Je TRANSFORME ma 205 en CAMPING CAR avec 50€ !
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Je TRANSFORME ma 205 en CAMPING CAR avec 50€ !

Yes I know, you gonna tell me I’ve already build a sleeping platform for my car (6 months ago on my YT channel) but I wanted to build a lighter one, easier to install & uninstall, offering more room between the bed & the roof, allowing to keep the passenger seat, & that’s already a lot of mods ! 🙂 Doggyy, what are you doing ! Hey, haven’t you scratched the car? Hey, my seal! I have started taking measurements, while Matcha was helping but it wasn’t very productive… So few hours later I decided to build something between 10cm an 15cm high to have more room between the bed and the roof. I bought 3 plastic boxes that will fit in the trunk. You will find them in your local DIY store, I’ll give you the dimensions & exact price while editing the video. I have tied them together with alloy sheets. I have choose the plastic boxes for many reasons : 1- lightweight 2- low price 3- strong but also flexible We have here the 4 sheet metal which are holding the boxes together. Oh! Crap! Hey, I’m pissed at making crappy videos for you guys, while I could do it alone at home, without sharing anything like a bastard, so thumbs up, okay ? Thank you 🙂 Sorry, it came out alone. I’m sorry, really. The idea here is to build something of a poor man, lightweight Voilà “I have stiffened the whole piece with colsons” Well hmm, that sentence is a bit antithetical, but stop judging, I’m working with what I have on hands, and the result will surprise you! Look at that : Honestly, isn’t it cool ? It’s lighweight (1,5kg), rigid and flexible at the same time… I’m happy. Really, i’m happy. Than I bought a poplar plywood board, that i’ve cut in half to cover the plastic boxes. I have choose that wood which is more expensive than some other woods, because it’s very lightweight with a very good mechanical strenght. This allows me to take a stiff & thin piece of wood. & that’s what i call weight reduction… optimisation ! Then, hop, i’m glueing a thin carpet as finishing. I’ll show you this later again. And colsons are finally back ! They will act here as hinges because steel hinges with screws will be wayyyyy to heavy. eh. And last detail : velcro to prevent plywood from jumping while off-roading! Well, it’s, it’s like, like auditory comfort… voilà. So that build is 108cm x 60cm (plywood lenghts) Now, i’ll add a 133cm board going from here, to here So i’ll have 193cm, here to here. & i’ll take 60cm wide Special thanks to Matcha, who has eaten my dad’s old rooftent. so i was able to use it’s parts for my coming build. So if you don’t have a dog, add 15$ more for a second plywood board, Or you can get a dog, you will save money. Salut So, i was speaking about a 133cm long plywood, it’s here, and i decided to build a “clic-clac” system, so cutting it in half, so when i fold it, it’s 133/2=… … 5…6…65 no, i was bad at mathematics, it’s okay. 133/2=66.5. VOILA. Bah oui, asshole! So i was saying i decided to cut the board in half, to allow it once folded, to be 66.5cm long only. But once cutted, it’s gonna be all loose. so i need to find a trick. Everything’s in my head, i’ll show you. Here comes the transition,wait for it… That was, poor man’s transition ! I’m here cleaning the rooftent plywood, to get a nice board Marking the “to do” cuts… Jigsaw cuttings… Once the board has the good shape, I’m screwing brackets to get more stiffness. Cutting oil, well WD-40, I only got dis Drilling …. degreasing…. and painting. Installing the hinges for the “clic-clac system” Et voilà, it’s swinging, wonderful. Now fixing the flat iron, which will support the alloy tubes. installing “stops”… to stop the alloy tubes. If you’r not too dumb, you should start understanding Tightening everything, following manufacturer requested torque, as usual. It’s exceeding a bit, let’s grind this Voilà, the end is coming, I’ll do the same finishing as the plastic boxes : Sticking a thin carpet with spray glue. It will protect my mattress and sleeping bad from the hinges, screws etc, which are just below. and honestly, it looks good in my opinion. And here we are. It’s over There are some details i’ve not recorded, but i’ll show you tonight at the firecamp. See ya. Here is where i’m sleeping tonight with Matcha let me show you my set up First off, let’s lower the passenger seat not the fun part as it takes some time Now let’s install the sleeping platform, And unfold the “legs” in the passenger feets area, and that’s it let’s go This is the weird thing i’ve build I unfold it like this (yes yes very important) Then, i have the 2 alloy tubes for stiffness Like this (yes yes very very important) and like this then Just throw it inside hop I’ll take another video because not sure if you see well can you see this wood here, i did marks in it and here i’ve screwed hooks, which are going in the marks hop So it’s lying on it, and can’t go anywhere ! last step is : lifting unfolding the legs Pillow, voilà like this And it’s ready here my friends, here i feel pretty good what i like in that car is, that when the trunk in closed… I can see the stars, and that is cool! wild boi playin in da hoods Happiest doggy ever This sleeping platform video is already over i hope it will inspire some of you and that it will motivate you to get outside even if you don’t own a van, camper, 4×4 or whatever Hope it will inspire you to work on your cheap tiny cars i’m gonna get ready for dinner I wish you a good evening, and see you on my next video, as usual 🙂 salut ! stick ! stick ! stick ! I’d like beeing a dog sometimes. Life would be easier. Salut


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