Jax Found A Pet Alligator! Can We Keep Him???
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Jax Found A Pet Alligator! Can We Keep Him???

ah damn 7:00 a.m. how you doing
everybody from a Louisiana Welcome Center here today we shall be getting
into Texas I overnight it here at a Welcome Center and it’s called something
else but it was closed last night actually gonna let’s go check it out now
let’s see if we can find out exactly where I am this morning before we get on
the road West open of course around 11:00 p.m. last night a Class C pulling
a car from Quebec parked right next to me and ran their generator even though
the parking lot was wide the hell open every time man it’s not just Canadians
it’s like I have to cuddle with this other or be I have to run my generator
right next to his bed there’s no other options it’s so weird man every time I
talk to our beers I try to just slap some sense and it was like dude get away
from me have some respect man I don’t get it man
but anyway this Louisiana rest area is also home to the at folia National
Heritage Area oh it’s an NPS thing No so the area is run by the National Park
System but this is just a Louisiana State rest area and it’s Welcome Center
it’s pretty cool we cut some animatronics in here I swear he was just
moving a second ago there he goes hey turtle and there’s a raccoon that may
peaked up over the stump here look at this alligator skin it’s just
creepy there’s a movie in there also it says it’s in progress right now maybe
he’ll come back to us go outside first mr. green turtle
we will still be careful of Gators guys these ones are harmless but it’s still
pretty cool there mr. tooth man all right
a tiny turtle and it’s really swampy in here birds and another Gator and and my
socks are soaked I instantly regret walking through here let’s get back up
to higher ground are these egrets I think that’s what you
call these guys egrets anyways my last day in Louisiana
just still trying to get to Texas and by the way I never did get a confirmation
that my new bank card had been arrived so it would not have worked to stay and
try to have that forwarded to me because we have flat out running out of time
anyway so hopefully it’ll be there it escapees when I arrived in Livingston
but it’s one of those things man gonna be making a change soon to fix this so
it doesn’t happen again but for right now let’s let’s get
through Louisiana there’s anything fun I will definitely stop a chair with you
yeah back on i-10 here the sunshine is trying to peek in I think we will see
some sunshine at some point today that’s a good thing some of these
Louisiana roads on the interstate are really rough earlier off I’ve heard
stories I remember I do you remember and I want to apologize up front for the
quality of the videos here as I travel west as you know if you’ve been
following my channel we’re on a mission to take care of a problem that’s out of
my control and so there’s not a whole lot of stops there’s not a whole lot of
creativity right this moment until I get to Texas but be patient with me it’s
coming I will make it up to you guys in Texas for the rest of the winter I
promise hang tight I told my buddy Wayne that I would stop in Wayne Louisiana and
check out the town forum see why is this road you can’t see it on the Camerons I
know it’s not gonna show up but these expansions are like eight inches wide
and it’s just atrocious what the heck look off to the right there’s a big
steel frog well we could pull in here maybe you can’t dry the classe around
town watch me and yeah the Sun came out its peeking through the clouds right now
I want to show you this mural but I got to face you right into the Sun right
there okay there you go big ol mural
with a big toad frog I mean because look frog capital of the world
Lane Louisiana there you go did you even know that there was a frog capital of
the world why does that say rain did I say Wayne oops
gets wood this is not Wayne Louisiana it’s with an R Raymond ok sorry actually
I should have just kept calling it Wayne so I get hundreds of hateful comments
look at this guy the Frog of rain Louisiana fantastic detail buddy I love
the bow tie tuxedo oh yeah looking good oh and he’s got the cane I guess
everything I might try to film to say it’s gonna be right into the Sun well
anyway actually hold that thought it’s not my fault that I said Wayne instead
of rain because the city welcome sign is completely blank right now usually this
says welcome to rain I know what happened they probably had some idiot
teenagers graffiti it up so they just painted over it all white and they’re
probably getting ready to repaint on welcome to rain
Louisiana’s there you go frog capital of the world well we had to see if our
favorite baby Gators here right heard they’ve been doing some remodel the
cater shots ow shit oh shit how do you say that word shit shit whatever
let’s go find out Jax I’m in my buggy man I’m in my cap buggy that’s right in
Jax all right buddy I believe they are pet-friendly here let’s go find out yeah
definitely we modeled this building since I was last here it’s been a while
Jax you excited don’t go see if we can see a gator and give them gator kisses
yeah major remodeling hair Christmas tree well I guess it’s a Mardi Gras
chorizo that counts but this is their new building there and their souvenirs
there’s even some magnets over there we’ll checked out on the way out but Jax
is eager to go see the Gator so we’re gonna go in in there
I see one I’m gonna get him look at that one right there
oh there’s two of them they’re tiny are you impressed yeah look at this guy
what is it what is that you don’t want to give him Gator kisses he’s very
curious his eyes look like yours you don’t want a pet Gator you don’t think I
