Jam Jam goes to Rhythmic Gymnastics class! [The Return of Superman/2019.10.20]
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Jam Jam goes to Rhythmic Gymnastics class! [The Return of Superman/2019.10.20]

Episode 299 of The Return of Superman, “Let’s Walk Our Autumn”. Jam Jam, what should we do? We need to go on an autumn picnic, but it’s raining so much. It always rains on the day of your picnic. It’s so interesting. It’s raining a lot, isn’t it? (I can’t see outside.) Can’t you see outside? I was so surprised by how much it’s raining. (How heavy is it that you’re surprised?) Look at that. It’s raining a lot. Rain? – Gosh. / – What is that sound? No. We can’t go. You can’t go outside in that kind of weather. – Goodness. / – Shall we go on? We can’t go outside. – Do you want to have a picnic here? / – Yes. – Shall we camp here? / – Yes. That’s better. You can’t go outside. Wise thinking. Chair. (Jam Jam fits perfectly into the camping chair.) I’m excited. Let’s see. (Which other camping gear is there?) What is that? Why is she so surprised? What is this? This is called a hammock. Hammock. That makes you feel like you’re actually camping. – You’re right. / – Isn’t this cool? It’s going to be fun, right? (She kicks her feet excitedly.) Of course. There’s a hammock. – Lie down. / – It’s so comfortable. This is how you do it. (There is a swing you can lie on?) – Is it fun? / – Yes. It’s good to feel like we’re camping. (Jam Jam is having a lot of fun.) Jam Jam. – I like camping. / – You like camping? (Proud) Jam Jam. Is the hammock underwater? Did he prepare a swimming pool? Look. (It’s a water bottle.) Jam Jam. I thought they were actually swimming. (She didn’t expect to crawl.) Jam Jam. They managed to have fun at home. – Right. / – Why are we crawling? Goodness. (Rummaging) Dad, let’s play with this. – Jenga? / – Do you know how to play? It’s quite hard. Jenga. Mommy. Jam Jam. (You must pile up before playing.) – She’s good. / – It’s tough, though. (It’s Heejun’s first time piling up the blocks.) No. (No!) (This is not it. Why did you do that?) – Is this it? / – Yes. Did she have to scold him? (He made a mistake with the blocks.) (She feels a little bad about it.) (Let’s pile them up quickly.) (Rushing) Wait. Let me try first. – It came out. / – I took one stick out. Can you do it? (Pushing) – Gosh. / – You’re so good. – She’s good. / – You’re good. Can she turn the pile? (She takes it out without hesitation.) You’re so decisive. (Is this really what a 29-month girl can do?) – Jam Jam. / – She’s good. She’s incredible. She must have played it a lot. Oh, no. – Oh, no. / – “Oh, no.” It broke down. (Even Homer nods sometimes.) It broke down. – It broke down. / – She’s embarrassed. We had some fun. Now let’s eat something tasty. Rainy day reminds you of one food. – I’ll make it for you. / – That’s right. It even sounds tasty. – Big. / – Big. (Jam Jam looks for something.) I’ll have a frying pan too. I guess she has her own frying pan. That’s your frying pan. He’s quite good. (Jam Jam too.) I’ll give you a cute little piece. It’s so cute. – This is yours. / – So she can try it herself? Look at how I do it. Look. (Flip the pancake like Dad.) (She looks at it closely.) – It must be heavy for her. / – Goodness. – It’s too heavy. / – That’s it. You did it. She did it! You did it. You flipped it. – Try it again. / – It must be hard to hold it. But she flipped it as well. (She tries again and flipped the pancake successfully.) She should become a cook. (Nothing is impossible for Jam Jam.) You’re so good. (Is my daughter a genius?) – It looks really tasty. / – It looks so good. Let them see this. – We can’t see it. / – Look. Yours and mine are being cooked together. It’s huge. – Dad’s is so big, isn’t it? / – The size is… Yes. Jam Jam’s is small. It’s small. – It’s going to be tasty. / – I want it. You want it? Do you want to eat it now? Yes. Let’s enjoy it, then. – The mung bean pancake looks so tasty. / – Let’s eat. Cut it and… Is she going to