Jaime Lannister escapes from Robb’s camp
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Jaime Lannister escapes from Robb’s camp

I’m not well-suited for imprisonment. Shocking, I know. Some men are. Ned Stark, I imagine he made an excellent prisoner
right up until the end. Not me, though. My life has left me
uniquely unfit for constraint. And have you thought about… Of course. Every day. And? Good prisoners breed good jailers,
apparently. The Starks are very careful. But there is a way, I think. It wasn’t possible until now. What is it? – It’s actually quite simple.
– Well, let me help you. You’ll only have to do one thing. Tell me. You’ll have to die. (CHOKING) (BONE CRACKING)


  • Erik Karlsson

    I just realized this the last time I rewatched season two, and I've seen it probably around 10 times now, that there's no logic at all for Jaime to kill Ser Alton Lannister, just before this video begins Ser Jaime and Ser Alton kind of bonded, even if it's just a little bit. It's obvious that Ser Alton looks up to Ser Jaime and he tells him he'll help him escape, so instead of whispering "You'll have to die" he could've just whispered "You'll have to pretend to die" or "pretend to have a seizure", this would've had exactly the same effect that killing him did, not only that but he could've used Ser Alton's help when doing the actual hard part of escaping the camp, he's not as recognizable as Jaime so he could've sent him to get him a horse or just have him come with him, or create a distraction when they've realized they've escaped, or he could've just told him to stay there if he didn't want his help if he'd prefer and nothing would've changed except he wouldn't have had to kill him.
    But no, the writers wanted some more drama/shock value and for Jaime to still seem like a douchebag at this point. It's funny how this was one of the very few changes from the books at this point and it already doesn't make any sense. Kind of foreshadowed that almost every plot change made from the books wouldn't make any sense, or at the very least make less sense.

    Some might say/think that because "we" never thought about this before, I didn't think about it until recently at least, Jaime wouldn't have thought about it either, but consider yourself being in that cell, having your cousin put there with you and you're like "ah it's him, I remember him, I liked this cousin." and he looks up to you and tells you he'll do anything to help you escape, would you murder him to escape, or tell him to fake the seizure instead? Even if you're used to killing and is willing to kill someone like that.
    This is ignoring the fact that there's no sense for the jailor to go into the cage to check on Ser Alton and put his back to The Kingslayer considering he's the only one who could've done anything to him and getting killed.

  • some person that you will never meet.

    why the f*ck should the guard go in the cell? just let the corpse rot, you idiot. It could've even bothered Jaime since his stupid plan wouldn't work and he has to deal with a corpse.

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