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I’m Back | Channel and Life Update | Sips by Unboxing

well I spoke too soon because apparently
it’s still at the age of 31 can’t figure out how boxes work hey everybody my name
is Sam welcome back to my channel it’s been like two months since I posted a
video um I meant to come back in January and then you know didn’t but you were
all so awesome and like supportive on my last video the whole I’m taking a break
video and you guys told me to take my time so I did that and even still I
think I’m going to be easing myself into this whole making videos thing anyway
for this my glorious return video I just figured that we would keep it nice and
casual and I would do a like kind of chitchatty updatey video and also do an
unboxing of this sips by box I am in no way affiliated with this box they
certainly didn’t send it to me for free I’m not that fucking cool I just saw a
coupon code online and I have been wanting to try this for a while because
it is a personalized tea subscription service and like that’s my jam so I’m
gonna unbox this we’re gonna smell some tea we’re gonna drink some wine because
that makes sense and then we’re gonna talk about how we’ve all been doing and
what this channel might look like going forward because like it’s the beginning
of a new year and I’m back from a hiatus and this seems like as good a time as any to do that but anyway let’s get the unboxing started cuz that’s fun I have
scissors because I’m prepared normally when I do like unboxings or unbaggings on
my channel I like don’t have scissors or anything nearby and I end up trying to
like strong-arm the package open and hit myself in the face or I end up
getting out my like children’s safety scissors that I use for arts and crafts
and I look like an idiot so I feel like really prepared and professional this
time because I had real scissors already in the room ah so you know what it’s a
new year it’s a new me we’re moving up in the world this is the February box
made for Samantha should I read this should I it’s like the
spoiler thing but there’s like labels on all of them I don’t know whatever let’s
just fucking go for it so the way that this service works is
like you go on their website and then you do like a quiz kind of like you do
with beauty boxes where you fill out your tea preferences and then they send
you a selection of sample sizes of teas that they think will fit your tastes one
of the things they let you select is if you prefer a loose leaf or bagged teas
and I said loose leaf because I’m a snob and a really cool thing that they do is
they send you these like reusable muslin tea bag things so that you can bag your
own loose leaf teas I will use those although I also have like a reusable
well several reusable like filter things but like we love convenience right okay
so I filled out that I mostly like caffeinated teas with like either sweet
or earthy kind of tones and also that I enjoy some like fruits mixed in so let’s
see what they came up with all right this is a vintage chai by ahista tea
I hope I said that correctly I probably fucking didn’t I wanna open
it and sniff it but like is that a bad idea
could read the description I guess an alchemic concoction of 15 spices
undercut by a floral eau de Parfum oh yeah I also told them I like floral flavors
because like fucking true if you put lavender in any
thing my ass will eat or drink it like if you wanted to poison me you could like
flavor arsenic with lavender and I would probably willingly consume it which I
probably shouldn’t say on the internet but like here we are oh this is a
caffeine-free herbal chai so if I want to drink it at night I can that smells
very spicy oh it’s also like crazy looking there’s
like whole ass seeds in there and stuff um okay so after unpacking our first
tea I guess we should give our first channel update thing maybe and the first thing I
want to change for this year is that I am going to stop even vaguely attempting
to do monthly wrap-ups because last year I was going to do them and then I made
like one or two and combined months and it was just really fucking overwhelming
so instead I think I’m going to switch to doing recent reads videos and I’m
gonna maybe film an update for every five to eight books that I read like I’m
not gonna stick it strictly at five but like you know after I hit five books
I’ll maybe like start trying to make time to film it that way I can go into a
little bit more detail about how I felt about each of the books and they’ll be
a little fresher in my mind than they would if I were doing a monthly wrap-up
and I read like seventeen books or something alright next tea this is a
French breakfast black tea by Churchill’s fine teas and that sounds
fancy it’s just like a straight-up black tea
which I’m here for I fucking love black tea like I don’t know if I’ve ever
talked about how much I love tea on this channel but like I fucking love tea and
black tea is one of my two favorites yeah It smells delicious smells like it’s
like a slightly sweeter black tea not because they’ve added any like sweeter
flavoring but just because like the tea itself is just like
kind of a smoother less bitter kind of tea and I’m fucking here for it I will
have to put something up on like Instagram or something when I try all of
these so you guys can like hear or see my thoughts ooh good segue another
change I want to make for this year is to try and actually use my Instagram I
never post on Instagram and I take like random pictures pretty often and so I’m
going to try to remember that that bit of social media is there if you want to
track my progress and give me shit about it um you should follow me links in the
description next tea this looks like candy
it is Stardust by Friday afternoon tea this is a black tea and it has vegan
sugar stars blueberry Kiwi orange peel peach flavoring and something called
purple lustre dust so this is probably basically just candy and I’m kind of
into that smells like if somebody took like tropical starburst and mixed it
with black tea and like that sounds gross but I’m kind of fucking into it
this would be really good with like a cream creamer in it I would not add
sugar because there’s already like a crapload of sugar in it alright next
thing I want to incorporate more of into my channel this year is and I mentioned
this in my I’m taking a break video but I want to bring in more of like my other
hobbies so things like baking a while back I did a video where I did the
booktube real talk tag I think it was while I was baking brownies and everybody seemed to really like that because it was just like we were kind of hanging
out for 10 minutes and I was complaining about stuff which is like sort of what I
