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Driving all the way No, one foot, one foot! This is an automatic car [I drive a manual car otherwise] So brothers and sisters, watch carefully Because today we are driving internationally for the first time And what is this that I’m doing Okay Tanya, carefully! Yes, turn done, nobody is in my way [why am I singing though? XD] NO body is in the way. Now we will try give a serious expression, So that it looks like we are concentrating whilel driving [mobile audio] In 5 Km turn right And oh! Successful! We are driving international for the first time And while we are at it, the roads look pretty good! Very neat and clean! And we have lesser number of cars! That’s the best part Okay, I can totally do this. Everything is fine Let’s go! Hey Hi! Good morning guys! This is my room and I am all dressed And today we are finally starting off with our camping adventure So we are going to get our rental car Which is going to have tents and all camping equipment and everything But because it’s our last day at this resort This resort where I’ve been staying So I wanted, because we are staying in campsites for the next few days So I wanted that I finally take you around our one and only resort where we’re staying [not really!] So this resort has three key features First! Comfortable beds and good rooms Second a swimming pool. Because people may or may not swim these days Everybody needs instagrammable pictures And third a restaurant, where we are going to have a lot of free food Well, it’s not really free The breakfast cost is included in the room cost But because it’s already paid for, I’m going to eat a lot! Okay, so now we are going to go pick up our camping vehicle And here is our man who’s helping us So here we go! Everything is inside Okay! I don’t know how should I control my excitement Because this is going to be the vehicle That we are taking for the self drive adventure Okay so before you guys get confused Let me explain the whole situation I’ll be on the roads of Namibia for the next 11 days And some of the roads will also be really rugged So we obviously need a very very powerful vehicle and this vehicle that you see in front of me is exactly that And not only is it powerful, it’s also very capable in terms of camping. Because we have tents on top of it And we have all kinds of camping equipment inside the vehicle Like this kitchen that you just see Look at this beautiful kitchen We have like a pot, and these glasses And these are actual glass glasses Wow, this is fragile stuff Ohhhhhhhhhhh! So it’s the same side of driving as India, so left hand side driving Besides this we also have a mechanism for checking the tyre pressure We have kitchen equipment and tools inside the vehicle And Joshua over here is explaining what all do we exactly have in the car So wow, I’m totally impressed So I’m really excited about this That’s the police number? So all thanks to the two of them, our car is all ready and loaded up And it’s over there on the road Yes, you guys start driving and have fun We see you when you come back Thank you so much! Bye! Bye! So finally the time has arrived for my drive test! And on this trip I’m actually not alone I have somebody with me from Wild Planets [Tour Company for visiting Africa] Because doing all of this alone is quite hard So what do you think? Was I scared at this point? If you think so, then you may have never understood me through this channel It’s not like I’m an adrenaline junkie or something But I feel scared in very few situations Maybe excitement is the right word I feel excitement when I’m trying something new And if you’re wondering whether or not I passed the drive test [unofficial] I think I kind of nailed it Because for the next 11 days, your girl will be driving in Namibia No, no, cannot at the moment, because there’s a solid line So this is very interesting Solid line means that you cannot go over to the other side And as you can see on the road, it’s a solid line for me Oh now it’s a dotted line, but The car on the other side is approaching at high speed So should I overtake? [of course not!] XD We managed! We managed to overtake the truck which was moving at 60 kmph So, we are driving, but let me explain where are we headed So today we are headed to a place called Otjiwarongo Actually there’s a campsite near Otjiwarongo And if I’m being honest, there’s not much to see here We are just going to the campsite because driving for a long duration today doesn’t make any sense. Becayse it’s just the first day So after reaching Otjiwarongo, we are just going to camp You can also go for a Game Drive here But we already did a Game Drive in the last episode Oh, but there’s one thing that can be done So with this we reached our camp site And if this Pumba (Warthog XD) hadn’t crossed our path, I would have honestly never found it This campsite is called Otjiwa Campsites Yes, the pronunciations are a little hard here. Please understand! And this is the very fancy looking reception of this place Yes, we are staying at a campsite Oh! Did you notice this? Hey! Hi! How are you? Just came in to introduce you. I’m Taimi, Hi Taimi! And yes, there’s a little water shortage in Namibia But you will find a swimming pool occassionally No in nearly all resorts you’ll find one. [Hospitality is a serious business here] And from here we will head to our campsite Where I’m soon going to face hard times. So please bear with me We have antelopes right in front of us! *Gasps* I’m very, what you you say I’m really happy about his adventure and challenge Because I haven’t ever done anything like this before So this is very new, very raw, very real for me because I haven’t expereinced such raw camping before, where you just have this vehicle for yourself where you’re going to be cooking and all also But at least for today I’m not going to cook, because the lodge here has a restaurant and everything So I won’t have to cook everything So the cooking part will come later But let’s check whether or not this is cooking Atleast on the first day or the first few days Getting used to things is very important We will get used to things eventually, but But ffirst somebody please explain to me, that this folding and unfolding business how do I manage it? Because I was feeling quite tired while doing this Honestly, if you want to enjoy me struggling For the next few minutes, then please continue watching! Camp is set up! *Crying Inside* This was quite hard, and I think I’ll take atleast a few days To get used to it. But the sun is setting now! And I think we have some good time Good morning guys! In case you’re wondering what does it feel like waking up in a tent, early morning This is my tent. Although the sun is quite bright outside. And it’s pretty cold right now It’s early in the morning. I’m freezing! But nevertheless, it was pretty nice sleeping here in the night Over here inside the tent. I’ve made my bed at the moment, because why not So last night I stopped vlogging because I did not really cook dinner here in the camp So where we arrived at the reception for the first time We have a restaurant over there. So I just went and ate dinner at that restaurant. So that was that. But the camp experience was pretty nice, I mean. quite unusual I would say it’s not something you get to experience on the ordinary So I quite liked it. And look at this literally sitting on the ladder Do you like ASMR? Or do you just like Coffee? Whatever is it that you like, we are making coffee right now Oh yes, we are going to insult coffee a little by using instant coffee XD But I don’t think I may have enjoyed instant coffee as much before today! So yes, this was all about my camping experience And if you thought I struggled while unfolding the tent So can you imagine the struggle of folding it all over again And I even got a cut on my finger while doing this Which was reallly bad news because tetanus And i had to go to a doctor, get a tetanus shot! But anyway, we are going to do this in the next video So stay tuned, because if you this this was adventourous so far The next video will be even more thrilling So stay tuned like this video, share this vidoe and subscribe to my channel And I’ll see you next time, bye!


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