INKTOBER picnic at the PARK!

S: Hi Art Friends! A: Hello! S: We’re about 3 days into Inktober at the moment and we’re in a park! A: We are! It’s a nice park ๐Ÿ™‚ S: We’ll be doing an inktober sketch! My theme for this month is animals. S: There’s no animals in this park at the moment.. A: Pooch! There’s a pooch over there! S: I dont have my glasses on, I can’t see it hahaha S: I could draw a very blurry dog! S: Happy Inktober! A:Happy Inktober! S: For Inktober I’ve brought this sketchbook I dont usually use for doodle dates.. S: And it just does not want to close! S: HUP HUP HUP S: The reason for that is I tend to scrapbook my drawings with this one. S: I will cut them out and stick them in S: Like this! S: I will probably do a video on my sketchbook at some point A: Let me come and have a look! A: We’ll be able to see it a bit better ๐Ÿ˜€ S: Currently because it’s Inktober I like to make a little check list A: Oooh! A: There’s Day…One S&A: And day two! S: Last year was my first Inktober and that’s what made me want to learn how to do traditional art. S: Because I Hadn’t touched traditional in 6 years which is so bad! A: That was last years one! S: And i completed it!! ๐Ÿ˜€ S: It was meant to be Halloween themed and it was all going so well S: Until… Around here A: And you were “I’ll draw a ballerina instead!” S: Anyway! Let’s get back to Inktober! A: I need a new picture for here! A: Some pages are like… Missing haha! Look at that! A: There we go, I think we are there S: Found it eventually? Haha S: And with my I brought a card sleeve with some- A: With a bug on it! S: AAAH! S&A: Hahaha! S: Uhm yeah! It’s a little cardboard sleeve S: With ordinary printer paper inside and my phone so it doesn’t blow away! S: Art-supply wise I have brought a big handful of different types of inking things.. S: Just because other than the fact it is animals I’m not sticking to a visual aesthetic S: I just want to experiment! ๐Ÿ˜€ A: I’m terrified to use all these as well. Inking is not my strong point! S: We’ve got.. A: A lot to be going on! S: Im just throwing art supplies A: Hey!! hahaha! A: Literally chucking it at me! Haha S: I’ve just come to the painful realisation that I’ve only get references of Zebras A: There they are! S: Zebras are horses guys. They are the HARDEST thing ever to draw! Haha A: So basically.. a stripy horse? S: Yeah S: Kind of looks like a… A: Look at the eye lashes! A: It’s a very cute one! A: That’s all I have so far.. S: Oh! There’s a dog thats come to see us! Hello! A: Oh!! A: Hello!! Haha A: I felt like.. a poke?! Hahaha S: That dog just poked you in the bum! A: We will try and show you it, the stuff we got wasn’t very good but.. S: We weren’t prepared for this dog to just suddenly appear haha! A: Such a cute little dog though! ๐Ÿ™‚ S: And with this dreaded Zebra horse thing at the moment S: I came to the conclusion that maybe if i put strips on it, it will look more like a Zebra.. S: So… we’ll see! S: What are you drawing? A: A Lady in a scarf because…I want to be in a scarf right now haha S: It is so cold right now! A: I’m just looking around to see… Peoples hair S: I’ve got hair and I’m sat next to you!! A: I always draw your hair! S: I just realized we have never mentioned in a video that Adam and I are Children’s Illustrators S: And, before coming here we went into a book shop and we bought 2 picture books S: For ourselves! We don’t have kids haha! S: One of them is Grandad’s Island. I’ve been after this one for quite a while! S: Aaaand The Princess and the Pony! A: That one’s awesome! S: My hair is just… A: Not doing what you want it to do! S: Pffft! S: I accidentally keep giving it such womanly legs! A: It can be a girl Zebra S: It’s so cold! My hands just want to do this haha! S: You told me to wear light clothes!! Because it was going to be warm! A: Hey It was warm earlier! A: That is what I am going for! S: Oooh! Are you ready to ink it yet? A: Well.. it’s time to ink it I dont know if i am ready to hahaha S: Yeah same!! Haha! I’m about ready to ink it.. Just not mentally! A: We’re not going to argue over which tools to use are we? S: We usually do ๐Ÿ˜‰ S: We’re good at that! A: Can i have the… Can i have the brush pen? S: The brush pen?.. Oooh that’s one of my favorites! S: Hmmm A: Give it me! Haha! S: Hahaha! A: Let’s get this over with! S: Okay i need to decide what I’m going to do! S: Brush pen is kind of like.. my default so I’m trying to avoid that a bit with Inktober. I might make myself use a fineliner because I don’t usually like using these there’s no line weight to them have you already jumped in with inking!? A: yeah! S: Geez and I’m just sat here talking D: Okay! Lets try this .. I guess? A: your hands always