do best um and so I think I’m gonna continue
making those videos especially when I feel like I have something bookish or
non bookish maybe if you’re into that I don’t know to like complain about and
I’m gonna call the segment bitchin’ with brownies which was suggested by Jade
from jaded reader so thanks for the title babe love ya and then I’m also
going to when I have things to gush or be positive about factor in my newest
hobby which is knitting I learned how to knit in November at the beginning of
November because my friend wanted me to go with her to a Harry Potter themed
night at a local yarn store and I didn’t want to go to that without knowing how
to knit and it turns out I’m really fucking into it um it’s really fun I’ve
made a bunch of stuff and I really enjoy doing it so I’m going to kind of
transfer that into a segment on my channel and I’m going to call those
videos knit chats kind of like chit chats but like with knitting you get it you get it
yeah I think it’s funny whatever and finally I might also factor in some
candle making stuff on this channel I did this once where I kind of walked you
guys through the process of me making a candle that I themed after a book that I
had read I themed it after record of a space born few by Becky chambers I
couldn’t remember which of the three books it was for a second where I like
came up with this scent and everything based on a certain aspect of the book
and maybe I’ll do that like if I read a book that I really get like a strong
vibe from maybe like walk you guys through the process of me making a
candle to remind me of my reading experience I don’t know the idea here is
just that like I want to take some of my other hobbies and translate them into a
booktube atmosphere I’m still working out what exactly
that’s gonna look like but we’re gonna go on the journey together and figure it
out so I hope you guys are down for that all right and the last tea there’s the
tea leaves in here because I spilled fucking everywhere this is a vanilla
orchid black tea no not black tea oolong tea even better that’s my other favorite tea
and you don’t see that and this is vanilla orchid oolong by David’s tea and
actually for being a huge tea nerd I’ve never had any tea from David’s before we
have one David’s tea store nearby but like I never go there because I
always go to fava tea company or adagio but I’m excited to try it
mmm vanilla and flowers this is what I needed if you’ve never had oolong tea it’s
sort of like on the middle ground between black tea and green tea which is
great because I don’t love green tea but I love black tea and I love the idea of
green tea so oolong is perfect for me all of these smell delicious if I had to
rank the order of excitement about them I would say the vanilla orchid is for
sure the one I’m the most excited about because it’s just like exactly
everything I ever want in a tea so I’m really excited to try that second for
the sake of like everyday drinking is the French breakfast just like straight
up black tea because a bitch loves a black tea third is this Stardust
tea which is one of those things that I feel like I’m gonna really like it but
if I drink it more than like one or two times I would probably think it was too
much because it seriously smells like so incredibly sweet and then finally and
even though its fourth does not mean I’m not excited about it
the vintage chai I’m not as big on caffeine free teas which maybe I should
be because frankly I don’t need more intensity but they’re
just not my go to this smells like it’s gonna be really good though so I’m
hoping that I will love it and I’m still very excited to try it like I said I
will hopefully be putting updates for how I feel about everything on the
Instagram but who the fuck knows anyway that’s it for like my big changes I want
to make to my channel other than that I want to continue my series for sci-fi
recommendations for like non sci-fi readers because I have some ideas for
other genres I want to cover I really like making those videos and you guys
really seem to enjoy watching them you seem to find them helpful hopefully the
next one will be coming soon but they do take a little bit of time for me to kind
of put together and frankly I’m not used to putting that much effort into this
channel as you know based on every video I ever post and that I’m not really
setting any specific goals I’m not setting a goal for frequency of uploads
because frankly I just want to get back into making videos and I don’t want to
put any pressure on myself to do it in a specific timeframe you guys are all
awesome and understanding and I’m sure you’ll be cool with that but like you
know if you want to chastise me or whatever like fucking go for it I can
probably handle it yeah that’s it for like channel stuff that I wanted to talk
about but other than that how have you guys been I haven’t been around as much
in the last two months and I miss you guys and I want to know how you’re doing
so like tell me one really exciting thing that’s happened in your life in
the last two months in the comments because I want to hear about it and I
will tell you guys mine now I started volunteering at my local animal control
center I am doing adoption counseling for cats which is basically the greatest
thing that could possibly have happened to me and it is easily the best thing
I’ve done for my own mental health in like years I mean other than you know
starting therapy and getting on medication working with
the cats has truly been so good for me I am there way too often like I just
signed up for shifts whenever I want them and I have like four shifts this week
which is wild I went there on my birthday because I didn’t know what else
I wanted to do I just wanted to hang out with cats and on my birthday it’s really
cool we get to like play with the cats if nobody’s coming in to adopt and when
people do come in I get to be the person who helps them figure out which cat is
the right fit for them and it’s amazing and I love it
anyway like I said let me know something exciting that’s been going on in your
life in the last two months down in the comments and yeah I’m excited to be back
I’m hoping that I can get back in the swing of things but thank you guys in
advance so much for being patient and understanding with me and for all of
your support on my last video I love you all so much and I appreciate it more
than I can say truly and that is more serious than I ever care to be on this
channel again but like just know that it really it meant a lot to me and it means
a lot to me that you guys are as amazing as you are and you’re gonna be cool
going forward anyway have a great day guys


