Is Pauly D’s Stalker Vanessa the Real MVP!? 😨 | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV
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Is Pauly D’s Stalker Vanessa the Real MVP!? 😨 | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

(dance music) – I wanna hear some hip
hip this is Pauly D. (crowd cheering) – I’m about to rock it tonight. Yeah buddy. Who’s ready to get this
party started right now? Make some noise. (crowd cheering) Let’s go. (dance music) – When Pauly’s up on the turntables, this party comes to life. Everybody stands up,
everyone’s on couches. He goes in right from the first song and we never sit down. Every song is a banger after banger. Everyone’s going crazy. It’s powa hour. (dance music) – Jersey Shores’s in the building. Shout out Vinny, Ronnie,
Mike the situation, Snooki, Jenny, Deena, Pauly D, let’s go. (dance music) (crowd cheering) DJ Pauly D and the mix, let’s go. (tense music) – So I’m watching Pauly spin right now and I look behind him and I’m like, oh my God, that’s Pauly’s
stalker from the seaside. (camera flicking) – Everywhere we go,
there’s Pauly’s stalker. – This girl is going to kill me. She’s gonna kidnap me,
put me in her basement, have me DJ for her and I’m gonna be MIA. You guys are gonna be lookin’ for me. – It’s so creepy. Vanessa flew from Jersey just to like look at Pauly like this in the back. (upbeat music) Seriously, like what is happening? – You better be sure Pauly’s alright because who knows what the frig she’s carrying in her bag and (beep). Pauly! (tense music) – Holy (beep) what do I do? Thank her for coming? (laughs) Wow. To see her in Miami is trippy but I have a moment, I’m like, is she a stalker or a super supporter? She has on her I heart Pauly D shirt she got at the t-shirt shop, full blown Pauly D tattoo. Vanessa is the real MVP. – We’ve been looking for
a good woman for Pauly but maybe she’s been under
our nose the whole time. (dance music)


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