in the way S: I’m SORRY D: S: it’s so rare I see you use the brush pen A: Is that why you’re recording?? S: Yup! A: It is rare I do use it because I’m not verrrry good S: It’s nice to use because it’s effortless to get nice line variations A: That’s the problem!! Toooo much variation O__O S: you can NEVER have too much line variation! A: You can when you’re as heavy handed as me!! hahah look how shaky I am D: S: Yeaaah that’s something that takes a while to get used to It does stop eventually! S: and if any of you guys shake too, I’m sure by the end of inktober you’ll have.. Started to combat that A: Or given up!! S: NOO don’t say that!! haha Follow your dreams, guys!! and I hope none of you actually do give up on Inktober! A: Yeah don’t, I was only kidding! S: It’s one of those things where it’s so frustrating to squeeze it into your daily life but you feel so rewarded for it A: INKTOBER IS RUINING MY LIFE. S: AHHA S: is that how you feel right now!? A: Nooo, it’s not so bad! if I can do it then anyone can! S: Adam’s been saying he’s not sure if he’ll do all of inktober and I think he should be a role model for everyone watching this video! A: I think everyone should stop watching!! S: HA S: So if you everyday you could send him a comment saying “Adam you can do this!” S: I don’t like using fineliners but at least it’s making me use something different! maybe this will make me like fi-fi-fi-fiiiineliners A: a bit more? S: what you up to? Have you come to sit next to me?:D A: Yeah! S: Ooh that’s romantic! A: Get it out my face D: S: HAHA I do feel like we should probably hurry up because most people are leaving and the sky is A: it’s getting really dark and everyone’s like CYA S: we get a few questions on instagram about what this is and it’s a pentel aquash water brush pen it’s got a couple of drops of indian ink in then we just fill it up with water it’s called ink wash and you can basically paint with it it comes with a lid so you can just pop that on we’re like QVC telesales models at the moment haha! and then you can just shove it in your pencil case! A: it doesn’t leak either! the lids are really, really good! S: I was a bit nervous to take it out with us but we’ve done it a few times now and never had any problems that’s such a brilliant red ๐Ÿ˜€ that’s the really cheap permanent marker A: yeah it’s the cheap one from the S: cheap art supply challenge! S: I can’t really tell the difference between these things and the sharpies A: yeah I mean they both really stink S: Hahaha Pass it here, let me have a sniff! A: Don’t sniff it!! S: no this doesn’t stink as much as the sharpies do the sharpies reek! Whenever I try record myself with one hand and draw with the other I always end up pointing it away from the picture ๐Ÿ™ We’ve just got a tripod but it seems overkill bringing it to the park A: yeaah S: Who does that? Do people do that? A: people that make FILMS. S: but I’m just a lass on a bench S: Ooh I like patterns A: yeah me too!! S: you could put some scarf strings on the bottom of it a pigeons just ran past?! Hahaha I wondered why I could hear that little crunchy leaf noise! it was his little feet going CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH A: he was like hey guys, got any food? ๐Ÿ™‚ S: I’m gonna have him stood in some water I’m using a faber-castell pen A: Hhahha your pigeon friends walking by again! S: Is he haha?! S: I guess I’ll try do his little zebra nose A: that’s come out great! S: it’s making the ink run a bit A: that shade’s nice S: does he look more like a zebra for it?? A: yeah! S: I can’t remember if the ears are a dark colour now A: naaah just the inside S: This little bit of fluff on the head is and his tail is too ๐Ÿ™‚ I really need to erase all these pencil lines I’m annoyed with myself! I’ve just started to run out my lines and I’ve realised I haven’t done enough stripes on his head!! he’s only got 3 on there! A: put a couple more in and he’ll be okay! S: I guess that’s next then D: These are the finished pieces ๐Ÿ™‚ and if we just quickly move these out the way here is this weeks featured image this was sent in from A: Steven! S: you should totally check him out he’s got an instagram he’s very active on anddd we’ve put his username on the screen! A: WOOO S: if you enjoyed the video then give it a thumbs up A: remember to subscribe if you haven’t already! See you again for another doodle date S: a doodle date? next week?:) A: I promise that I won’t ink so bad next week S: WE WILL because it’s inktober! A: HAHA! I promise we WILL ink so bad! A&S: HAHAH S: Every week for 4 weeks! Seeya next week for another doodle date! A: Doooooodle date S: Bye!!

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