‘Indestructible’ Car Survives Bombs and Drives Through Walls
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‘Indestructible’ Car Survives Bombs and Drives Through Walls

COMM: Described as the world’s most unstoppable vehicle, this is The Marauder. 00:18
COMM: Built by the Paramount Group in South Africa, it’s become one of the best known
armoured vehicles in the world since it’s launch in 2007. 00:28
COMM: The Marauder was developed for peacekeeping and reconnaissance missions, and holds a crew
of two in the front, with space for eight fully equipped troops in the back, powered
by a six cylinder turbo diesel engine, it can reach speeds of up to 120kmph on the road. 00:45
COMM: As it’s put through it’s paces at this bespoke military testing facility outside
Pretoria, it shows that walls, hills, water and uneven terrain prove no obstacle. 01:00
COMM: Perhaps most impressive is it’s high level of protection against mines and ballistic
attacks, even after a direct hit, it continues on it’s way, and if you were thinking that
you fancied owning one. Sorry, only sovereign governments that have been approved by the
South African government and the UN are able to buy them.


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