Joolca Double Ensuite Tent | How To Setup | Features Review 🚿
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Joolca Double Ensuite Tent | How To Setup | Features Review 🚿

Hi guys, Kristen from
Tentworld Midland here. So today, we’re looking at the Joolca double ensuite tent. Just thought I’d get it out, have a look what comes with the bag. We’ll show you how to set
it up and set it down. So it’s a really specials
option for having an outdoor shower or toilet setup. And it gives you loads of privacy. And it honestly goes up within seconds. We’ll just have a look
what’s inside the bag. So you get the actual ensuite itself, a couple of room organisers. It actually comes with
a little laundry hamper that you can attach to the ensuite. You get a little repair kit as well, in case you have any leaks or tears. You get some pegs as
well, it’s really handy. Alright, so now we’ll
show you how to setup, and how to pack down the ensuite. It is really easy, it’s
got the nice spacious bag, so um- yeah, we’ll show you how to do it. So that’s the Joolca double ensuite. As you can see, it’s really
easy to go up and down, and there’s plenty of space
to get it back into the bag. It is designed to go with Joolca hottap, and the ensuite plumbing system, but it works equally as well with whatever setup you’ve got going. Joolca do an awesome range of products that go with the ensuite, so it’s definitely worth checking out. So, just drop into your local Tentworld, or check out Tentworld online. Thanks guys.


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