Inclusive Camping
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Inclusive Camping

April: I’m April McHugh. I am the teen director
and assistant camp director here at the Jewish Community Center here in St. Paul. Through
the teen program and though camping, we, I think we see inclusion sort of at its finest.
by the time kids are in the JCC teen programs, they have experienced inclusion through all
their years of elementary school camping and theater and different programs and if not
already if they went to preschool here they have experienced it, and so by the time they
are teens it is really just part of the culture here. And you know, though theater we have,
we kind of got to the point last year in our junior high theater, where we had some kids
with special needs who our casting policy usually gives lead roles to the oldest cast
members. And so we had kids with special needs who were at that age, and it was just never,
I was anticipating a question of well what do we do with these kids do they still get
the lead roles, and yah with whatever they were comfortable with , and we made whatever
adaptations we needed to. One guy got the role of the mayor in the music man and we
try to cast into roles that will make them feel successful too where it is not super
overwhelming but you know it was fine to be on stage with some cue cards with what to
say and it worked well with the part of the mayor in that musical because he kind of stumbles
over words and has to be prepared and we actually ended up with the mayor of St. Paul coming
to honor that cast member.

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