eat the whole piece? Are you going to eat the whole piece? Goodness. – Goodness. / – She’s eating so well. You’re eating so well. What is it? Uncle. Uncle, do you want to eat the pancake? She must feel bad about leaving out the cameramen. Enjoy it. Thank you. I’ll enjoy it. Please enjoy the pancake. – Thank you. / – Goodness. (Jam Jam delivers food to the cameramen.) What will she eat after sharing it all? (Something is missing.) Chopsticks. – Chopsticks. / – She’s so considerate. She doesn’t forget to give them chopsticks. (Where are the chopsticks?) She’s going to give them chopsticks too. Give these to them. Use chopsticks to eat. Chopsticks. – She’s just adorable. / – She’s so adorable. (Enjoy the pancake, Uncles.) This is going to be incredibly tasty. – What is that? / – You eat this when you camp. It’s really tasty. When you go camping, – you must grill marshmallow. / – Marshmallow? (Biting) Jam Jam. You shouldn’t eat that yet. – What? I’m so annoyed. / – If you wait and not eat it, I’ll give you one more. If you don’t wait, you’ll only get one. (Do you want me to wait?) It’s the Marshmallow Challenge to see if children can practice patience and self-control. Bentley is the same age as Jam Jam, but he failed as soon as the challenge began. Right. Don’t eat it. Wait. Gunhoo tried when he was 15 months old, but he was in agony fighting off the urge to eat. (The fight with his urge was tough.) He ended up failing – after Naeun gave him a bite./ – Right. (It’s so sweet.) I’ll give one more – if you wait. / – Will Jam Jam be able to wait? Dad. Holding back… Heejun will watch her through the camera from afar. (Heejun is watching her.) – When is Dad coming? / – She’s whispering. When is Dad coming? I shouldn’t eat it. She put it down, – saying she shouldn’t. / – I’m hungry. – Give it to me. / – This is the early stage. Give it to me. Give it to me. She’s gloomy now. – She just sighed. / – It makes you sigh. “When will Dad come back?” – This is… / – She picked it up. (She picked up the marshmallow.) This is the biggest crisis in her 29-month life. – She still hasn’t eaten it. / – Ten minutes? She’s still waiting. I can’t believe she can stay alone for ten minutes. (Right, it smells so sweet.) – The smell. / – She smelled it. It’s over once she smells it. (Will Jam Jam’s Marshmallow Challenge end now?) Her tongue is sticking out. (Not yet.) – She held back. / – Did she just hold it back? Let’s say she passed the test. Dad told me not to eat it. (Upset) (Stage 4: Crying out) Jam Jam. – Did you eat it? / – No! – Well done. / – She waited for so long. (He’s touched.) This is the marshmallow that put you in agony. – It’s become so sticky. / – It kept you waiting. I promised. So you’ll get two pieces of marshmallow. Two pieces. – Well done. / – You can eat it now. Right, she needs to experience what a reward is. – Right. / – Then she’ll do better next time. Cheers. It’s so tasty, isn’t it? It’s tasty. You’re a good girl. Did you wait? Did you wait because I told you not to eat it? Yes. – Well done. / – She’s so sweet. – Oh, gosh. / – She’s so sweet. (Once the rain stopped…) – Jam Jam and Heejun go out. / – Let’s go. – Where are they headed? / – Let’s go. Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. – Hello. / – I saw a hula-hoop earlier. – There are balls. / – There are balls too. It’s a rhythmic gymnastics class. What brings you here? – I think my daughter is quite flexible. / – Is she? Jam Jam. She started jumping with her knees since her first birthday. She also twirled every ribbon she found at home. She’s more flexible than most, and she’s also great at learning dance moves. She must really be talented. – I always thought so too. / – Right. I never taught her anything or trained her. She just seems to be exceptionally flexible. I thought I should let her try rhythmic gymnastics. – Let’s go. / – Goodness. She looks so pretty. – It suits her perfectly. / – She’s so cute. – Hello. / – Hello. Let’s sit down, Jam Jam. Sit down. Put your legs