[JUNG DAEHYUN(정대현) ‘Aight(아잇)’ REALITY SERIES] 궁중 약과 처돌이 댛니와 특급 조수(?)원준의 장보기 | CAMPING #1
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[JUNG DAEHYUN(정대현) ‘Aight(아잇)’ REALITY SERIES] 궁중 약과 처돌이 댛니와 특급 조수(?)원준의 장보기 | CAMPING #1

Hello everyone. This is Dae Hyun!
Nice to see you again. Please greet the fans. Ah! Yes! Hello. I’m Dae Hyun’s best bud,
Boys Republic leader Onejunn. Yes, this is first time we are appearing together. Today, we’re going to a very special and fun place. But it’s difficult to go by myself… We’re inviting a special guest,
so you need to work very hard. Ah~ So you’re going to use me? Of course, if you have value, then of course I’ll use you. What!! If not, I’m going to throw you out~ If he disappears in the middle, please understand~ Who have you invited last minute? Anyways, we’re going to spend the day
doing may fun stuff Please look forward to it. Well then, shall we go? Let’s go!! Before we start let’s hear one thing. What? Determination!! Ah, determination? We’ve done lots like this before~! Ah~ OK! OK, Let’s hear your determination for the day! Ah! I’ll play as if there is no tomorrow. No tomorrow Ah~ Since, I’ve been invited,
you not going to make me do difficult things? I’m a guest~ That I don’t get to choose~ Ah~ Even you don’t know? Because even I’ll be doing difficult things,
we’ll find out later on. – Shall we all go home?
– Let’s go! No~ Let’s go. Let’s go. Please open the door~ – It’s so natural~
– Hurry, open the door~ Go~ We’re leaving~ Bye~ Let’s go to the market~ What do we need when we travel?
The most important things Food!! It’s food~ – You’re going to buy them for us right?
– You’re going to buy them for us right?? – Because~
– What are we going to eat during camping? Well~ we should barbeque~
Isn’t barbeque considered as beauty of travel, isn’t it? Yes, we need to eat meat~ And~ Another important thing
Ssamjang (Korean bean paste)~ I cannot eat meat without Ssamjang. Especially pork~ – Thin sliced radish
– And veggies~ Uh~ thin sliced radish! I always remember coming to this camp ground. You’re on diet. Um~ You’re not going to eat today? – I don’t like carbonated drinks,
– I like them. So I choose, zero sugar – You’re on diet?
– one’s without sugar. This is how you eat for those on diet. -Ramen!
– Ah, ramen, ramen!! Here are ramens! Is this all the ramen we need? We don’t need anything else We put two eggs on this~ – Ah~
– Put some sausage What? No eggs? Eggs? Sausage? Well for Jinramen
It’s best to eat following the instruction. Instructions are all similar Cook for 3 minutes – Question of the moment!
-What? Do you know why Jinramen is Jinramen? – Why?
– Because it’s real among the all ramens.
(Korean word “Jin” means real) Please put this on the video We also need some snacks to eat Royal honey cookie You don’t like honey cookie? Honey cookie? I’m young so I don’t like honey cookie.
(In Korea, Honey cookie are generally considered snack for the elders.) I really like Honey cookie, I ate a lot with my grandma when I was little. Ah~ this is easy~
(pronunciation joke, as the pronunciation “Yakgwa” for “honey cookie” and “it’s easy” sounds exactly the same.) Let’s go! Jjondeugi!
(It’s a Korean snack) Jjondigi!
(Pronouncing it differently) Are you doing a word play? Hwo about Jjondeugi? Ah! I like Jjondeugi! We could grill it while cooking meat! That’s right, it taste good that way Let’s get some meat. – Shall we put some dumplings in the ramen?
– Dumplings? This? Marinated rib flavored dumpling? – Gal man?
(Galbi is marinated rib and Mandoo is dumpling, so combine the two first pronunciations to make Galman to describe marinated rib flavored dumpling)
– Gal man? It’s good to go…
(Another Korean pronunciation joke as “Galman” means “good to go”) I learned this sort of non-sense joke from you… Hello. We’re here to buy some meat… What shall we have? First of all, 4 portions of pork belly – Pork neck is good for barbeque
-Ah really? Then give us 3 portions of this and
2 portions of pork neck. – Why?
-Ssam! (Veggies) I’ll be back – What do you like? Sesame leaves? or Lettus?
– Lattus!! It’s important how you barbeque the meats. – it’s delicious
– isn’t it? – I want to have lettus!
– No lettuce! Why no lettus! What’s that I see in front of my eyes? – Good vision!
– Of course! I’m a man with Lasek eye operation Rice! – Hetban?
(brand name for precooked rice)
– Hetban! OK! Assistant! Go get it! Me? – I thought I was the guest
– No you heard wrong! You’re an assistant! Go get it! Thank you~ – Enjoy it
– Will do~ Well! This is enough Can we pay here?
Where do we pay? Ah just wait
Give us the credit card? No credit card? Credit card? Why two? You choose If any one of the item is omitted, I’m going home! This – Just wait!
– Too transparent~ Can you let it go this time? I thought it was two bills of 5,000 won – I’m relieved. But, can we buy all of these?
– Let beep them first. The essentials first Meat meat How much? I though, just this was 60,000 won – Ah~ All together
– All together for 60,000 won right? I thought this was 5,000 won… Really!!! Ah~ You shouldn’t be like… First of all, I like the fact that I choose ones I like – It would’ve been disaster. It’s good enough
– Well then!! Costs. We need to check the prices well. We need to meet the target right? – Yes
– Just wait First of all, Ssamjang, Ssamjang, Ssamjang Um, can we raise the amount a bit? Rice, rice, rice or thin sliced radish? What? – Rice, rice, rice
– Rice, rice – the thing to put in the ramen….
– It’s going to go over If we buy this, it will go over Just 24 won No no~ Don’t buy these 6 items and just buy ours!! – Just buy these. Don’t you think?
– Aight! How can we go camping with just this?? Ah~ We’re left with 3,300 won. This – 2,100 won
– Ok, it that enough? Thank you Lionheart See you again Let’s go The weather is helping us this time. Really. – I’m sorry, but…
– Yes? I’m sorry while you’re driving,
but could you play a song while we’re stopped? A song? – It’s possible right?
– we need music when going on a trip. Of course! Music Start! Shall we listen to something exciting Once we receive this ticket, we’re really going Once you leave the toll gate… You’re really off. Show us your team’s greeting Now we’re solo But when we were in a team Come on show us Boys Republic! Hello. We’re Boys Republic Hello Senior! That’s right I have seniority over you When a junior greets the senior should reply back! Ok! Nice to see you! – BAP had very controlled…
– we’ve seen each other first in a TV station right? – Yes!
– Did your team come to greet us? Have we ever overlapped while promoting? Yes~ We have! Then, you should have? You don’t remember? Um-
Ah!! Ah~ I don’t think we went to greet We went to see the concert – Our’s?
– Yes! – Why?
– it must have been right after we debut That must be when we first saw each other for me How was it? How were we? It was marvelous! We haven’t done a concert like that – No, did you have fun?
-Huh? Did you have fun? BAP was a group with great music besides being fun It was a group… When I was watching, I was like Ah~ – It feels like a dream now
– That time? When you think about it, I’m living a dream You also Almost like my dream Living in a dream Now the reality is starting to set for me But that’s quite hard for me Especially when I’m in front of my fans If I should show myself from my dream or Show the person now in the reality I can’t differentiate the reality from dream…
Since, I’m doing this alone When we were together as a team, I always received feedback from my teammate and help one another Now, I feel like I have no fence.


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