• C&J AFVets

    People voted no camping ban. Your trying to overturn the will of the people. That’s unconstitutional. Colorado is not going to turn into California. They have 3rd world diseases now that is spreading because of the encampments. Needles, feces, urine, trash and the behavior when they are high and endangering the public safety.


    Come set up on front my house in capital hill.. I'll break your face at 3am.. My account in negative these dope fiends always got alittle money.

  • G Nice

    I understand what he is saying, but if you camp,no matter homeless or not. clean up after your self.i seen plenty people homeless that even down on there D::k pick up and respect where there lay .its more to me like ,now I'm a lay and camp piss and shit ,shoot up drugs ,smoke drugs, litter in front a home or school, and cant respect where I lay, eat, shit or get high.i might have a home and sum dont and I do help when can and even dont at times and might ,smoke green or drink whatever or even be that addict. but at end of the day. I respect where I lay eat and shit or do drugs.i seen people get help saying what he said and gets a chance to get a home or apartment and it looks how it looks outside where they left after all the crying . no change from homelessness to have anything.. the homes they get from city or even people that fight for the homeless. Stop because trash open rappers drugs foil .its not saying all are the same." but home owners or even the city,. taken action to clean up bad cramps vs good homeless camps.see you shit where you eat. no one even him can say oh I can see why this happened why we are being moved. Not because you not welcome or homeless or where you rest or camp or even do drugs .just your not maken a step to keep it clean or care where u make a home .I love when anyone takes pride where they lay and how they do with ,what they do have.cause if I'm poor .after my buzz or whatever and i notice shit or trash or whatever where I lay is in my area or next to me from a fellow camper, dont mean I shouldn't, say or deliver good health living habits for myself or person on the camp with me keeping the area I lay clean and safe like I have a home or an apartment. Even is amillion dollar persons home and a street of middle class people might was to see if u treat your self as high and rich or middle or even how u are and clean your area respect where you lay and eat. to most they would not care because, when you do what you do,u maintain and respect what u have even if it's not urs or the citys.public area or not.fare exchange is no robbery. No matter how u put it.u have to grown and learn,not think well cause ,one has something that yours is less or it should be trash and dont take care of what u got.and I really think if we help and get people home a course of recovery and cleanliness should be tooking before we take any from hard time to being comfortable. Again. Homelessness can roll over to a fresh start because a ^human your instincts kick in and the is a habit to .respect to all and let's all work to fixing world hunger and homelessness.and persons in camo was looking like he had fresh Jordan's. Damn near on new .hope he was helping and not camping or selling can. Be anything

  • Ryan Hutchins

    No one in Denver wants the ban to be to lifted because there smart enough to know that if they did then the same thing going on in Los Angeles would happen here next and NO ONE wants that.

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