal to the church that we can make
plans of acquiring tents that can be able to withstand all kinds of weather
with that we appreciate the Lord God Almighty for enabling us to have such a
great and fun experience and the ignition
season 10 we look forward to having you at our Ignition Season 11 at the end
of this year and what has it we will be at the Coast!

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