Indian Road Trip/ Picnic Food Preparations ll Indian Travel / Trip Food l English Subtitles Added.
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Indian Road Trip/ Picnic Food Preparations ll Indian Travel / Trip Food l English Subtitles Added.

Welcome to Reallife Realhome In today’s video I will show you how I do my food preparation for a road trip and at the end of video I will give you few options if you plan to make your own food / cook. So the first step is to always make a list. Make sure you make things that are easy to prepare and also that you can prepare ahead and store. This way you will not have to do anything on the day you leave First thing that I am making is caramalized makhane ( foxnuts).foxnuts are vey healthy as well So I will Roast the Foxnuts in a little bit of clarified butter and take them out. After that I will take 3-4 spoons of jaggery and make a syrup and then put the foxnuts into it. I will also put some grated coconut in it as well. Then store in airtight container. Next I am making Puffed Rice mixture. So in a wok I will heat some oil and add curry leaves, peanuts, cashews, cocunut flakes, roast them and then add spices like turmeric, dry mango powder, salt and finally puffed rice. Always do this on medium flame Store in Airtight container Next I am making Indian Bread / Paratha. In the dough I have added carom seeds, cumin seeds and salt. I will take the parathas with home made pickles. You can easily roll them and eat For fruits I have washed them and dried them and I am taking some munching gala apples, mandarins, bananas, and apricots I will take recycle containers and put a tissue liner and will put the fruits Next thing I will pack will be sandwiches so here I am preparing the filling. I making a mixture just like pav bhaji . I will be adding onions, tomatoes, greens like spinach , kale , green pepper, 3 boiled potatoes. I will prepare the sandwiches in the night and will put them in a plate . On top of it I will put a cling wrap and next morning when I am about to leave I will heat them and put them in Aluminium foil So now comes the packing part. You can either use a cooler with dry ice or just an insulated carry on bag. So Now I will make two bags .. one mostly for dried items and in the insulated bag I will put fruits, tea, juice etc If you want to cook for yourself you can chose options like oatmeal, bread-jam, bread-hummus, you can carry your instant pot, rice cooker and can prepare things like curd rice, puliyogre rice , lemon rice etc. You can also carry your cooler with milk, juice and fruits


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