[JUNG DAEHYUN(정대현) ‘Aight(아잇)’ REALITY SERIES] 현실 케미 대현 X 원준! 흔들리는 차 안에서 제일 조심해야 하는 것은? | CAMPING #2

Aight! – Wow look at the mountain
– Wow people are playing in the water -we’re not going in the water right?
– nah~ – How’s your leg?
– It hurts.. – MIC is connected
– Yes~ – It’s ok. We only 1.8 km away
– I’m sorry but my knee hurts so much – Ah, really? You feel on your knee?
– yes.. Wait.. Is it this the entrance? Oh~ a man who can reverse! Uncle(?) Be careful~ OK Arrived! I really need to go to the toilet! Where are you going? Wow Nice! Since Dae Hyun is not here, let me be the emcee This is place called Pocheon, We’re going to have deodeok which is a famous dish in Pocheon We’re going to have grilled deodeok
and I’ve never had them before Dae Hyun and I will try them to see
how delicious they are. Let’s go Did you order something?
Have you chosen some menu? With grilled deodeok, we need some warm soup. – Stew!
– Yes, let’s eat whatever I’m so hungry! I’m going to die!! Mister! One grilled deodeok and mushroom stew each please~ – Wow I’m really hungry Hungry, let eat! Please quickly~ -It’s coming!
– YEAH – grilled deodeok, grilled deodeok It looks a lot like meat – Enjoy
– Yes~ Mushroom Stew? – OK, Let’s try! – Now.. What?
– Hiccups Spoon a rice and~ – OK show us!
– I’m going to eat – This is how you eat grilled deodeok! Thank you! I’ll enjoy it. I tried the marinate sauce
that fell on my leg, it was very spicy. Wow~ So delicious Wow~ So delicious Let me try also – The texture is so good
– Right the texture I could eat two bowls of rice Stew time! Doesn’t it loo so delicious? – Seems to be good to relieve hangover?
Spicy Mushroom seafood soup? Yes! It taste like Spicy Mushroom seafood soup. Doesn’t the wild mushroom have more fuller scent? Anyways, is this a mukbang program? It look a bit like a mukbang program We need to show something like this Those who watches
The viewers may come after watching with the question “Does it really taste like that” Wow. I love it! – We cannot have any left over.
– We’re done I’ve had this few times
We’re done~ Deodeuk!
I think I mentioned deodeuk about 100 times today. Really delicious – Since we’re done, let’s go
– Dae Hyun, Thank you for good meal! Thank you!
Dae hyun, It was delicious Thank you! In places like this, we should eat like this Thank you. Good bye~ Thank you! – Oh so hot
– Oh so full This is so remote We’re really camping? Can the phone be connected? – How about at night…
– There may be some wild animals It must be here? How did you get this place? – Good! Sound of insects?!
– Sorea? (pronounced wrong for sound) Hey, you’re mental is already breaking? stream
Stream in front of us – I could hear the stream at one o’clock
– I love it! Anyways, oh I’m startled! – Since we’re here
– How do we use here Anyone responsible here to explain? Let’s ask the owner! Mister~ I’m not sure what to do Ah Here he is! Hello – IS there lots of people come to camp?
– Lots do come – Usually what kind of people come?
– Those who love nature comes here – Not much convenient facilities
– Yes, since this is nature! People come because of the nature just the way it is What do we need to do first?
It’s my first time so I don’t know Well find a place first Put up the tent first, then look around It seems like how I camped during my school years There is only two students Oh~ there is a path here – Wow~
– Listen to the sound! – This is Bukhan river pathways
– this this sound of water? Height is about 20~30m – I want to go down there!
– right Now, we need to put up the tent, where shall we do it Give us the best spot! Since the top side gets best light
from morning to afternoon put the tent there. Spring Fatasia Ah~ This is how we pick Fatasia? I thought it was picked from ground Take a rest after putting up the tent! – I just heard a very important fact
– What? Take a rest after setting up the tent – I’ve never put up a tent before
– Me too – Do we really have to put up the tent?
– It’s a bit nerving Where do we have to start – Let’s just do it
– Ok, let’s make it Let’s go!

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