• Total Control 871

    these type of programs are what you call pump and dump. they just pump the government for the grant money and when it's all run out they dumped the homeless right back on the streets where they found them.

  • clock750

    Not bad at $40K per bed. Wouldn't it be cheaper to buy them a bus ticket back to their relatives and stop soaking the taxpayer for the bills?

  • ????????????

    At least something is being done people question their tax money the way I look at it is I gotta pay my taxes either way so who cares at least this is well spent better then digging up roads for no reason. Human compassion is important and I love the fact that piece of my tax payment goes into something like this

  • Kpt Kerosive

    Where's the free drug rehabilitation centers? Where's the mental health housing? Because we don't have a homeless problem, we have an addiction and mental health crisis. Get with it ffs

  • uUgly dDoll

    I love this, "it was A shopping center at one point". And now look! Instead of letting the building sit there to rot out, they utilized an old store, for housing the homeless. (Which is what I usually hear myself and other ppl say, when out on the town and see empty buildings.

  • Veganimal

    $4 million dollars to build this glorified jail? With no walls for privacy/safety/quiet. Imagine trying to sleep in a giant warehouse with hundreds of people, a lot of them with mental health issues. We have 18.6 million vacant homes in America, 3 times the number of homeless people. Why don't we give them actual homes and spend the money on mental health and substance abuse programs and getting them other help they need?

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