together. – One. / – One. – Two. / – Two. – Point. / – Point. – Goodness. / – Flex. Flex. (Wiggling) (She’s good at copying.) We’ll sit like this. – Can you sit like this? / – Can you? (I want to try too.) (She pulled it off easily.) – She’s good. / – Look at her feet. She keeps her toes folded. You’re good. She’s so good. – You need to be born with it. / – Stretch. – Put more force into your arms. / – You’re so good. – Put more force. / – That’s it. Look above. – Gosh. / – That’s it. – You’re so good. / – Let’s fold your legs. That’s it. – She’s good. / – She’s very good. (She keeps her legs folded well.) She’s so good. – Well done. / – Right. Look, try this. All the other girls seem older than her. Rabbit. Jam Jam, line up. How did we jump again? Do the rabbit jump first. Show me the rabbit ears. (Rabbit ears?) That’s it. (Jam Jam turned into a rabbit.) She’s so good. (Jumping) – Oh, gosh! / – She’s so cute. She’s adorable. (I’m good at jumping.) Lastly, try this. That can be tricky. There we go. Well done. You tried. – She’s so good. / – He must find her so adorable. Great. Guys, keep the hoop moving. Keep it moving. (The six-year-old girl seems experienced.) (I’ll try too.) (Is this how I do it?) – Look at her. / – This may be too hard for her. – Right. / – She’s too young. (The other big girls are good.) (She wants to do well.) Is it too hard? It’s because the hula-hoop is too big. Spread your arms. High up. Let me spin it for you. Keep your arms high. That’s it. (Moving) You’re good. She’s so cute. What is she doing with her arms? – She’s so funny. / – You did so well. Well done. (I’m so good at gymnastics, aren’t I?) Jam Jam, do this. Keep your arms up. – Try this. / – Although it’s her first class, she doesn’t miss a move. She can spin the hula-hoop and play with the ball. (Jam Jam is the rhythmical gymnastics fairy.) She should keep attending the class. What do you think? Is she good? She’s so good. Really. – Really? / – Yes. – She’s so good. / – Maybe I should send her here. (Look forward to the future gymnast, Jam Jam.) Let’s go eat something delicious. (Moon Romeo and Jam Jam Juliet) Jam Jam. I love you, Jam Jam. Jam Jam? (Moon Romeo and Jam Jam Juliet are deeply in love.) Jam Jam. Jam Jam. (She moves her lips.) She’s so cute. – But Heejun is… / – Kiss. (Laughing) (She quickly turns away.) Jam Jam. Jam Jam? (She’s not here.) – When did they come? / – There are so many customers. I’m sorry. I’ve always wanted to do this with my daughter. Like Romeo and Juliet. – He had no idea. / – This is like… How old are you guys by the way? – I was born in 1995. / – In 1995? Have you seen me while I worked as H.O.T? I saw you for the first time on “Running Man”. On “Running Man”? (This is how people started recognizing him) (as an entertainer.) So he thinks Heejun is an entertainer. You remember me from “Running Man”. Do you know the group g.o.d? I was a fan of them. (You don’t know H.O.T, but you’re a fan of g.o.d?) Were you a fan of g.o.d? Yes, I was. Me too. g.o.d was the popular artist of your age. Is this a fan meeting for fans of g.o.d or something? Is this some sort of a club? – There are so many g.o.d fans. / – What a coincidence. (Sullen) – You’re cute. / – Cute. – Cute. / – Cute. (The good daughter, Jam Jam tries to console her dad.) – The archaeopteryx. / – Archaeopteryx? – Archaeopteryx? / – Archaeopteryx? – If I cover one of my eyes… / – Archaeopteryx. – I can be H.O.T. / – The archaeopteryx. Right. If he lets it grow a little more, he will. – Archaeopteryx? / – Archaeopteryx. Do I become the archaeopteryx if I cover my eye? (Come back to how you looked back then.) I… (Let me tell you more.) I even wrote a book. The book tells you all about what kind of person I am. (I’m not interested.) She just covered his mouth. – She’s telling him to be quiet. / – Yes. “Stop it, Dad.” (Be quiet.) Can’t I say one more thing? I’m sorry. You don’t have to say it. Jam Jam knows how you feel.


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