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IT’S A BEACH PICNIC | We Are The Davises

– Hey guys, so a lot of
you guys have been asking and worrying about Hermie
because you guys think he’s lonely, but trust
me guys, he’s not lonely. We got him a friend at the pet
store, we didn’t really show him a whole lot because
iw as too excited about my chinchilla, but I love
him, his name is Saltine, so Hermie which he’s like
hiding, I don’t know if you can see his little skull shell. Here let me take him out. He’s right there. Him and Saltine are together. Hermie is not lonely, he
has a big, big hermit crab friend, so we just don’t
show him too much but we did get a hermit crab for him
so you guys don’t have to worry about Hermie being lonely. And yeah I guess that’s
all I had to say, so yup. (upbeat music) – Hey we’re on our way to
the beach, we’re gonna have a picnic and what else are we gonna do? – We’re gonna fly kites! – Kites? So we’re gonna have your picnic. – Nummies. – Nummies, we’re on our way to the grocery store right now. – Papa said we can get some
chips, I want hot Cheetohs! – Salt and vinegar! – Doritos! – [Tyler] Pringles! – We’re gonna get a lot of chips I think. – I want some hot Cheetohs,
I want hot Cheetohs, I want hot Cheetohs! – Pringles! – Wow. We act like we’ve never
bought chips before, everybody’s just grabbing,
grabbing the chips. – I got my hot Cheetohs! – I’m looking right here,
I know mine are right here in front of my face, right here! Ah, my favorite, mm! – What about the less fat? – [Mom] Uh ah, less fat means less taste. – I have the hiccups, I
can’t stop hiccupping. – Less fat, get the real thing. – They got like tortilla,
chili cheese and salsa. – [Mom] What you get? – Cheddar cheese. – [Mom] Oh yum. – So going to the beach,
bought some gear so we can have a good time while we’re there. – I get to hold the surf board. – [Mom] Let’s catch some tasty waves dude! – Some tasty waves bro! – While I eat some Cheetohs. – [Mom] Tasty waves and Cheetohs. – It’s kind of hit and
miss out here in Florida. California’s got tasty waves all the time, Florida every once in a
while, so we have to see if we get lucky since we
don’t live right next to the beach we just kind
of have to pray and hope for the best. If there’s waves, I’m on them, if not, well then we’re just
lugging around a bunch of boards for no reaTyler. – I’m making a ditch
around it so that people can’t get in. – [Mom] A moat? – Yeah a moat. It’s like got a ton of shells in it though so it’s kind of hard. Tyler’s going up there
though because this sand has a lot of shells and it
kinda looks a little lumpy. You got it close. – Make a hole there. – No Tyler it’s too late, it’s too late! Tyler it’s too late for that part. – No, it has to be beautiful! – Let it be! – [Mom] How are you gonna
get that out without it falling apart? – Um we just boom, try to scoop it. – Wait wait wait, I want to this time. – [Mom] What in the center? – [Tyler] Yup. – [Mom] I think you’re
supposed to build it up first and make that be the top. But I guess practice is good. Yay! – [Kayla] That’s kinda good. – [Mom] That’s a good start. – It’s better, last time
the whole top fell off. (rolling waves) – We’re gonna do some treasure hunting and find some shells. – [Dad] Wow look at that. (upbeat music) Tyler is a terror to the sand people. – Bua ha ha! Fist, fist your eye
patch, break the computer! You can do it! – Now we’re yumming in
our picnic at the beach. Tyler put a Mentos in his coke. He’s getting plenty of sugar though. (mumbling) – No I drank a lot. – I’m on this really good
diet plan right now that lets me eat whatever I
want, and the only thing– – [Mom] It’s called the American diet. – Well the only stipulation
is I don’t have to care how fat I get, right? As long as I don’t care
how fat I get I can eat as much as I want. – [Mom] It’s called the “see food diet,” what you see, you eat. So what is that? His mouth is so full and there’s chocolate oozing out of it. – It’s a Tasty Cake. – It’s a yummy Tasty Cake,
oh my God it’s so good. – [Mom] Is it a choco pie? – Yes. – [Mom] I remember eating
those when we were kids. Pure evil. – I don’t think I’ve had one
of these since I was a kid, that’s why I got it when I saw it. – Wanna fix the one we haven’t done yet the easiest one? – [Mom] He eats one every weekend. – That is so not true. (mumbling) – Have to get the wet sand. – Hello. – Alright so Kayla– – Yay, I get Spongebob! – [Tyler] I want Star Wars! – [Dad] Better watch out, watch your step. Okay be careful and yeah, just let it go, up in higher air. – [Mom] Just don’t get it go. – Don’t let it go, don’t let it go. – I wanna fly a kite. – [Dad] Don’t let it get
close, don’t let it go. – [Mom] Alright we got some kite action going on here. – [Dad] Doing some things with the kites! (gentle music) Dancing with Spongebob. – Dancing with Spongebob! – How are you doing that? – Lift up the corners. – Oh. – I’ll hit you in the face, woo! – I’ll hit you in the face! It’s going in a circle. Do a dive, go in a circle. – He’s talking about circles. He’s talking about circles, I know! – Come over here! (playing and shouting) – You’re headed in a circle, stop it! – Wait no, can I see how yours is stuck? – [Mom] Wonder if we could
find any good shells. – I found a purple one. – [Mom] Purple? – Little skully. – [Mom] That’s a little skull. That’s definitely going
in the treasure jar. – Yeah it’s so cute, it goes
with like the treasure theme. – [Mom] Yeah! (upbeat music) ♫ You’re the sunshine where I’m (surfing music) – [Mom] What did you find? – What is that, whoa? It’s a giant shell! It was so hard to get out. Wait let’s rinse it, I wanna
see what it actually looks. – [Mom] This is our surfer guy. – And then hold on, pan away. And this is surfer guys six months later. – [Mom] This is how they do
the before and afters people. – Yeah. – [Mom] Okay Sean
actually looks like this, and then all he has to
do is stick his stomach out because he’s got muscle control. See? – It all starts with the thumb. – [Mom] So just so you
guys know, this is exactly how people do before and after. This is how they try to sell products. Every day you see a before and after, this is what they do. – This is the before usually, right? He looks all miserable too, he’s like. And then the after is like. – [Mom] Yeah and it only takes a second. – Or they just get different people. – [Mom] Nope they don’t, they just suck in and then stick out. – Mommy look how pretty the underside of this shell is, it’s
like pretty and pink. – [Mom] Pretty and pink! – Okay guys hope you enjoyed that video. Like, subscribe, comment down below, until next time, bye! – Until later! Oh yeah, oh, he says “oh that’s the spot, “that’s the spot there,
ooh ga ga ga ga ga. “Oh that’s the spot there,
oh that’s the spot there, “oh thank you, thank you very much.” Oh he say “that’s good,
that’s very very good.” – I have to check on Jinx, bye babies. (upbeat music)

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