Introduction to the Tour de Mont Blanc and how we got to Chamonix
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Introduction to the Tour de Mont Blanc and how we got to Chamonix

Hello, our friends! It’s Angelina and Dima here from Walking Nature
World and today we are starting the tour de Mont
Blanc hike. This trail is around 150kms in total
and it goes around the summit of Mont Blanc. It crosses France, Italy and Switzerland. So it’s quite an international hike. And for us it’s probably won’t be the longest
hike we’ve done because we’ve already done the Camino de Santiago
and it was around 500kms. But definetely most high elevation one and
possibly one of the most challenging. We are planning to do it in 8 or 9 days. But it will depend a lot on the weather conditions
and how hard the trail will be. And for us it will be a first hike in the
season so we think it will be definetely a challenging one. Now it’s the middle of June and we are not
sure about the weather, it may be rainy or windy. So we really hope that it won’t be too harsh
to us. And as always we bring all the necessary equipment
with us like our tent and we are planning to do wild camping most of the time. There are lots of refugee houses and shelters
on the way and we may stop close to them. But if possible we’ll find place in the forest
always. This time we are hiking as prepared as we
can. We bring with us solar panel and power bank
to make sure our batteries are always charged. Also we bring with us our water filter and
portable water container to make sure that we never run out of the drinking water. And lots and lots of dry food: tomatoes, mushrooms,
some rice and dry bread. So we are more than ready to be independent. Also we know that the campsites can be quite
expensive in the area. And we are going on the budget so we’ll need
to make sure that we’ll hike as long as we need to. And our way till here was quite a journey
itself. It took us two full days to get here. And the road was very difficult. It was our first experience taking bla bla
car. And it went quite well. And as we were at the mediterranean seacoast
for some time at the campsite. We had to take the first car from Colera,
Spain to Perpignan, France. And then the second one from Perpignan till
here to Chamonix. And second guy took us to Annecy first and
let us set up a tent in his friend’s garden. It was very kind of him. Because the town is quite busy at this time. We didn’t know that there was a film festival
apparently. There are lots of crowds and all the campsites,
hotels, hostels were full. So it was really kind of this guy to let us
stay there. And there live quite a sweet elder couple
and we received the warm welcome. They were feeding us and talking to us – it
was really great. And the town itself is quite big but beautiful
because it stands at the side of the lake. It’s very big and clear and there are lots
of ducks and swans living there so it was very beautiful. And the next day the same guy took us to Chamonix
and here we are. And if you want to know the full list of things
that we bring with us to our Tour de Mont Blanc hike. Please watch the separate video, we’ll leave
the link below and here on the screen somewhere. So go and check it out. This guy is a professional mountain guide. He does a lot of mountain climbing, rock climbing,
Mont Blanc included, canyoning and lots of outdoor activities. So here is a little presentation of him. My name is Bernard Guerín, I am a mountain
guide. I guide people a little bit everywhere from
mountaineering, skiing, high-speed skiing, hiking, ice climbing, climbing, canyoning,
via ferrata. Off-piste skiing, mainly on the Tarentaise
ski tour and also return from Chamonix. And then in the summer I return to the Pyrenees
Orientales for canyoning, climbing and via ferrata. I am also a beekeeper for honey lovers. Well so it’s my pleasure, I will meet you
in the mountains. Have a great activity! So yeah we are really happy to meet this interesting
guy and we’ll be doing some outdoor activities with him. Maybe later this summer so make sure to check
him out. So now let the adventure begin! Let’s start the hike!


  • Walking Nature World

    Hello, friends! Hope you are all fine. Today we finally release the first video from our Tour de Mont Blanc hike this year. Stay tuned for the next video in a week where we´ll share what we pack with us for this hiking adventure.

  • Mrgoeniegoegoe

    Finally!!!! Since you mentioned that you hiked the TMB , i couldn't wait to see the vid
    Smart you brought solarpanel and powerbank💪

  • Lance Samuelson

    Yay! I am excited to see your new videos. It is a dream of mine to do Tour de Mont Blanc. Now I can get some ideas from you guys and your experience. I enjoy your videos. Thank you for sharing another journey.

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