Japan’s Naked Island Hermit: VICE INTL (Japan)
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Japan’s Naked Island Hermit: VICE INTL (Japan)


  • ono 167

    Technically he is mocking the entire world and its weird ways to deal the situations by making it more worse.
    He just uses the sea water gargle it up and he is a 78 years old having not a single medicine!! I really like his way of thinking and he is also an atheist with no religion but still in his best shape

  • Rich Tygart

    That sounds all good but I definitely want some shorts so mosquitoes didn't bite me on my dick when I was sleeping.

  • Rich Tygart

    Could you imagine if that was America with its insane puritanical laws? Some religious nitwit law enforcement agent would go arrest him for lewd conduct because his ding dong is flapping around.

  • pam4840

    Amazing how an calamitous event like the nuclear wipeout can bring about a profound change in a man a+ve change. Its not that he got angrier and resorted to violence

  • emmileechan

    Unfortunately he was captured by the Japanese authorities in April this year and forced to go to hospital and now lives in Ishigaki and not allowed to return..:(


  • animax1010

    Update: He was barred from returning back to the island by the Japanese government after he was found sick and taken to the hospital.

  • ScoriacTears

    I see the reason she was sent, Vice. . . What is Vice? what is a vise? hmm, think i'm funking a thought. . . I mean I'm thinking a thunk. . .I, I, I I, I don't know what I'm sayiinnnngggggggg, beeeeeeeeeeeeep. . . click!

  • Humble Roots

    LOL @ all the arrogant right-wingers getting triggered because they're jealous that this guy actually has the balls to live on his own in the wilderness where these pathetic, sour, special snowflakes wouldn't last 10 minutes.

  • pen0rprick

    This would be a great dose of "empowerment" for the feminists out there. Surely we can find a deserted jungle island for them all to live empowered on.

  • brandon whitson

    I heard this is actually BS? Made up story with actors. It could be true but it seems a little far fetched

  • energybengt

    quite telling of our own separation from our natural state that most links to this story emphasize that he was "naked" . Of course he was … because clothes are a cultural expression. A societal development. We are all naked.

  • energybengt

    i think that, out of respect and curiosity, i would interview him in the nude as well. it seems weird to wear clothes around him …. like he's a subject in a zoo. I suppose to us who live in society he seems that way somehow … but i think it would be part of understanding his state if you were to adopt his island lifestyle as much as possible whilst there … if you felt safe and open to doing so. Just a thought 🙂

  • energybengt

    i wonder what's behind the blurred out part at his crotch? IT"S HIS PENIS!!! SO WHAT???????? I don't know, but to me, it seems so silly to blur out a body part. You're just continuing the sensationalizing of it. Tried not to remark about this, but couldn't keep quiet! 🙂

  • Abe Heuer

    I love his life philosophy – it places him in tune and in harmony with nature instead of placing himself at the centre of it.

  • Comrade Hatuey

    I think he could have a fun time with the Indigenous people of South America that live in the jungle. He got the best tan too.

  • cynicofthesystem

    At 4:53 the remains of a solitary tree, with all its branches cut off to make room for electrical wires, underscores the message in this video.
    In sharp contrast, at 11:20 his radio wire runs through the trees, not interfering with nature, and he still gets radio reception.

    Can I live on the other side of the island? I promise I will keep to myself and not bother you. Please!!

  • Gavin1130

    I bet Mr. Aoki gets all the ladies, he looks like a smooth talker. After seeing Mr. Nagasaki, it all makes sense why they're friends, he's just as smooth with the ladies!! LoL They both seem like really down to earth ppl, and this journalist has to be one of my favorite. I've watched 4 or 5 she's done and every one of them she's done a great job trying to understand whatever she's covering.

  • Imelton Azevedo

    There is another japanese old man living alone in the amazon jungle (Brazil). His name is Nakayama and he's from Fukuoka! There's a nice documentary about him on Youtube.

