JaJa PROSTART Firestarter In The Field Camping review/demonstration
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JaJa PROSTART Firestarter In The Field Camping review/demonstration

I’m going to show you today , my name is Chris by the way, for In The Field Camping Podcast, I’m going to show you the JaJa, or JaJa, Jaja Firestarter ProStart I think is what it’s called what is it is this steel contraption here it screws
onto any normal propane canister like that pretty simple so take a look at you build your fire pit the same way as always so there you have it and what you do with this thing is you just put it underneath here like this and as you can see uh… getting it at the right angle with these tall fire pits is not the easiest thing no matter how much this is curved
it’s still kind of kinda funky unless you have real tall pieces of wood like a bonfire I’ll put it right about like this it wants a tip over but this is helping
prop it up the firestarter comes with its own little clicker to spark it but it’s it’s not
worth of the effort so I’m just using a regular old bic lighter so the first thing to do get your lighter ready get a flame then you turn this up… and watch. Just like that that’s on low probably, turn it up it’s like a blowtorch don’t need this anymore just put it in the right position to get it going my tee-pee of wood wants to fall over so you just do this for about five minutes and we’ll stop the recording and pick it back up again and you can see what’s it like after about 5 minutes alright, so it’s been about 5 minutes just moved it to the other side to give it a better chance to go, so it’s pretty much burning on its own now added a little more wood to it, it was kind of stubborn all you do is just turn it off and that’s pretty much the fire on its own
after a few minutes so lets say you put it back and nothing’s happening some piece of wood just isn’t burning well
all you’ve got to do put it back towards here, turn it on, and you’ve got a flame just like that aim it for the area that’s a problem, that’s
giving you trouble blast the wood with it does a pretty good job. No kindling, no
paper No continuous relights, I have not had to relight this thing after the first time you saw me light it works pretty good obviously don’t touch the end of it when you’re done it’s going to be hot for a while but this thing’s been in multiple
fires it hasn’t changed it’s shape, it hasn’t melted hasn’t been a
problem these things last forever, I don’t know how many fires I’ve started just with this one here again that’s the JaJa ProStart and uh… I’ll put the link up on the video I’m not being paid to do this by them, nor am I being paid by Sportsman Warehouse the shirt I’m wearing In case you’re curious, we’re at Horsetooth
Reservoir in northern Colorado near Fort Collins and uh… if you like it buy one listen to our podcast thanks for watching

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