  • BrewsandReviews

    Yayy, glad to see you back! 😀 Also yay for scissors because I am the same with opening boxes and it's not a fun time haha. Bitching with Brownies – that's amazing! I love that you're going to combine your other hobbies with your Booktube channel. 😀

  • Jellicle

    Welcome back! You should know you can do whatever you want on this channel; we are here for it! I have been thinking about trying Sipsby or another tea sub box. Hi Paw for volunteering at the shelter! Suggestion – Use your instagram to post pics of cats that are up for adoption there. I have several friends who volunteer with a rescue here and they have been able to generate donations ($ and items) as well as find homes for some of the cats. My exciting news isn't nearly that good but I went to NYC for the first time last weekend. It was a quick trip – up on Saturday and back on Sunday night but it was fun. The highlights included cheesecake and bagels and Chinese take out as well as something called rainbow cake (new to me) and brunch menu that had 50 kinds of Eggs Benedict and I got to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time so yay!

  • onthefritz

    Wine and tea, that makes sense 😆
    I'm all about the recent reads thing. Monthly wrap ups stressed me out and I hated filming them.

  • onthefritz

    Yes knitting! I got caught up in knitting YouTube videos last year. Never learned but want to some day! Cheers to making the content you want!

  • Zac tries to read

    Yay! I'm glad you're back, Sam! Good to see you again!
    My Sister actually works at a yarn shop, so I know a lot about knitting despite never doing it. Lol. I actually volunteered at my local animal shelter back in HS! People seemed to be afraid of me for some reason (my height I'm guessing) so I never really got to do much, but the dogs were great!
    My good thing is that I got already got accepted to one of the Grad Programs I applied for at UW-Madison 🙂

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