Joey Adventure Camping Chair by Travel Chair
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Joey Adventure Camping Chair by Travel Chair

This is our video breakdown of the Joey Adventure
Camping Chair. The Joey is a super-light, comfortable, and strong adventure camping
chair that’ll hold up to 300 pounds. Now, it’s super easy to deploy, because it’s got
the shock cord technology built in to the anodized aluminum frame. The fabric is a rip
stop fabric that utilizes bar tack stitching for added strength, and it’s also got breathable
mesh built in to the critical areas. Now, the plastic fittings are a high tensile strength
plastic, and the plastic footing right here has these flying saucer discs that’ll keep
it from sinking down into loose dirt or sand. Now, It packs up super small, about the size of
a California burrito, so it’ll fit perfectly into your panniers, and it only weighs about
two pounds. And get this, it’s got a one year warranty against manufacture defects or materials.
Now, in my mind, it’s the Grand Poobah of adventure camping chairs. So its great for adventure riding, super lightweight,
packs down small, comfortable. Trust me, you sit in this thing one time and see how comfortable
it is, you’ll be glad that you bought the Joey chair. So this is our video breakdown
of the Joey adventure camping chair. If you’d like to leave some comments or see
other videos, just subscribe to our YouTube channel. Remember, the next time you want
to be comfortable when you’re adventure riding, get ready with Rocky Mountain ATV MC.


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