  • Jim Baird - Adventurer

    I like his philosophy but I think he doesn’t realize that the sovereign nation of Japan and the laws that govern it have a lot to do with why he can live in piece on that island. For example there are no roving bands of pirates he has to deal with like he would if there were no tax dollars that contributed to national defence and law enforcement.I imagine he would also benefit from any public healthcare and the infrastructures that put the food in the stores he buys it at. So, as much as he’s not happy with Japan, Japan is also a free country that allows him to live as he is. That speaks to the country’s merit to me but, because he looks down at a country that is providing him his way of life, and if he thinks he is “better than it” or better than people who are part of the working population of the country. Yet is doing nothing to contribute to that societal / governmental structure, I’d say in some ways he is an ungrateful taker. No offence to him really though because on the whole I think the guy is awesome.

  • RT 87

    So when he does no body will know that’s crazy he looks good for his age and I bet he would break her In half imagine how long it’s been since he saw a women or smashed he probably had a boner the whole time she was there

  • Jasmine Austin

    He's right about not getting sick in the first place and relying on medicine. Gotta give that to him and he looks genuinely happy and and at peace

  • Cold-as-ice-007 Zero

    i take my fedora off to this man… really tho 78 years old living in such conditions … my only question is… is he always year round naked? i mean what about hypothermia? sure he lives on a tropical island, but its not always sunshine and rainbows… it's mostly rain and harsh winds aswell, how does he cope with that?


    I envy him .. I wish I was as brave to make such a bold move . My heart wants this more than anything but I’m too much of a selfish coward to go for it 🙁

  • Khaleesi Romaerys

    He's more contented and happy more than any city folks just like me. Yeah I have shelter, food, money but not authentic happy. I want something like this! But I'm scared I would never gonna eat my favorite food again!

  • Khaleesi Romaerys

    We have simalarities. I hated to be in the city. I want to be in an isolated island. I always want to be alone. And I'm happy being alone. It's the only time I become the REAL me. I am only talkative and happy and being me when I am accompanied by people I am dear with or comfortable to be with. If you're a stranger or a new friend, if I don't feel comfortable to be with you, I will never talk to you.

  • Dick Watson

    What a marvelous man and he must be doing things right as he has a lean body and good teeth and seems 100 % happy with his life and isolation– i hope he is safe when a tsunami occurs

  • mark mccall

    Was a bit underwhelmed with his accommodation progress in 20 years – until the whole 'grain of rice' life philosophy. I wish him health and happiness for many years to come.

  • Dan Zena

    I mean, salute to this guy for living his truth and living his life on his terms but there's some stuff that sort of bother me. It's not a big deal but still.

    1) If he thinks Japan is dirty, well, I believe he hasn't seen the rest of the world! I've been to Japan a few times, traveled to multiple cities and prefectures and its one of the cleanest countries with some of the cleanest cities I been to anywhere in the world. Sure, there's pollution like any other country or city's but in comparison to many other cities, its sparking clean. The rural areas of Japan are pristine, clean and the air always smell crisp.

    Try going to any city in India for instance, the moment you step out the airport, its smells like a super, giant 300ft tall Indian man spread his asshole and dropped a ghastly fart all over the cities of New Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta. Go to some cities in China and you get instantly choked up by the smog. Go to Los Angeles or San Francisco and you have to wear a hazmat suit because of all the filthy homeless people and HUMAN fecal matter splashed all over the place. Of course, I'm being hyperbolic but you get the point.

    2) Him not wanting to eat life. Okay, that's cool but life its life. Its the circle of life, people acting like he's saying something so deep is kind of silly to me. Whatever life he won't it, that life form is eating another life form. Eating plants is eating life and I'm sure he's not eating sand or a piece of cardboard.

  • Amber Sykora

    I wish I could love there with that man as a stand in grandfather or just island neighbor. How blessed is he???? He is living as the universe and the earth intended. Bless him!

  • Pete Johnson

    Are you kidding me. As someone coming from the city, she cant understand how anyone would want to live on a beautiful quiet tropical island. People have been conditioned to live like rats in cages. There was a guy who did studies on rat cities and the effects of close quarters back in the 70s and 80s. The outcome was eerily similar to our current modern situation.

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