Jersey Shore: Family Vacation (Season 2) | Official Midseason Supertease | MTV
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Jersey Shore: Family Vacation (Season 2) | Official Midseason Supertease | MTV

♪ Let me take a selfie ♪ – [Group] Ohhhh (laughing) – [Snooki] Fight me, bitch! – What is happening right now? – [Male’s Voice] I don’t know – [Woman’s Voice] Let’s
go take some shots. – [Computer Voice] Get ready to Party. (crowd cheering) – This is going to be out of control. It’s going to be a (bleep) show. (playful shouting) (all exclaiming) – [Male Voice] You’re kidding. (police sirens) – [Police Officer] Mike,
we have you surrounded. – Can I get everyone’s
attention for a second? – Jen is in town, and I would love for her to be with us this weekend. – [Pauly D] Run, mother (bleep), run. – Your mugshot, you look hot. – [Pauly D in High Pitched Voice
through megaphone ] Awkward (police sirens) – Ron and Jen, they’re not the only ones that love a toxic relationship. – [Male Voice] He just
put his feet in her face. – [Girl’s Voice] You should bang him. Again. (noisemaker)
– Huh? – [Vinny] Stop talking to me.
– Bad, bad, bad. ♪ All my friends are
heathens, take it slow ♪ – (multiple people shouting)
– Stop talking to me. – (beep) you. – We’re allowed to (beep) with each other all day every day, but don’t
ever (beep) with one of us. (unauditable yelling) – Really?
– You’re a bitch. – Do you wanna get
whopped by a (beep) bitch? (group yells whoa) (screaming) – [male yelling] Oh she punched him. She punched him. – Between all the fights, (yelling) and the drama. – [male Voice] – Yo, they’re
going into the jacuzzi. – [second male Voice]
Oh my God, she’s naked. Oh my God, he’s naked. – I’m living with a bunch (screaming and laughing) (cheering) – of savages. – (all three men speak at once) We’re coming for you. (menacing laughter) (yelling) (laughter)


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