can do it no guys wouldn’t get along well you’re
not hissing thank you he’s cute have a good day Peter magnin I’m gonna
go with you got Nemo on top of the magnet I like that one
all right and we’ll display my Gator magnet up here on the board to anyone
else it’s just a normal looking Gator magnet with no meaning but to me every
time I look at it I’ll remember Jack’s going nose to nose with a baby Gator
uh-huh oh my gosh I got such cute pictures of Jackson the Gator I’m gonna
put this on Instagram real quick before I get back on the road that’s too cute
all right posted next stop Texas y’all hello Texas state line Orange County
Texas yes and the Texas travel information center free map and
literature yes let’s do it cause it actually feels really good to
finally be back in Texas honestly which way do we go I can’t read that sign yeah
come on oh and I went the wrong way well come on Texas everything supposed to be
bigger in Texas you wrote that so small and you put it
after the Y let’s let all the cars are going over to the truck side anyway we
nobody can read the sign maybe I can still get over there yeah I should be
fine I’m just gonna go forward and then back into one of these slots hang on
there is actually a method to my madness let me get parked and I’ll share with
you my thoughts here believe me now many years of carving on the road and staying
at rest areas has taught me a few things so the RV and truck section is over here
or trailers or whatever there is also smaller sites for classes right there
and an additional I guess one two three sites here for RVs and I thought about
this very carefully because I want to be able to sleep decently well so rather
than pull up and not know what’s gonna be behind me because remember the rear
of my RV this is where my bed is so I’m trying to control my environment a
little more by backing up all the way to the last stall here you can’t park
anything right here especially not a semi truck so I do feel like my bedroom
is gonna be far enough away from the trucks tonight that I’m gonna actually
get some good sleep so a little bit of thinking and planning although come on
Texas you have got to make that sign bigger when we’re coming in you know 35
miles an hour speed limit you still cannot tell which way we’re supposed to
go put this sign either farther away or increase the text size because that’s
that’s tricky it’s tricky Texas my home it’s my new home it’s my transplant home
and the size of this star here via Texas star that’s awesome
so yeah I don’t remember this place I don’t know if I’ve ever stopped here
before but I don’t recognize that building let’s go get a map dibs any
coffee before we head in though one word about Texas and kind of half the reason
why I changed my residency to Texas and that is because Texas is such a friendly
state to our viewers I mentioned this every time I get back because I can’t
stop smiling about how different Texas is but in the state of Texas the huge
state of Texas with the massive highway system every single highway rest area
welcome center or picnic area allows free overnight parking notice it and say
camping or setting up a tent or anything like that but free overnight parking for
24 hours for any vehicle okay after 24 hours you need to move on down the road
and find another one but rest their picnic areas are probably the best ones
cuz it’s mostly just cards fans camper vans and small RVs picnic areas but you
know you don’t have to worry about where you’re gonna sleep at the Walmart’s
don’t allow in Texas you can always always find a rest area or a picnic
center and basically live in Texas for free boondocking at rest areas if that’s
what you want to do you know kind of kind of gets old and it’s noisy helpful
employees in there let me know that this place has actually been remodeled and
they’ve made a bunch of changes and improvements to this rest area so
actually I am sure I have stopped here before but you don’t don’t even
recognize that they’ve changed it so much I got a new Texas Highway map and a
big Texas travelers guidebook because I may be here a little while they have
three residents wild Gators in these waters here three of them that stay here
and I guess obviously you’re not supposed to but tourists and people will
feed them and that’s a big no-no but that’s also probably why three of them
stay here so the nice little boardwalk they built so
that we can safely come out here and just look around you know see anything I’ll be honest with you this is not the
prettiest part of Texas this this rest area this swampland this does not
represent Texas Texas is a beautiful state and I love it and there’s lots of
natural areas and there’s lots of campgrounds too so plan here like I said
I still have not gotten that bank card and they’ve already deactivated my other
card so I’ve got to go in and I don’t know if I’m gonna have camp but the
escapees park up there in Livingston or I’m gonna try to boondock at Walmart and
Home Depot but I’ve got to either figure out if they’re really behind with
sorting the mail so I got to go there in person and say look I need that card I
need my bank card bad or I got to go to a Bank of America that’s there isn’t one
in Livingston so I may have to stop by and say hey it got lost of course I need
you to mail me another one or whatever or take out all my money and go to
another bank yeah so that’s the plan just be patient with me guys cuz I don’t
I don’t know what I’m gonna do while I’m in Texas I’ve got a lot of stuff to sort
out the bank issue is just one of those issues so be patient guys I’ll provide
some better video here soon and I appreciate everything so you guys be
well Jackson I’ll see you soon from Texas bye guys


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