j’ai ouvert un coffre fort avec le découpeur plasma PARKSIDE LIDL PPS 40 et meuleuse d’angle
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j’ai ouvert un coffre fort avec le découpeur plasma PARKSIDE LIDL PPS 40 et meuleuse d’angle

Youtube channel 2: the PARKSIDE multi-support sander DO NOT REPRODUCE I open a safe with the plasma cutter hello friends, something crazy happened to me! (that’s wrong!) I won € 1 million in lotto in cash !! the lotto guy brought me the million euro and to protect the money … I bought a high security safe! (36 €: p) I put the money in the safe …. and …. … I lost the keys !!! the Loto gentleman asks me for the money !! I have 5 minutes to give it back !! what do you advise me? how to open the safe? choice 1 – the plasma cutter with SCHEPPACH compressor, choice 2 – the PARKSIDE PERFORMANCE angle grinder with PARKSIDE disc Choice 1 – the plasma cutter Did you choose the plasma cutter?
you are very sick !! but I like that;) I put the chest on a steel plate, with the magnet to hold, I’m going to cut at the top, even if I think it’s better on the side: p I will add a support (to avoid sticking to the trunk) (it is included since version B2) the mass 30A should be enough. (2 mm steel) I was too fast! I will increase the power a little and cut more slowly! friends we did it! watching (cinema ticket), everything did not burn: p partially damaged content choice 2 – the angle grinder you choose the angle grinder? you are reasonable! 😉 (PARKSIDE disc) two cups! it is badly damaged !! I’m going to test with a PDW disc (it’s 115 mm) PDW disk is much faster compared to a new disc, I lost 0.39 mm Parkside i lost 9.53mm disc already recommended, description link now the support is included with the PLASMA PARKSIDE (B2) cutter, it is no longer necessary to buy (link in description anyway to make circle cuts) if you want me to test other products to open the safe, please leave a comment; see you soon ++


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